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Chapter 1628: Differences Between the Three Flowers

Five Qis Unifications was for the sake of becoming a Grand Virtual Immortal.

With this as a foundation, after converging a total of three crowns, they could then ascend to the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm.

The so-called three flowers were also referred to as the three splendors.

It converged the culmination of martial arts accumulated throughout their lifetime and pushed them even further forward, allowing for a grand breakthrough.

Essence, Qi, and Soul.

As these three splendors converge together, they shall govern over all-encompassing space.

The orders of the three splendors werent fixed.

It all depended on the practitioners decision and choice.

However, there were differences between each splendor.

Therefore, whichever choice they made, some trade-offs tend to happen.

“Youll most likely cultivate the splendor of Qi and Soul and leave Essence to the last, right Only, pray tell, which one will you be cultivating first” asked Xu Fei.

The cultivation of the three splendors was different.

If they cultivated the splendor of Essence, their foundations would become more robust and sturdy, allowing for them to recover quickly after being injured.

As they experienced extreme fatigue and their souls were severely damaged, they could also use it to recover their vigor.

The more gravely injured they were, the more exuberant their life force.

At the same time, the most crucial part was that it significantly increased their lifespan.

As the saying goes, the life limit of Virtual Immortal was one yuan, which was approximately a hundred and twenty-nine thousand and six hundred years.

However, in truth, most Virtual Immortals could never reach this age limit.

On one hand, the culmination of their injuries would have damaged their foundations and vitality, causing some loss in their total lifespan.

On the other hand, it was also related to the splendor of Essence.

However, strictly speaking, there was a requirement to reach this so-called limit of a Virtual Immortals lifespan.

Even if they cultivated the splendor of Essence, only Virtual Immortals who managed to converge it atop had the foundations to sought after the lifespan of a hundred and twenty-nine thousand and six hundred years.

Two Flowers Converged Crown, the peak of Virtual Immortal Realm.

Only if one of the two flowers were a splendor of Essence would a Virtual Immortal of this caliber be able to obtain the lifespan limit of a yuan.

If their two crowns were the splendor of Qi and Soul, then even if they reached the peak of Virtual Immortal Realm and were a step away from their ascent to the Grand Heavenly Realm, the limits of their lifespan would be far lesser than one yuan.

Among the three splendors, cultivating the splendor of Qi would grant the cultivator an overall increase in combat prowess.

The convergence of the splendor of Qi would significantly increase the quality and quantity of the Immortal Essence of Five Qis Unifications.

As their qi and blood complemented each other, the practitioners body would become more robust as well.

In general, both attack, defense, agility, and even responsiveness would improve drastically.

Cultivating the splendor of Qi would often create disparity among others of the Grand Virtual Immortal Realm.

Those who managed to converge the splendor of Qi were more adept in combat.

From a different perspective, the stronger one was, the harder it became to harm them and the harder it was for them to be cornered into deaths door.

In other words, this had also drastically increased their lifespan and safety.

Compared to the splendor of Qi, the splendor of Soul and Essence would beget more transformation within the physique.

Cultivating the splendor of Soul would make the practitioners soul more dexterous, marginally increasing their sense and perception.

Most importantly, it was even more beneficial for cultivators who cultivated daily and attempted to comprehend the intricacies of supreme martial arts and the laws of heavens and earth, allowing for an amalgamation of their culminated learnings.

At the same time, to a certain extent, it allowed for a Virtual Immortal to challenge the Origin Heavenly Tribulation even better, making it easier to break through to a higher realm – the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm.

While the help it provided was minimal, a slight increase in the percentage of success for the Origin Heavenly Tribulation was still a major help for a martial art practitioner.

Each splendor had its marvelousness.

No matter which one the practitioner managed to cultivate, the splendors provided extreme benefits for the practitioners.

However, there was a hurdle of significant importance.

The more you cultivate the three splendors, the more complex the difficulty.

Successfully converging one was equal to manifesting a hurdle, which significantly increased the difficulty for cultivating the others.

Even the splendor of Soul, who was beneficial for daily cultivation, was only helpful for comprehension.

When converging the other two splendors, not only did it hold no benefits, even the difficulty increased considerably.

The closer you are to the Dao Realm, the harder it becomes.

This was one of the most direct examples of such a phrase.

Throughout history, countless Virtual Immortals were stuck by the stage of Duo Flowers Converged Crown.

Among all other foes Yan Zhaoge and others faced, Traveling Monk Hui An – Mu Zha, the Hundred Eyed Demon Monarch, Fuluo Zi, and the Sarvanivaranaviskambhin Bodhisattva were the prime example of such occurrence.

Precisely due to this, Grand Virtual Immortals had to make decisions and take sacrifices when cultivating the three flowers.

Generally speaking, what they cultivated still depended on what they had comprehended.

Practitioners who cultivated different martial arts would converge different splendors, which would then beget different effects.

For most people who had to cultivate it without shortcuts, manifesting one splendor was already arduous enough.

Naturally, they would first develop whichever they had higher hopes of attaining first.

Success in cultivation would result in enormous benefits for oneself.

Only, when standing at the lofty heights they stood at, who wouldnt yearn for an even higher plane of power

This matter was worth pondering over.

To give a simple example, theoretically speaking, when focusing on the increase in combat prowess, the splendor of Qi and Soul reinforcing the practitioners outside and insides brought more noticeable results than Essences splendor, especially during combat.

However, while such Duo Flowers Converged Crown beget mighty prowess, their lifespans were destined to be lower than one yuan.

In their remaining lifetime, would they be able to cultivate the splendor of Essence, attaining the Three Flowers Converged Crown and challenging the Origin Heavenly Tribulation to breakthrough till the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm

After all, the formation of Three Flowers Converged Crowns was considered three different trials, with the final trial being the most difficult one.

Conversely speaking, cultivating the splendor of Soul and Essence was theoretically the most beneficial for cultivation.

It implied that one would be granted ample time to accumulate more substantial cultivation.

To a certain extent, this combination could be said to bring the highest hopes for one to ascend to the Grand Heavenly Realm.

However, at the same time, this combination would be the weakest combination in combat.

Just because your lifespan was that long, didnt mean that you could survive all the way through.

Dying of age and being killed by others would all result in death.

As such, to most Virtual Immortals, the order of the three splendors was a critical decision.

However, this was no problem for Yan Zhaoge.

Because he was currently way too young.

His stunning talents and unbending rise to power gave everyone the same impression – that if others didnt harm Yan Zhaoges foundations, he would ascend to the Grand Heavenly Realm one day.

The title given by Gao Han – the “Young Heavenly Lord” was truly befitting of its stature.

It now all boiled down to when.

Moreover, everyone believed that he wouldnt be taking long.

Even if he cultivated the splendor of Qi and Soul first, leaving the splendor of Essence to the last, Yan Zhaoges lifespan should still suffice.

Xu Fei only asked Yan Zhaoge which splendor would be cultivated first, the Qi or Soul.

“For me, I guess Ill first attempt to converge the splendor of Soul Its more beneficial for my current path of cultivation after all.” Yan Zhaoge touched his chin and answered, “As for the decision between the splendor of Qi or Essence, if Im only going to be dealing with Virtual Immortals, this shouldnt matter.”

Xu Fei smiled and said, “Youre right, but I suggest you picking the splendor of Qi.

Now, those who are hostile against you are mostly existences in the Grand Heavenly Realm.”

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