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Chapter 1615: A Great Demon’s Entire Carcass is Filled with Treasures


Daoist Dipankara lost six Sea Suppressing Pearls, which were snatched away by six Daoism Grand Heavenly Immortals who participated in the Heavenly River’s war.

Feng Yunsheng managed to obtain one, while Yan Zhaoge got another from the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor.

In total, they had two of these pearls.

Other than the Sea Suppressing Pearls, all other treasures scattered about the Heavenly River were also drawn into the Immortal Extermination Formation.

With how deadly the formation was, a slight graze of its sword-lights would immediately fragment these treasures to bits.

However, these lifeless objects were preserved with Yan Zhaoge’s subtle control over the formation’s transformation.

Other than Gao Han, the Immortal Slaying Flying Saber, and the Triratna Jade Sceptre, all other treasures within the Immortal Extermination Formation were swept along and were now in Yan Zhaoge’s possession.

The heretic Grand Heavenly Immortal – the Immortal Court’s Percussion Heavenly Lord who controlled the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation met his end under the hands of the Immortal Extermination Formation, giving him no chances of defending himself at all.

As he perished, his corpse was disposed of cleanly by the sword qis.

However, most of the Percussion Heavenly Lord’s belongings were able to be preserved.

All other unimportant objects aside, one particular artifact stood out – the Heavens Ascent Drum, a Grand Heavenly grade Immortal Artifact.

While a heretic attempting to challenge the Origin Heavenly Tribulation would cause significant drawbacks, merely refining the artifacts and using them wasn’t an issue.

While the Percussion Heavenly Lord was of heretic origins, he could unleash the mightiness of a Grand Heavenly level Immortal Artifact.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have the opportunity to do so.

Looking at the Heavens Ascent Drum, Yan Zhaoge nodded in approval.

Most pre-existing top-notch treasures and Grand Heavenly Realm Immortal Artifacts possessed rich historical origins, dating back to the ancient times immemorial.

After the Great Calamity, the production of new Grand Heavenly level Immortal Artifacts was rarely seen.

Suo Mingzhang had already ascended to the Grand Heavenly Realm more than a hundred years ago, yet he was currently still empty-handed.

While he could still assert his dominance without using any artifacts, it didn’t mean he didn’t require it at all.

The biggest cause of this was due to the lack of resources.

Many capable talents had emerged throughout the ages, while many treasures could only be come across by one who possessed tremendous luck.

The appearance of one alone was already a grand miracle.

Moreover, lightning practically never strikes the same place twice.

From a certain perspective, Yan Zhaoge felt that this was a good thing.

After all, while the birth of a heretic Grand Heavenly Immortal might be arduous, it was still far easier than orthodox Daoism.

Under the circumstances where the artifact’s quality and the user weren’t affected, as long as sufficient resources were available at disposal, a heretic bigwig could use these piles of treasures and Immortal Artifact to compensate for the disparity between them and the orthodox Three Clears Lineage.

Of course, if that were to happen, surely the Western Pure Lands and the Demon Race wouldn’t just turn a blind eye to it.

The Percussion Heavenly Lord’s Heavens Ascent Drum was one of the few Grand Heavenly grade Immortal Artifacts produced after the Great Calamity.

Now that it fell into his possession, Yan Zhaoge was delighted.

Of course, he was even more delighted by another artifact.

The Nimbostratus Cloud Immortal’s Chaotic Origin Hammer.

This treasure was an extraordinary one whose might could compete against the Lord of Broad Accomplishment’s Cyclic Heavenly Seal.

During the Ancient Investitures of the Gods war, the Lord of Broad Accomplishment, the Red Essence Master, and other Jade Clear bigwigs had suffered from this treasure’s overbearing force.

Wielding the hammer, the Nimbostratus Cloud Immortal managed to gain a reputation surpassing the fellow Demonic Immortals of the Prime Clear Severing Sect, like the Drake-Headed Immortal, the Gold Radiance Immortal, the Spiritual Tusk Immortal, and the Feathered Wings Immortal.

Only, Mahamayuri’s Five-Colored Divine Brilliances were far too domineering.

Losing the Chaotic Origin Hammer to him wasn’t something to be ashamed about.

Later, when the Great Sage Equalling Heavens broke out of the Five-Colored Divine Brilliances’ confinement, the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor, the North Star Emperor, the Nine-Headed Bug, and the others escaped along with him.

At the same time, the Chaos Origin Hammer left behind by the Five-Colored Divine Brilliances also sunk within the Heavenly River, disappearing without a trace.

When the Great Sage Equalling Heavens fought against Mahamayuri, the Nimbostratus Cloud Immortal took the opportunity to seize the Immortal Extermination Formation but ended up being slain by Yan Zhaoge using the Immortal Extermination Sword.

Later, when the Immortal Extermination Formation pulled in the Heavenly River, the Chaotic Origin Hammer was sucked along.

As such, just like the Heavens Ascent Drum, they both became Yan Zhaoge’s spoils of war.

Compared to the Heavens Ascent Drum, the Chaotic Origin Hammer was far more suitable for violence.

If a Grand Virtual Immortal obtained it, a sudden assault against a Grand Heavenly Immortal using this weapon could turn the tables entirely.

Both of these artifacts were able to take effect immediately and display their mightiness at the user’s behest.

Other than these two, Yan Zhaoge had also obtained many others.

He would have to carefully look through them and decide on how to utilize them effectively later on.

As the Immortal Extermination Formation left destruction in its wake, the Meritorious Splendour Buddha’s corpse disintegrated entirely, leaving not even his sarira behind.

Unlike the Percussion Heavenly Lord’s Heavens Ascent Drum, the Meritorious Splendour Buddha’s belongings were all stashed away within his Land of Buddhism.

As his Golden Body was shattered, the land shattered along with him.

The other Buddha who perished – the Buddha of Sandalwood Merit was beaten to death by the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel.

As such, his Buddhistic sarira was left behind.

In contrast, Feng Yunsheng assassinated the Yellow Wind Demon, while Yan Zhaoge slew the Nimbostratus Cloud Immortal within the Immortal Extermination Formation.

The Yellow Wind Demon’s corpse was rather unaffected, but the Nimbostratus Cloud Immortal’s corpse was slashed by the formation’s sword qis, making it damaged to a certain degree.

Fortunately, some parts were still preserved well.

These corpses were all precious wealth.

‘A Great Demon’s entire carcass is filled with treasures.’ Such a saying wasn’t just for show.

The raw materials used to refine precious treasures originated from these carcasses.

When inspecting the Yellow Wind Demon’s carcass, Yan Zhaoge could sense the frigidness of tempesting winds.

While he wasn’t sure if he could refine a treasure able to command the Samadhi Celestial Winds using this carcass, crafting a treasure capable of summoning winds wouldn’t be that difficult.

As for the Nimbostratus Cloud Immortal, he was a Golden-bearded Dragon-Headed Fish, a Great Demon belonging to the waters.

Even after his carcass was filled with holes, causing a large portion of his vitality to leak out, his water affinity essence remained as vigorous as ever.

While this carcass wouldn’t serve any practical purposes immediately, its value was perhaps even higher than the Chaos Origin Hammer and the Heavens Ascent Drum.

To Yan Zhaoge, that is.

The reason being none other than Yan Zhaoge having many different sorts of ideas in mind, yet having no resources to back up his attempts of creation.

Now that his treasures were gradually piling up, he could finally materialize his fantastical thoughts.

Of course, the most significant accomplishment of the battle was still the Immortal Extermination Formation.

It was no exaggeration to say that Daoism’s standing finally changed after the Great Calamity.

From today onward, the Three Clears Lineage could finally live without remaining in obscurity and develop further as time progressed.

The group of Daoism Heavenly Lord didn’t need to drift with concealing themselves within the void any longer.

They could finally establish their very own cave manors and move around as they pleased.

Beneath the Dao Realm, the clashings and brawls between the Three Clear Lineage, the Demon Race, Buddhism, the Nine Underworlds, and other factions would still depend on their own prowess.

However, the threat originating from Dao Realm bigwigs had finally decreased drastically.

Only, someone was forced to operate the Immortal Extermination Formation while hovering within the void, serving as a form of deterrence.

The Incongruence Divine Mother and the Cloudy Firmament Fairy of the Prime Clear lineage decided to shoulder this responsibility and took turns conducting this arduous duty.

Since the Incongruence Divine Mother was injured, the Cloudy Firmament Fairy would be going first and would only be replaced by the Incongruence Divine Mother after her injuries were healed.

After bidding farewell to the others, the Cloudy Firmament Fairy immediately took action.

The others continued their discussions for a while longer.

Since the Elder Lord was not planning on meeting any guests, everyone else took a Sea Suppressing Pearl each and left the No Hatred Heavens’ Tu**a Palace after bidding Bhikkhu Xuan Du farewell.

Leaving the palace’s towering gates, Yan Zhaoge turned his head around and started pondering deep in his heart.


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