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Chapter 1636: Cant I Kill You

Mu Zha helplessly stared at Yan Zhaoge, “What an anomaly you are.

I heard people of the Three Clear Lineage calling you the Young Heavenly Lord and merely snickered at that thought back then.

Now that I encountered you again, I realize how befitting it is to you.”

“I think its pretty fine as well, though I prefer a shorter title.

It sounds cooler and more dominating.” Yan Zhaoge chuckled.

Mu Zha didnt think anything inappropriate of Yan Zhaoges comment.

Instead, he merely shook his head, “With your prowess, you are worthy of any praise.”

“Lets stop talking about irrelevant matters for now.

Traveling Monk Hui An, how about leading me to the Great Desolate Origin Schloss” Yan Zhaoge beckoned.

Sword lights flickered in the void.

The Grand Virtual Realm Bodhisattvas that had yet to perish were slain by the sword, giving them instant death.

Seeing this, Mu Zhas eyelids jumped, “I should be the one asking you, why burden yourself with such trivial matters With how high your prowess is, why must you always commit acts of atrocities”

Yan Zhaoge said indifferently, “Back during the Great Calamity, I wonder how many people of Daoism had died by the Western Pure Lands hands.

That aside, you all pushed my junior apprentice-brother into quite the difficult position as well.

Without the expert of the Great Desolate Origin Schloss intervening, perhaps he would have died here.

You better not be hypocritical with me right now.”

“Not to mention…” Yan Zhaoge suddenly smiled, “Even without these reasons, cant I kill you all”

Mu Zha shook his head, “Weaklings are always at the mercy of the strong.

I dont have any complaints about this.

However, Young Heavenly Lord, you best not forget this.

While you acquired the Immortal Extermination Formation, it still cant protect you from the Ancestral Buddhas attacks.

You have yet to reach an indomitable omnipresent state.”

“If Im weaker than you, youll kill me, and vice versa.

Its a simple theory, so you need not remind me.” Yan Zhaoge smiled, “I only kept you alive as a guide because you were from Daoism in the past.

Thanks to this relation, Im giving you a chance of compensation.

Otherwise, if I use the premise of you all crossing the line to force my junior apprentice-brother into a corner, the Samantabhadra Bodhisattva and the Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva cant do anything either.”

Mu Zha sighed.

Before he could say anything else, he was cut off by Yan Zhaoge, “Dont think of deliberately stalling time by talking here.

While I anxiously want to find my friend, after knowing that hes in the Great Desolate Origin Schloss with a senior of Daoism accompanying him, Im not that worried about his safety any longer.”

“Even without your guidance, Ill just manage to locate my brother a little later.” Yan Zhaoge plainly said, “Without you all, can your reinforcements of the Western Pure Lands locate it”

Mu Zha remained silent for a while and finally gave a wry smile, “Young Heavenly Lord, youre truly merciless.

Fine, follow me.

I also intend to know whos in the Great Desolate Origin Schloss.”

“Hmm It seems like you know who the person inside is” Yan Zhaoge said as he watched Mu Zha talking out a black alms bowl.

Mu Zha knocked on the alms bowl, causing the clear water to appear from within.

Then, radiances were refracted from the water surface, its refracted angle acting as guidance.

“We originally intended to enter the Great Desolate Origin Schloss as well but were forced to retreat because of the person inside.” Mu Zha said, “The feeling he gave off felt a little familiar…”

Yan Zhaoges expression turned weird after hearing his words.

Mu Zha was of the Jade Clear lineage during the Ancient era.

Later, he joined Buddhism along with his master – the Cultivated Deity Samantabhadra, and studied under the Samantabhadra Bodhisattva and the Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva.

His judgment of an heir of Daoism would most likely remain accurate.

However, if it was someone he felt familiar with even before interacting with each other, then the number of candidates was minimal.

“Say, do you think its the Tri-Buddhism Platforms Great Divinity” asked Yan Zhaoge with a weird expression.

The so-called Tri-Buddhism Platforms Great Divinity was commonly known as the third Crown Prince – Ne Zha.

Also, someone reputable in the history of Daoism.

He was a top-notch expert bested by only Yang Jian in the Jade Clear lineage.

Moreover, during the Ancient era, his reputation already started growing immensely when he was only in the Grand Virtual Realm.

Later, after entering the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace, he ascended to the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm during the Middle era, becoming a Guardian Divinity of that palace.

He surpassed his masters and excelled even more.

In terms of strength, his almightiness made him one of the few strongest experts in the entire Heavenly Courts Divine Palace.

Of course, his temper was fairly well-known as well.

After all, his irascible attitude was recorded even in the fables.

According to the reports Yan Zhaoge had received, the location of this Daoism Heavenly Lord had yet to be found.

However, most people aligned it with him perishing after the Great Calamity.

Only, no concrete proof had been secured yet.

After hearing Mu Zhas words, Yan Zhaoge couldnt hold back this rising suspicion.

Yet, Mu Zha gave another answer, “Im not too sure.

However, compared to that person, it feels more like his benefactor – senior apprentice-uncle Taiyi.”

Taiyi Cultivated Deity

Yan Zhaoge raised his eyebrows slightly.

That person was also a Daoism bigwig who received the teachings of the Jade Clear progenitor – the Primordial Heavenly Lord.

In the past, he was among the ranks of the Jade Illusory Twelve Immortals, which included Lord of Broad Accomplishment, the Master Red Essence, the Samantabhadra Cultivated Deity, the Lord of the Daoist Way, and various others.

Indeed, the Taiyi Cultivated Deity was Ne Zhas master.

After the Great Calamity, his whereabouts became unknown as well.

Information related to him was much less compared to Ne Zha.

After acquiring Mu Zhas black alms bowl, Yan Zhaoge had a much easier time finding the drifting Great Desolate Origin Schloss.

While Mu Zha and the others were chased out of the Great Desolate Origin Schloss, they had still entered within.

Moreover, the owner inside seemed to have some inconveniences, as if his attention was diverted onto something else.

Hence, Mu Zha and the others utilized secret art and secretly obtained a clue regarding the Great Desolate Origin Schloss.

They originally planned to wait for reinforcements from the Western Pure Lands, only to have the benefits all reaped by Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge carefully observed his surroundings.

After confirming that no Grand Heavenly Realm Buddhas were around, he secretly rejoiced in his heart.

Theoretically speaking, Grand Heavenly Realm experts should be arriving here fairly quickly after receiving Mu Zhas reports.

They seemed to have been busy with other matters of the Western Pure Lands and couldnt dispatch anyone appropriate to handle this task, hence the delay.

Yan Zhaoge arrived before them and cut off Mu Zhas connection from the outside world.

Then, he killed the others and only left one person alive.

With this, even if the Western Pure Lands rush here, they wont have an easy time locating it.

However, while Yan Zhaoge remained joyful, he was also secretly retaining his wariness, “Why are those of the Western Pure Lands gathered together What are they planning on doing”

While continuing his ponder, Yan Zhaoge continued traversing through the voids boundless outskirts.

This time, he managed to secure his target before long.

A screen of hazy fog resembling a field of cloudy sea hung by the dark and vast void.

An aura of primitive desolateness permeated from within.

It was the Great Desolate Origin Schloss that Yan Zhaoge had been looking for.

It was a fragment of metamorphosis that fell off when the great thousand universes were evolving from the Primitive desolate era to the Ancient era.

Hence the name “Great Desolate” was added inside.

Due to the unique profundities within, countless bigwigs gathered these fragments during the early years, using them to establish their cave manor.

During the Ancient era, such fragments were already of tiny amounts.

Now, the existence of these fragments remained only in tales and legends.

Yan Zhaoge didnt expect to witness such a fragment personally.

However, such a unique existence affirmed that this was someones abode.

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