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Chapter 1618: Those Who Coveted the Dao Realm


“Indeed, the incident regarding the Maitreya Buddha had something to do with the Dipankara Archaic Buddha.” After a slight pause, Yang Jian continued, “However, if what I guessed wasn’t off target, then this matter should be related to all those fighting for the Dao Ancestor position.

While the Dipankara Archaic Buddha shouldn’t be held accountable alone, he’s still somewhat responsible for it.”

Yang Jian smiled, “The reason why the Dipankara Archaic Buddha remained in the Western Pure Lands for so many years was also that he was on guard against the Maitreya Buddha’s harassment.”

Dipankara himself used the Sea Suppressing Pearl to locate the Awakened Sky Cosmos along with the Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles due to orthodox Daoism’s abrupt rise to power.

Hence, the Western Pure Lands and the Demon Race agreed and decided to oppress orthodox Daoism first.

With these factors, along with the Future Buddha being constantly challenged by the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord for the sake of the Humanly Essence Stone fragment, the Dipankara Archaic Buddha was able to move around freely in the open.

When snatching for the Immortal Extermination Formation, the Dipankara Archaic Buddha didn’t have to remain so careful as well.

After all, with the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil obstructing the Eastern Sovereign Taiyi, Amitabha would be around him at the battlefield.

“Looking at it now, it appears that if the Maitreya Buddha managed to follow the Sakyamuni Tathagata Buddha’s footsteps, then the Dipankara Archaic Buddha’s path of ascent toward the Dao Realm would be cut off.” Yang Jian said, “Which was why he had to take action that year.”

Yan Di frowned, “Despite the Maitreya Buddha’s path being destroyed, the Dipankara Archaic Buddha wasn’t able to replace him.”

Xu Fei guessed, “Perhaps, destroying the Maitreya Buddha’s pathway was just one of the conditions for the Dipankara Archaic Buddha to succeed.

It didn’t imply an immediate takeover.

On the other hand, if he never did anything, he was destined to be stuck there forever.”

“Of course, there’s still one other possibility.

Maybe the Maitreya Buddha exacted revenge unto him and also laid barricades to the Dipankara Archaic Buddha’s original path, causing him to remain in the same realm even until now.

Perhaps, he was forced to walk another path and seize the opportunity pertaining to the Nine Underworlds.”

While there were many different guesses and speculations, the truth remained unchanged.

The Dipankara Archaic Buddha had already ascended to the very peak of the Grand Heavenly Realm during the early years of the Middle era.

While his strength might be inferior to the Great Sage Equalling Heavens, Mahamayuri, Yang Jian, and the others, he was undoubtedly the current existence closest to the Dao Realm.

As long as he took that step forward, an entirely different level of power would be bestowed upon him, making his fate undergo drastic changes.

After enduring for so many years, it was apparent how much priority the Dipankara Archaic Buddha placed on this opportunity found in the Nine Underworlds.

“Other than the Dipankara Archaic Buddha, Bhikkhu Xuan Du also just requires just one more step forward as well,” said Yang Jian.

“What did Bhikkhu Xuan Du trade for with the Dipankara Archaic Buddha using the Sakyamuni Sarira” asked Yan Zhaoge with keen interest.

They were aware of this trade long ago.

Hence why they weren’t surprised by Mahamayuri’s appearance.

The Great Sage Equalling Heavens’ true form had to bask under Mahamayuri’s Five-Colored Divine Brilliances before he could merge back together with the Earthy Essence Stone, attaining his former strength back during his prime times.

Of course, being able to avoid Mahamayuri would be for the best.

While the Great Sage Equalling Heavens’ true form returning to its peak state was a good thing, it also brought about countless ramifications.

To Yan Zhaoge, it was much better if they could find Mahamayuri alone and settle matters only by then.

Of course, things won’t always go as one pleased.

As a result, there are some times where decisive actions have to be taken.

Since Yan Zhaoge took action, he was now concerned about what Bhikkhu Xuan Du had obtained.

“In the past, other than the Ginseng Tree, the Primordial Suppressing Immortal had another top-notch treasure,” said Yang Jian.

Hearing this, Yan Zhaoge immediately understood, “The Terra Tome”

According to the myths, when the heavens were split open and creation emerged to life, this treasure was created at the same time.

From time immemorial till now, the Terra Tome could still be considered one of the most top-notch treasures in existence.

“To be precise, it’s half of it.” Yang Jian explained, “The Terra Tome was destroyed in the past, leaving an incomplete tome behind.

The Dipankara Archaic Buddha used this treasure to exchange for the Sakyamuni Sarira stashed away in the Tu**a Palace.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded and started thinking silently.

Primordial Suppressing Immortal, the top-notch bigwig among Daoism’s vagrant Immortals, and also one of Daoism’s strongest experts.

Similarly, information regarding him was also lost during the Great Calamity, which made others suspect him to be one of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord’s candidates.

However, after the previous fight for the Immortal Extermination Formation, suspicions toward him decreased considerably.

Because of the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation.

While the Cloudy Firmament Fairy was still alive, she did not share this formation with outsiders.

If the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord could get hold of this formation, he would most likely be one of the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace’s moguls.

While others might not be as certain, Yan Zhaoge knew that the Divine Palace’s Martial Repository was thoroughly obliterated during the start of the Great Calamity.

Knowing that the Terra Tome was damaged, suspicions targeted toward the Primordial Suppressing Immortal lowered even further.

Of course, he still wasn’t ruled out of suspicion completely.

The Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor and the others only witnessed convoluted silhouettes fighting within the white jade door.

Perhaps, only individuals involved within would know whatever transpired inside.

“Bhikkhu Xuan Du has to use the destroyed Terra Tome if he intends on ascending to the Dao Realm” Yan Zhaoge started thinking.

“While I’m still unaware of what Bhikkhu Xuan Du intends to do, with the Terra Tome in hand, he now seems to be waiting for the Nine Underworlds’ movements as well.” Yang Jian said, “Despite being a rather peculiar figure, Bhikkhu Xuan Du is still far stronger than countless other experts.

The credit wasn’t just all due to all the encountered opportunities, but also because of his strength.”

Yan Zhaoge and others nodded, “Bhikkhu Xuan Du had truly comprehended the Lord of Dao and Virtue Grand Master’s illumination.

Truly a venerable figure indeed.”

Yang Jian added, “Other than the Dipankara Archaic Buddha and Bhikkhu Xuan Du, Dao Monarch Lu Ya should almost be ready for it as well.”

“He used the decrepit Qin of Fuxi to trade with the Kindling Devil Spirit within the Jade Illusory Glazed Lamp,” Yan Zhaoge came to a realization.

In the past, he had already guessed that the opportunity Yang Jian traded with using the Jade Illusory Glazed Lamp wasn’t to be used on the Dipankara Archaic Buddha.

As expected, his guess wasn’t off the mark.

The Kindling Devil Spirit in the Jade Illusory Glazed Lamp originated from a fellow Jade Clear successor who subdued a Devil.

After vanquishing that generation’s Devil of Fire, he obtained it by surprise and had always kept it in the lamp ever since.

This was the item that Dao Monarch Lu Ya had coveted.

“A Demon in the Primitive Era, Daoist in the Ancient Era, a Buddhist in the Middle Era…” Yan Zhaoge immediately understood, “In this era, Dao Monarch Lu Ya intends to walk the path of the Devil”

Dao Monarch Lu Ya had attained his dao through the Earlier Heavens Essence of Departed Flame.

If he intended to incarnate as a Devil, then he could only be the bearer of the Devil of Fire’s authority among the Six Extinct Devils.

Yang Jian said, “That’s right, Dao Monarch Lu Ya precisely intended to do so.

According to my guess, he’d most likely search for a compatible vessel for the Devil of Fire to reincarnate in and decide on what to do later on.

Of course, he’ll only have two things to do – secretly alter with the reincarnation ritual or forcefully take over the vessel.

As one of the oldest Grand Heavenly Realm experts in existence, Dao Monarch Lu Ya, who was born before the Earlier Heavens, was even older than the Devil of Fire.

Yan Zhaoge and Yang Jian had never doubted that Dao Monarch Lu Ya had his plans up his sleeves, considering how long he had been preparing for.

Of course, the Nine Underworlds wouldn’t just sit by and watch from aside.

Still, the old saying remains relevant even now.

Giving others a chance was also giving yourself a chance.

The two sides coming into a tacit agreement wasn’t anything unimaginable.

Rather, what Yan Zhaoge was thinking about, was what they could obtain in the upcoming skirmish.


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