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Chapter 1637: Great Desolate Origin Schloss

As he stared at the cosmos filled with an illusory sea of clouds, Yan Zhaoge stepped inside without hesitation.

While this sea of clouds seemed vast and boundless from the surface, as its insides collapsed every once in a while, space would turn convoluted, causing the space within to disappear if one wasnt paying attention.

If that happened, finding the same predetermined location would require copious efforts.

Even after capturing Mu Zha and gaining concrete clues, Yan Zhaoge didnt feel like wasting more time.

While the person in the Great Desolate Origin Schloss was mostly likely a Daoism bigwig, he couldnt be sure of Ying Longtus safety.

After all, internal disputes frequently happened within Daoism in the past.

It wasnt after the Great Calamity that the survivors finally banded together to deal with the new circumstances.

If the guesses of Mu Zha and him were off, then who could possibly be residing within this Great Desolate Origin Schloss

Upon entering the hazy sea of clouds, Yan Zhaoges senses shrunk massively.

The presence of chaotic desolateness permeated through the surroundings, majorly influencing a persons senses and judgment.

Compared to the whirlpools in the Original Nebula, the marvelousness of spatial transformation here wasnt as prominent.

However, these aura of desolateness were highly beneficial to those hiding within.

While commencing his search within, he vaguely felt that someone was staring at him amidst the clouds.

“Im Yan Zhaoge, an heir to Daoism.

Im here for the sake of finding my junior apprentice-brother – Ying Longtu.

While I do not know your name, I beg for you to open your doors and welcome me in.”

Yan Zhaoges calm voice resounded toward the faraway space.

He received no replies, and nothing occurred.

According to Yan Zhaoges knowledge, Mu Zha and the others were repelled from this place by the clouds of desolateness here.

In contrast, his treatment here seemed much better.

However, Yan Zhaoge was somewhat disappointed.

If the other person took action, he could use this as an opportunity to locate said persons whereabouts.

Now, he could only attempt to locate it slowly.

“Is he quietly observing me…” Yan Zhaoge pondered, “Or rather, is he inconvenienced right now Could he have depleted his stamina when chasing Mu Zha and the others away from here, leaving him with no more stamina to take action”

While muttering to himself, Yan Zhaoge continued his search.

While the Great Desolate Origin Schlosss concealing abilities were powerful, Yan Zhaoges channeling of the Origin Heavenly Scriptures profundities made things easier for him.

According to what Mu Zha and the others said, Ying Longtu should be with the owner here.

“Found it!” A turquoise radiance flickered within Yan Zhaoges eyes, and he strode forward.

He felt as if the clouds had dissipated, bringing about the incandescence of the sun.

While his sight was still filled with a field of murky fog, he started sensing heat from within.

As Yan Zhaoge continued forward, the heat felt hotter and hotter.

After taking another few steps forward, luminances started shining from the sea of fog, with the intense heat giving off a burning sensation.

“Greetings.” Then, he stepped forward.

The murky and desolate aura dissipated, presenting a brand new sight to behold.

The first thing that entered his sight was a gigantic transparent encasement, which hung upended by the void.

Nine fire dragons were stationed above, spewing infernos incessantly from their mouths.

While the cover was invisible, colossal ivory flames could be seen burning within, with a silhouette showing within the flames.

“Nine Dragons Divine Inferno Cover!” Yan Zhaoge and Mu Zha said in unison.

The ivory inferno sealed away the bottom of the cover.

When looking upward, one could also see an old Daoist sitting atop the transparent cover.

Beside the old Daoist stood a young man who Yan Zhaoge was familiar with – Ying Longtu.

“Senior apprentice-brother Yan!” Ying Longtu became elated upon seeing Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge examined Ying Longtus entire body.

After noticing no wounds or any injuries, his tensed heart finally relaxed.

He nodded toward Ying Longtu and looked at the old Daoist.

The old Daoist merely smiled and remained silent.

Yan Zhaoge noticed that this old Daoist wasnt acting sanctimoniously.

Instead, he had to shift his entire focus onto the Nine Dragons Divine Inferno Cover beneath him.

A silhouette could be seen barging about in the sea of ivory flames beneath the lid, wreaking havoc throughout the entire cover.

The gigantic Nine Dragons Divine Inferno Cover incessantly shook as if it would be toppled at any given moment.

The inferno that sealed the bottom also seemed undulating, seemingly on the verge of collapsing apart.

It was all due to the nine fire dragons spewing their infernos continuously that the seal could barely be maintained.

“Are you Grand Master Taiyi” Yan Zhaoge cupped his hands toward the old Daoist.

The old Daoist nodded at him.

However, his attention couldnt be averted, as he had to continue maintaining the Nine Dragons Divine Inferno Cover beneath him.

However, other than nodding back at Yan Zhaoge, the old Daoists gaze stopped at Mu Zha for an instant.

Mu Zha, currently captured by Yan Zhaoge, had a complex expression written on his face, “Senior apprentice-uncle Taiyi…”

Ying Longtu quickly said, “Senior apprentice-brother Yan, this is Grand Master Taiyi, the one who saved me.”

“I know.” Yan Zhaoge nodded.

He had already heard of the general situation from Mu Zha.

When venturing outside, Ying Longtu encountered the drifting Great Desolate Origin Schloss.

However, at the same time, he encountered the Buddhists from the Western Pure Lands as well.

The Buddhists of the Leakless Realm were beaten into submission by Ying Longtu.

However, other experts of the Western Pure Lands were present, and soon after, a few Tranquil Realm Arhats came to the rescue.

Ying Longtu was forced to fight while retreating.

Moreover, from the information he gathered, he was made aware of other Grand Virtual Realm Bodhisattvas like Mu Zha being present around the area.

Straightforward he might be, but his intelligence still allowed him to think up ways to avoid such grand forces even when in combat.

Before Mu Zha and the others arrived, he quickly hid within the Great Desolate Origin Schloss.

He made the right decision.

Mu Zha and the others wouldve captured him if we were late even a single second.

A Grand Virtual Realm Bodhisattvas chantings of Buddhism doctrines wasnt something Ying Longtu could withstand.

Ying Longtu was a rising talent of the Broad Creed Mountain and had close ties with Yan Zhaoge.

His reputation wasnt only well-known in orthodox Daoism but in other forces as well.

Mu Zha and the other Buddhists didnt want to give up and chased after him into the Great Desolate Origin Schloss.

However, what greeted them was Taiyi Cultivated Deity, the person who reigned over this area.

As a result, they were all chased away.

Just as they were following the drifting Great Desolate Origin Schloss, and attempted to contact more reinforcements from the Western Pure Lands, Yan Zhaoge arrived.

Which resulted in their unfortunate outcome.

While Mu Zha was slightly startled after seeing the Taiyi Cultivated Deity, his attention focused on the Nine Dragons Divine Inferno Cover.

To be more precise, on the person trapped within.

While staring, Mu Zhas expression was filled with uncertainty.

Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes and placed his gaze on the Nine Dragons Divine Inferno Cover as well.

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