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Chapter 1635: Suppress Everyone!

While Yan Zhaoges tone seemed relaxed, the Buddhist Bhantes seemed rather tense.

“Forgive us, for we are unable to comply with your request.” Mu Zha immediately touched the scabbard by his back, causing the Curved Twinblades of Wu to fly out, transforming into two rays of blade-lights which came slashing toward Yan Zhaoge.

The other Buddhist Bhantes also proceeded with their attacks.

Those beneath the Grand Virtual Realm fled in all directions, thinking up ways to nullify the barrier created by the Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder.

The other two Bodhisattvas unleashed their techniques and came attacking toward Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge remained unmoving and plainly said, “Why choose the option youll suffer the most from”

As he spoke, the incomprehensible sonorous voice of the great dao followed suit.

While it wasnt all that loud, intricacies could be sensed from the voice.

As his voice resounded, the Buddhist Bhantes beneath the Grand Virtual Realm felt their minds processing much slower.

Those in the Leakless Realm immediately sank into a state of reverie.

Without any thoughts, without any memories.

Their minds remained a constant blank as if they had integrated with the sonorous voice of the great dao.

While those of the Tranquil Realm didnt succumb to such sorry states, they still felt their reactions slowing down and even felt the desire of slumbering.

“Namo Amitabha!” The three Grand Virtual Realm Buddhists quickly chanted their Buddhist doctrines.

While they differed from Daoisms sonorous voice of the great dao, the chantings of Buddhist doctrines also had their own profundities.

It nullified Yan Zhaoges sonorous voice of the great dao, allowing the Buddhists beneath the Grand Virtual Realm to return to normal.

However, at that moment, splendors converged atop Yan Zhaoges head.

“He managed to converge a flower after a mere century” The heart of Mu Zha and the others sank, “Thats way too quick!”

However, soon after, another shocking revelation transpired before their eyes.

As the Splendour of Soul appeared above Yan Zhaoges head, his sonorous voice of the great dao started taking effect again.

The Buddhists beneath the Grand Virtual Realm had their mind going blank once again, with their eyes and actions turning sluggish.

Their Buddhist doctrines were unable to nullify Yan Zhaoges sonorous voice of the great dao!

When Grand Virtual Immortals fight against each other, even if one side was completely overwhelming the weaker foe, the weaker side could still nullify their foes sonorous voice of the great dao to a certain degree.

Yan Zhaoges sonorous voice of the great dao bypassing their Buddhist doctrines was something the Buddhists had never even heard of.

Moreover, Mu Zhas current cultivation was equal to a Daoism Heavenly Monarchs Duo Flowers Converged Crown.

If anything, his cultivation was much higher than Yan Zhaoge.

However, Yan Zhaoges sonorous voice of the great dao blared through the entire universe, causing ripples in the Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder, which engulfed the surrounding cosmos.

Being placed within, the Buddhists beneath the Grand Virtual Realm were rendered numb, unable to budge even a single inch.

Even the Buddhist Bhantes of the Tranquil Realm seemed to have sunk into their thoughtless state.

While their minds went blank, their actions stopped as well!

Not only those in the Leakless Realm, even experts in the Tranquil Realm, were suppressed by Yan Zhaoges sonorous voice of the great dao.

Once again, his actions overthrew common sense.

The adamant Golden Bodies of Buddhists now bore the texture of clay.

Their luminances were now gone, replaced by a mere decaying sight.

Why choose the option youll suffer the most from.

While Yan Zhaoges words werent exactly that loud, the sonorous voice of the great dao resounded with his words, along with peals of thunder.

As the blaring thunder pealed, the Buddhists frozen by the sonorous voice had their bodies shudder slightly.

Those in the Leakless Realm had their bodies shatter like porcelains, instantly crumbling into bits, shattering within the cosmic void.

Those in the Tranquil Realm were shaken away from their thoughtless state.

However, blood started leaking from their mouth, and cracks appeared on their Golden Bodies.

Before they could proceed with their struggle, Yan Zhaoges sonorous voice of the great dao resounded again, continuing to suppress their thoughts.

The Buddhist Bhantes could only interchange between the state of murkiness and agony, unable to escape from their tortured state.

The three Bodhisattvas expressed expressions filled with sternness.

Waves and waves of attacks that blotted the skies came crashing down onto Yan Zhaoge.

The sonorous voice continued blaring from Yan Zhaoges mouth.

He merely lifted his finger and flicked toward them.

“Clang! Clang!” His fingers accurately flicked onto two sword-lights, causing Mu Zhas Curved Twinblades of Wu to crumble.

Then, instead of retreating, Yan Zhaoge continued pressing forward.

In an instant, he arrived before the two Bodhisattvas.

One of them wielded a Demon Subduing Vajra, while the other utilized the Flower Pointing Finger.

Both of them channeled their Buddhist supreme martial arts and came unleashing it toward Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge destroyed the Demon Subduing Vajra with his left hand using the Cyclic Heavenly Seal and formed a Heaven Splitting Halberd with his right hand to slash his opponents finger off.

Then, he extended both his hands forward and grabbed the two Bodhisattvas heads.

He crashed the two together!

Unable to withstand this clash, their Golden Bodies started breaking, with blood leaking from within.

At the same time, Yan Zhaoges Grand Plainness Immeasurable Body and Grand Beginning Bright Emptiness Form started channeling together.

With the two grand supreme martial arts fortifying each other, his indestructible defense allowed him to receive Mu Zhas palm without dodging.

Without even budging an inch, he added force in his hands.

After crushing the two Bodhisattvas to bits, he threw them aside.

Then, Yan Zhaoge formed a sword using his index and middle finger, slashing an eerie green sword-lights toward the incoming Curved Twinblades of Wu.

At the same time, his other hand extended forward, grabbing toward Mu Zha.

Mu Zha took a deep breath.

Instead of dodging, he strode forward and rammed his finger toward Yan Zhaoges solar plexus.

His finger wasnt like the Flower Pointing Finger, which contained the insights brimmed with intelligence and enlightenment.

Instead, it signified the grandioseness contained within diminutiveness.

A golden “卍” symbol appeared on his fingertip.

As he continued channeling, it grew bigger and bigger while spinning around.

As the “卍” continued spinning, the aura of Grand Plainness by Yan Zhaoges body showed signs of dispersing.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge merely smiled and still didnt evade at all.

The intents of yin and yang, time, space, life, matter, and soul were projected on his body,

Vibrant energy revitalizing the world.

Time spinning around like the flow of water.

The interlacing transformations of space.

The vast manifold of matter materializing.

The balanced circulation of yin and yang.

The ever-changing ripples on the soul.

As the profundities of the Jade Clear Later Heavens Six Scriptures amalgamated together, they transformed into the foundations of the worlds creation, fending off the golden “卍”!

Yan Zhaoge extended his right hand forward and grabbed Mu Zha by the shoulder.

Majestic and profound Immortal Splendour came crashing downward.

As they incessantly vibrated, they dissipated the powers of Buddhism from Mu Zhas body.

Mu Zha was already focused on going all-out and spared no power to defend himself.

Being slammed by Yan Zhaoge, all his built-up strength disintegrated instantly.

He could only remain still while being grabbed by Yan Zhaoge.

“I thought about it for a while, but I prefer having someone to guide me.” Yan Zhaoge smiled, “So, please, go ahead.”

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