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Chapter 1633: Younger Senior

“Zhaoge, youre here” Upon seeing him, Long Xingquan immediately said, “I am ashamed.

Due to the matters regarding Yu Ye, we lost contact with Little Friend Ying.”

“Youre merely being too harsh on yourself.” Yan Zhaoge said, “While Im still unsure of the exact circumstances, Longtu should still be unscathed.”

Long Xingquan nodded, “Thats great to hear.”

After a short pause, he continued, “From the news I previously received, Buddhists had appeared in this region.

Only, it isnt certain whether theyre from the Western Pure Lands or the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded without saying a word.

Yan Zhaoge came here personally because Ying Longtu mightve been involved in someone elses ploy.

It was the same reason why the Roving Jade Heavens dispatched Long Xingquan here.

After a whole century had passed, Han Longer had also pushed open the Immortal Door long ago.

One of the East Mountains Four Prodigies of the Sky beyond Skies – the big Dipper Emperor Ying Longtu was currently a reputable person among Daoism.

Just his Emperor title alone had garnered the reverence of other True Immortals, as it wasnt one where any could bear.

Among the sects of Daoism, there were already dozens of True Immortals.

While there were still others of higher seniority, Ying Longtus was still the strongest among their ranks.

Most importantly, he successfully cultivated the Fallen Deity Sword after pushing open the Immortal Door, becoming the second person to cultivate it successfully.

When facing Profound Immortals of orthodox Buddhism, the Demon Race, or the Nine Underworlds, perhaps the battle would still be filled with uncertainties.

However, if his foe came from the heretic factions, then not only would their Profound Immortals be unable to harm Ying Longtu, he could even slay them back.

His disappearance implied that other Grand Virtual Realm experts were pulling the strings.

This was why Long Xingquan hurried here after the Roving Jade Heavens received such information.

Yan Zhaoge didnt take it lightly as well.

Who knows if their opponents were merely using Ying Longtu as bait to lure more Daoism practitioners in and kill them off one after another

Currently, Daoisms standing wasnt as dire as before.

However, they were merely on the same level as other factions.

They werent as strong as they were during the Ancient era, where no one dared to offend them.

While the few Dao Ancestors wont take action thanks to the Immortal Extermination Sword, skirmishing amongst those beneath the Dao Realm was still inevitable.

Theoretically speaking, now that the Immortal Court and the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus were engaged in another grand war, they should avoid drawing any troubles from orthodox Daoism.

However, an opportunity allowing for a Grand Heavenly Realm expert to ascend to the Dao Realm was awaiting them in the future.

With something so significant on the line, one couldnt be too sure if they would do something unexpected.

While the possibility wasnt high, Yan Zhaoge and the others remained wary at that slight likelihood.

The two strode forward together.

On the way, Yan Zhaoge conveyed the information he received through the Origin Heavenly Scripture to Long Xingquan.

“While the voids boundless outskirts are vast, places like the Original Nebula where Daoist Shao perished in are becoming rarer and rarer,” said Long Xingquan as he sighed.

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “I concur.

In this era, obscure places are either truly isolated from the world or move around with unfathomable trajectories like the Awakened Sky Cosmos in the past.

Similar locations like this truly lack in numbers.”

On their way, Long Xingquans expression changed slightly, and he slowed his advancement.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge stopped his stride and watched as Long Xingquan traced his finger mid-air.

After a short while, clumps of radiant mists surged.

From within, a few sword marks appeared.

Upon seeing these sword marks, Long Xingquan nodded.

Then, his gaze harnessed swords, and they slashed through the void, flying toward the far distance.

This was the unique method of contact that the Roving Jade Heavens had recently created.

Sure enough, after a short while, a mark was reflected in Yan Zhaoges mind.

Someone was approaching.

Yan Zhaoges senses expanded throughout the universe, with a ray of sword-light emerging from his mind.

Under the envelopment of sword-lights, a man in green Daoist robes appeared.

Yan Zhaoge recognized this man as well.

Daoist Ubiquitous, a newly-ascended True Immortal of the Prime Clear lineage who emerged from the Roving Jade Heavens during the past century.

Daoisms current flourishment wasnt just limited to the Sky beyond Skies.

The heirs of Daoism in the Zhuluo Royal Reed Heavens and the Crimson Luminance Melding Solaris Heavens were also gifted with talents.

While Daoist Ubiquitous wasnt from Gao Qingxuans lineage, he was considerably close with them and had received ample pointers from Gao Qingxuan and Long Xueji.

As such, during his current venture, he focused on finding the Soul Dissevering Jade as well.

While he wasnt familiar with Ying Longtu, there existed no conflicts between the two.

Since they were both from Daoism, they decided to journey together.

After approaching this area, the two decided on a meet-up location and time and headed their paths.

At that time, he didnt sense anything weird.

Yet, when the time of rendezvous was here, Ying Longtu never appeared.

At first, Daoist Ubiquitous didnt overthink it.

After all, they didnt have any particular goals in their current expedition.

Without concrete evidence of the Soul Dissevering Jades location, they merely had to act accordingly to the situation.

If Ying Longtu was truly interested in something, it was normal for him to pursue his target of interest.

However, Daoist Ubiquitous quickly realized that other Buddhists were also present in this universe.

In fact, there were quite a number of them.

Daoist Ubiquitous carefully concealed his trace without making any contact.

However, through careful observation, he sensed the copious number of experts present and seemed to have a goal in mind.

Upon realizing this and connecting it with Ying Longtus disappearance, Daoist Ubiquitous immediately sensed that something was off and quickly contacted the Roving Jade Heavens.

After receiving Long Xingquans transmission, Daoist Ubiquitous hurriedly came to this area.

Strictly speaking, Long Xingquan was of the Jade Clear lineage.

However, after so many years, he already formed his reputation in the Roving Jade Heavens.

When seeing him, Daoist Ubiquitous saluted him with strong reverence.

“Greetings, Elder Long and Young Heavenly Lord.”

Daoist Ubiquitous greeted Yan Zhaoge and Long Xingquan, respectively.

His gaze lingered on Yan Zhaoge slightly longer than Long Xingquan.

He had only pushed open the Immortal Door after the Zhuluo Royal Reed Heavens and the Crimson Luminance Melding Solaris Heavens were established.

He was still considered young, considering how high his cultivation was.

In terms of age, Daoist Ubiquitous was identical to the Sky beyond Skies Sword Sovereigns disciple – Bai Tao.

They were both the few youngest Exalt Martial Saints of the Roving Jade Heavens.

He progressed steadily and managed to push open the Immortal Door.

As far as Roving Jade Heavens was concerned, he was, without a doubt, a rising talent.

However, compared to Yan Zhaoge and the others, he was much older.

While Long Xueji and Yu Ye surpassed him in the past, he knew that the speed of improvement would be greatly prolonged upon reaching the Immortal Realm.

Now that Daoist Ubiquitous was slowly catching up to them, he wasnt as anxious as he was before.

However, looking at Yan Zhaoge, who had attained Five Qis Unification long ago, Daoist Ubiquitous couldnt kindle any sense of competition.

In front of this young Jade Clear Heavenly Monarch, even without taking Di Qinglians lineage into consideration, Daoist Ubiquitous was undoubtedly a junior.

After calming his mind, Daoist Ubiquitous said with a stern expression, “The Buddhist Bhantes here seem to be from the Western Pure Lands.

There arent any heretics from the White Lotus here.”

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