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HSSB161: Clashing head-on!


Seeing Liu Shengfeng let that middle-aged martial practitioner go, Zhang Yao first let out a sigh of relief.

However, seeing him about to square off with Yan Zhaoge now, Zhang Yao’s heart suddenly tensed up once more.

While Liu Shengfeng spoke of bullying the weak as the strong and bullying the soft and fearing the tough like it was only natural, Zhang Yao knew that this person did not lack combat experience against opponents of the same cultivation level.

On the contrary, Liu Shengfeng was actually extremely rich in combat experience.

Amongst those of Infinite Boundless Mountain’s younger generation, he could virtually be considered as unparalleled in that aspect.

“Senior Brother Yan…” Zhang Yao looked towards Yan Zhaoge.

Although Yan Zhaoge’s past combat results appeared even more glorious than Liu Shengfeng’s, this was, after all, a battle of an early Xiantian Martial Scholar against a late Xiantian Martial Scholar.

Yan Zhaoge waved his hands carelessly, “Junior Sister Zhang, you retreat a little, lest you are drawn in.”

Zhang Yao had a worried expression on her face.

Still, knowing that this was a battle between two Xiantian Martial Scholars, it was not something she could interfere in; she could only retreat.

The giant panda which had always been by Yan Zhaoge’s side now fixed its gaze on Liu Shengfeng.

Its earlier laziness having vanished, its eyes actually flickered with a fierce light.

Although its body still looked chubby and clumsy, its temperament seemed to have changed completely, as it actually began emanating a violent feel.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, patting it, “You also just watch from the side.”

That giant panda blinked, and obediently moved over to the side, the air around it vanishing as it once again regained its silly, innocent persona.

Swivelling his head to look at Liu Shengfeng, Yan Zhaoge said neither hurriedly nor slowly, “The formation on the island has been disturbed by me just now, the accumulated spiritual qi is dispersed, and will not be regathered within a short period of time.”

“For this battle, we can let go of our arms and feet and do as we like, without having to fear triggering a change in the surrounding space due to the formation, sending us away in separate directions.”

Liu Shengfeng stared at Yan Zhaoge, “You are strong, extremely strong.”

“Honestly speaking, defeating the early Xiantian Ji Hanru with a cultivation of the late outer aura stage is something I would not be able to do.”

“Within over a mere year’s time, your cultivation leapt up from the late inner aura stage all the way to the early Xiantian stage- that is also something I would not be able to do.”

“But it is precisely because of that that I really feel like killing you now,” Liu Shengfeng’s eyes that were gazing at Yan Zhaoge gradually narrowed, “Because if I don’t off you now, from your momentum, if you leap up just a little more, you might possibly surpass me.”

“At that time, I would have to avoid you.

Just thinking about it brings me hate.”

Liu Shengfeng’s footsteps were not fast, but every step he took, the very earth seemed to quake, as though a mountain was moving.

“I really want to kill you, but not because of how you trapped Infinite Boundless Mountain in the matter of the Giant Spirit Magnetite vein, causing us to fall out with the Heavenly Thunder Hall.”

Liu Shengfeng pointed first at himself, then at Yan Zhaoge, “I’m killing you only because I want to kill you, and not because of any other reason.”

“You have something about you that I really don’t like, that I extremely dislike, that makes me very uncomfortable.”

He retracted his finger, pointing towards his own heart, “This place tells me that only killing by you, can I feel comfortable!”

Yan Zhaoge put his hands behind his back, looking as though he was smiling whilst also not, also not speaking, as though he was watching the antics of a clown.

The light within Liu Shengfeng’s eyes grew more and more dangerous, the smile on his face vanishing as he was expressionless, “That’s right.

It is just like this.

The more you look like this, the more uncomfortable I feel!”

“In order to make my heart feel a little more comfortable, I can only kill you.”

While saying thus, Liu Shengfeng continued striding towards Yan Zhaoge.

At this moment, he was already before Yan Zhaoge.

His aura risen to its peak, he suddenly punched out towards Yan Zhaoge!

As Yan Zhaoge watched, he felt as though a large mountain had collapsed before him, toppling sideways and smashing down towards him.

The same Divine Mountain Fist, when executed by Liu Shengfeng, far exceeded Ji Hanru’s!

Layers of dense aura-qi, solidified till it resembled a true solid body, came together, forming an illusory heaven and earth.

The clouds and bamboo forest before Yan Zhaoge all disappeared, only leaving behind towering mountains and lofty peaks, as though he was situated within an infinite, boundless world of mountains.

Liu Shengfeng had previously still been striding forward slowly.

Now, as he truly moved for real, his fist was instantly before Yan Zhaoge!

Neither harried nor panicked, Yan Zhaoge performed a simultaneous turtle-snake attack as he stimulated his Door of Blood.

A powerful force erupted as it withstood the suppressive force of the illusory heaven and earth formed of Liu Shengfeng’s aura-qi.

Afterwards, Yan Zhaoge’s body abruptly moved to the side, avoiding Liu Shengfeng’s punch as he exerted power with his feet to dash forward.

Infusing strength into his right arm, aura-qi that resembled numerous fire dragons and ice dragons coiled around it, resembling an iron bolt as it smashed directly into the centre of Liu Shengfeng’s body!


Liu Shengfeng smiled coldly, seemingly not having felt anything at all, as it was instead Yan Zhaoge who felt his arm turning slightly numb.

Infinite Boundless Mountain’s special proficiency in head-on attack and defence was displayed to the point of perfection by Liu Shengfeng as he resembled a massive divinity of steel!

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly, “So you’ve cultivated in the Divine Mountain Tyrannical Body”

Liu Shengfeng laughed loudly, “It’s my turn!”

Saying thus, his fist smashed down towards Yan Zhaoge’s head!

Laughing with a single ‘ha’, Yan Zhaoge exhaled, his entire body tensing and then relaxing!

Mighty Ape Demonic Fist!

His entire person seemed to have been augmented as his entire body’s bones and muscles all expanded, his qi and blood surging as he resembled a descended divinity!

Not waiting for Liu Shengfeng’s punch to land, Yan Zhaoge exerted force a second time on his opponent’s other arm at his chest, shockingly jarring Liu Shengfeng into retreat!

Having lost his footing, Liu Shengfeng’s punch also missed.

Letting out an enraged howl, he stabilised himself before lunging forward once more.

Lowering his body, Yan Zhaoge simultaneously hit out with his fists, hitting Liu Shengfeng’s ribs and sending him into retreat once more.

However, as he stumbled backwards, Liu Shengfeng also sent a kick towards Yan Zhaoge.

Relying on the foundation of the Tough Rhino Demonic Fist and the Ocean Stabilising Spirit Fist, Yan Zhaoge bore this attack of Liu Shengfeng’s head-on.

However, as compared to Lin Zhou, not only did Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Liu Shengfeng possess a stronger cultivation base, his techniques also carried a strong force and a heavy momentum.

Forcibly taking it head-on like this, all of Yan Zhaoge’s bones crackled as the chaotic, disrupted qi and blood within his body assailed him unceasingly.

Similarly, as compared to other opponents, Liu Shengfeng’s ability to take hits was also much stronger.

His Divine Mountain Tyrannical Body not broken, despite having his vitals directly hit by Yan Zhaoge, he only momentarily saw darkness as his qi and blood surged before very quickly recovering.

With both sides unwilling to retreat, wanting to aggressively wrest for the initiative, after forcibly taking each other’s attacks head-on, they immediately rushed forward once again!

A red light appeared on Yan Zhaoge’s face as he activated the Fire Calamity of the Wind Fire Calamities.

“Come!” His voice resounding like booming thunder, Yan Zhaoge strode out, taking the initiative as he punched out towards Liu Shengfeng.

With a stifled howl, neither evading nor dodging, Liu Shengfeng also punched out heavily.

While he was attacking wildly and aggressively, fighting ferociously and viciously, Yan Zhaoge was still fully focused on all of Liu Shengfeng’s moves, his mind not disordered in the least.

In the thick of battle, all of Yan Zhaoge’s aura-qi surged as, punch meeting punch, he forcibly withstood the power of Liu Shengfeng’s iron fist.

Both of their bodies halted slightly.

Then, Yan Zhaoge’s figure spun vigorously as he turned and drove his elbow into Liu Shengfeng’s side, directly jabbing till he reeled and doubled over!


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