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Chapter 1627: Accumulations Take Effect, Outburst of Experts

The higher a sword cultivator ascends, the harder it becomes to cultivate, especially after they ascended to the Immortal Realm.

The act of Sheathe Edge and Nurture Sword was a secret art developed by Prime Clear predecessors to break through the bottleneck.

Just like sharpening a knife without utilizing it, the current stagnant state was for a much smoother path ahead.

Only, cultivating this art was extremely difficult, and there were barely any who could cultivate this to its full potential.

Moreover, there were also those with sufficient talent but were deemed inappropriate for this art.

For example, Long Xueji, or Yan Di who also cultivated the path of the sword.

They both werent suitable to use the Sheathe Edge and Nurture Sword.

With this, the number of people capable of using this art was lowered even more.

However, Gao Qing could.

While she will remain stagnant in the Exalt Martial Saint Realm and could even remain unmoving for countless years to come, it would hone her foundations for a better future.

The benefits obviously far surpassed the downsides.

“In the blink of an eye, a century had already passed, and the new generation is gradually growing,” said Yan Zhaoge rather sentimentally.

“I heard that another talent emerged recently in the Roving Jade Heavens, whose talents are on par with senior apprentice-uncle Long and senior apprentice-sister Yu in the past Congratulations on such a joyous occasion.”

Compared to Gao Xuebo and Long Xueji, Yan Zhaoges age was considered rather young.

However, neither felt anything weird when Yan Zhaoge commented using the tone of an elder.

Long Xueji replied, “A candidate with a rather promising potential indeed.

However, only with continuous refinement would a fine iron be crafted into fine weaponry.”

“Im sure were all riding on this.” Gao Xuebo said, “Didnt some prodigies also appear in the Sky beyond Skies recently In fact, hes even from the Broad Creed Mountain.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled and said, “Using senior apprentice-uncle Longs words, he requires more training as well.”

“Some have also been rather polished, no” Gao Xuebo smiled, “Even before the Great Calamity, there werent many factions with so many Exalt Martial Saints who were prepared to push open the Immortal Door.”

“This time, it was merely a coincidence.” Yan Zhaoge said, “Some will be faster than others.

They cant just push open the Immortal Door at the same time after all, and it all depends on their opportunities.”

Just as Gao Xuebo had said, the culmination of talents in the Broad Creed Mountain was about to undergo an outburst through the years of accumulation.

Not only did Yuan Zhengfeng manage to push open the Immortal Door not long ago, but there were also even Fang Zhun, Ying Longtu, Sikong Qing, and Xia Guang following behind him.

While Ah Hu wasnt a disciple of the Broad Creed Mountain, he had also ascended to the Human Exalt Realm long ago and was already making preparations to push open the Immortal Door.

If nothing out of the ordinary happens, then a total of five True Immortals could very possibly emerge continually from the Broad Creed Mountain during the next few years.

That was almost identical to the number of individuals who ascended to the Immortal Realm within the entire Roving Jade Heavens.

It was no wonder Gao Xuebo was so amazed.

In the Sky beyond Skies, leaving the Broad Creed Mountain aside, newly-ascended True Immortals included Fu Ting, He Xixing, and Bai Tao.

Through the years of accumulation, the Martial Saint Realm experts of the sky beyond Skies gradually launched their assault toward the Immortal Realm.

Now, it was still too early.

In the future, there would be more candidates challenging the Pure Profound Realm.

Shi Jun of the Broad Creed Mountain, Xiao Ai of the Bright Connection Valley, Long Hanhua and Tang Yonghao of the Golden Court Mountain, and Meng Wan of the Ingenious Flying Peaks Red Lotus Cliff had already ascended to the Human Exalt Realm and were silently commencing their accumulation.

In addition, Wang Pu of the Jade Capital Crag, Zeng Mo of the Cloud Pavilion Mountain Profound Remnant Locale, and the others were the same.

The Pure Profound Tribulation was an extraordinary one.

Failure signified an immediate death.

As such, some would be stuck by the gap between the realm of Immortal and mortal, remaining stagnant for countless years.

Just like Cao Jie, Liu Zhenggu and Bai Tao in the past.

The closer to the Dao Realm, the harder it became to ascend even higher.

Upon reaching such height, whether they could ascend even high or not didnt depend on their talents anymore, but the conditions of the outside world.

With how Daoism was gradually advancing toward its flourishing state, all sorts of treasures, opportunities, martial arts, and supreme martial arts were in abundance compared to before, which objectively decreased the difficulty for cultivators to improve by a considerable margin.

In turn, this had also increased the percentage of the population who managed to breakthrough.

However, while Fang Zhun and Ying Longtu had hopes of breaking through the barrier, they were still maintaining their utmost cautiousness.

Without sufficient confidence, they dared not take it lightly at all.

Just as Yan Zhaoge had said, a group of people ascending together was impractical.

Some were bound to ascend first, while others later.

Perhaps, quite the number of years would pass between this interval.

However, the current orthodox Daoism, the current Sky beyond Skies, and the current Broad Creed Mountain were in an unstoppable advancement momentum.

With all their accumulations taking effect, it was now the time for harvest.

After this wave, god knows how much longer will it take for such a large-scale abundance to happen once again.

However, while tsunamis dont happen often, water still flows by the river.

If the Broad Creed Mountain stepped up to a considerable level, it would possess the mechanics to create countless prodigies.

The other lineages of Daoism were the same as well.

When that time arrives, perhaps they could coin it as the descent of flourishing.

Before that, Yan Zhaoge and the others had to continue pushing forward.

After discussing the condition of Yu Ye together with Gao Xuebo and Long Xueji and agreeing to search for the Sanguinary Stone Marrow to their best efforts, Yan Zhaoge left to meet up with other Prime Clear bigwigs of the Roving Jade Heavens like the Cloud Conquest Emperor.

Then, he departed from the Roving Jade Heavens and returned to the Sky beyond Skies.

After the Sky beyond Skies and various other worlds entered the Zhuluo Royal Reed Heavens together, the Awakened Sky Cosmos began shrinking.

The Pill Hall itself had also escaped from the Broad Creed Heavens, and the cosmos expanded from within the hall was retracted back to its original location.

Out of consideration for preparing for a few hiding spots, Yan Zhaoge did not keep the Pill Hall within the Zhuluo Royal Reed Heavens.

Instead, he just allowed it to continue drifting within the voids boundless outskirts.

“After going all-out for the Immortal Extermination Formation, we can now finally enjoy an environment of peace, and our brethren are finally able to take it easier.” Xu Fei looked toward Yan Zhaoge, “At the same time, well also have to slow down our pace and observe the changes in the outside world.”

To orthodox Daoism, self-development had always been something fundamental.

The purpose of fighting for the Immortal Extermination Formation wasnt to immediately exact revenge on the Immortal Court or the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, causing an all-encompassing destruction that afflicts even their allies.

Even the Cloudy Firmament Fairy, who was currently controlling the Immortal Extermination Formation, had lost her brother and two sisters during the Great Calamity.

Yet, even so, she could still retain the most basic level of reasoning.

It wasnt that revenge wouldnt be taken, but the time was merely unripe.

Only by continuing their developments and accumulations would they finally be strong enough to crush over their foes using their very own strength, allowing them to dominate over the universe.

“Senior apprentice-brother Xu, you have to condition yourself as well.

How about handing the sects matters over to junior apprentice-brother Xia, junior apprentice-brother Lan, and Little Jun” asked Yan Zhaoge.

During the Immortal Extermination Formation battle, Xu Fei who harnessed a Golden Body of the Great Sage had also suffered from extreme depletion.

After being weakened so much from the battle, it wasnt that easy to recover his vitality.

“I will make some arrangements.” Xu Fei nodded and looked at Yan Zhaoge, “How about you”

“While I want to cause some troubles for the Dipankara Archaic Buddha, Dao monarch Lu Ya and the others, now isnt the time to do such things.

Rather than moving around, Id rather us remain low profile for now.” Yan Zhaoge said, “The battle for the Immortal Extermination Formation has given me many insights regarding the laws of martial arts.

I require some time to tidy these thoughts, so Im thinking of remaining in seclusion for now.”

Xu Fei was now amused, “Youre already in the Five Qis Unification Realm.

If you proceed further, you will then be manifesting your Three Flowers Converged Crown.

Among the three flashes of brilliance, which ones will you be working on manifesting first Essence, Qi, or your Soul”

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