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Chapter 1638: Treasured Lotus Incarnated Form

From the looks of it, while the Taiyi Cultivated Deity managed to chase Mu Zha and the other Buddhists away, his control over the cover beneath faltered.

Previously, the Taiyi Cultivated Deity shouldve been reigning over the Nine Dragons Divine Inferno Cover all this while.

Being interrupted by Mu Zha and the others, the situation worsened.

The person trapped within the Nine Dragons Divine Inferno Cover rampaged about incessantly as if he would rush out at any given moment.

Taiyi Cultivated Deity was a veteran Grand Heavenly Immortal of the Jade Clear lineage, which naturally translated to him possessing solid capabilities.

However, he seemed unable to suppress the person beneath using the Nine Dragons Divine Inferno Cover any longer.

Yan Zhaoge stared at the Taiyi Cultivated Deity, then at Mu Zha.

As he noticed the twos expressions, some thoughts arose in his heart.

Only, the current situation didnt allow him to overthink.

A roar of rage resounded beneath the Nine Dragons Divine Inferno Cover.

Then, the ivory infernos started being oppressed by majestic strength, continuously being forced into dissipation.

The embers receded, causing the silhouette within to become clearer.

Circle of Yin Yang by his head, wielding a fiery sharp spear, riding on the Wheels of Wind and Fire, with a Chaotic Heavenly Twill wrapped around his arm.

Seeing these, Yan Zhaoge and Mu Zha immediately identified that person.

The former rising talent of Daoism after the Later Heavens – the person with the title of the Tri-Buddhism Platforms Great Divinity, the Almighty Grand Preceptor, or the Middle Platform General – Ne Zha!

“Holy crap…” Yan Zhaoge stroked his lips, “Its really you”

While he had some guesses beforehand, Yan Zhaoge was still perplexed upon taking a closer look.

However, the current Ne Zha seemed somewhat abnormal.

While maintaining the appearance of a youth, his gaze flashed with sinister radiances, and only malicious auras could be sensed from him.

As he displayed his almighty strength, the Nine Dragons Divine Inferno Cover became on the verge of collapsing.

The cover containing the scorching inferno started crumbling.

Even with the nine flame dragons desperate to compensate for the damage, their efforts were to no avail.

Instead, blood began dripping from the dragons eyes.

As its dragon scales started to split open, blood also gushed out from within as well, clearly indicating the severity it received.

Yan Zhaoge was greatly surprised upon seeing this.

He then looked at the Taiyi Cultivated Deity who presided over the Nine Dragons Divine Inferno Cover and was left with great confusion.

While Ne Zha was the disciple of the Taiyi Cultivated Deity, he excelled like Yang Jian and surpassed his master later on.

When ascending to the Grand Heavenly Realm, after attaining the physique of the Heavenly Immortal, he gradually began surpassing the Taiyi Cultivated Deity.

The Taiyi Cultivated Deity should be considered as the person who understood Ne Zha the most, which was why so many preparations were laid around to suppress him.

However, after being disrupted a while ago, all his efforts went to waste.

Yan Zhaoge couldnt tell who was right or wrong.

However, Yan Zhaoge noticed Ne Zhas pair of crimson red eyes and the vicious ferocity present on his expression, which seemed somewhat abnormal at the moment.

After giving it a thought, he decided to aid the Taiyi Cultivated Deity for now.

Not only because the Taiyi Cultivated Deity aided Ying Longtu just now, but because the Taiyi Cultivated Deity also seemed on the weaker side.

Weaker individuals banding together to fend off the strong will make things much more manageable.

If there were any mistakes in judgment, compensating for this mistake would be considerably easier as well.

Pan-Pan flew out, and an apish gold radiance flashed by his shoulder and back.

As gold radiances encompassed the surroundings, he transformed into a colossal rampaging ape reeking with Demonic qi.

Under the Taiyi Cultivated Deitys surprised gaze, the colossal Demonic monkey took out a Ru Yi Golden Cudgel from his ear.

The cudgel instantly enlarged, transforming into a Divine Suppression Iron capable of lifting the skies.

The monkey pressed the Divine Suppression Iron into the Nine Dragons Divine Inferno Cover, causing the cover to stabilize.

While the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel was a weapon famed for the carnage it caused, it was initially used to withhold and suppress the Heavenly River, not to hurt others.

Hence, using it to suppress something was highly effective.

Ne Zha raged in the cover but was rendered unable to do anything.

The ivory flames started surrounding him once again, gradually devouring him within.

The inferno seal beneath the Nine Dragons Divine Inferno Cover became denser and denser, and the seal solidified once again.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge let out a sigh of relief.

While the person inside wasnt as strong as Yang Jian, he wasnt one to be underestimated.

After all, normal Grand Heavenly Realm experts were also unable to contend against him.

Being a hall spirit in the Martial Repository back then, Yan Zhaoge was extremely clear of this fact.

While his status might be somewhat inferior, Ne Zha was still among the strongest few experts in the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace.

Yang Jian complied to no behest and rarely returned to the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace.

As a result, all Heavenly Courts Divine Palace warfare was left to Ne Zhas control.

If the true Great Sage Equalling Heavens were here, Ne Zha wouldnt be capable of withstanding his Ru Yi Golden Cudgel.

However, even if a Grand Virtual Realm Golden Body of the Great Sage wielded a Ru Yi Golden Cudgel, defeating the Tri-Buddhism Platforms Great Divinity at full-force was but a mere pipe dream.

Using the Nine Dragons Divine Inferno Cover as its core, the seal started its suppression once again.

Of course, if he were facing someone else right now, then it wouldve been an entirely different situation.

The Taiyi Cultivated Deity sighed with relief but continued to sit on the Nine Dragons Divine Inferno Cover.

He looked at the monkey with curiosity, “This is…”

“Ill explain later.

For now, can you please explain what happened to him” asked Yan Zhaoge.

The Taiyi Cultivated Deity sighed, “Seems like I made a fool out of myself.”

He glanced at Mu Zha again.

Mu Zhas expression was a little startled.

After sensing the Taiyi Cultivated Deitys gaze, his expression became even more complex.

“During the Great Calamity, he was on the verge of death and was saved by me.

However, since his injuries were too severe, I couldnt do anything to help him instantly.

As a result, I could only bring him into hiding here and deal with it later on,” said the Taiyi Cultivated Deity slowly.

Yan Zhaoge nodded without saying a word.

Ne Zha was met with opportunistic encounters back then and possessed the Treasured Lotus Incarnated Form, which made him immune to countless attacks.

Although incomparable to the Great Sage Equalling Heavens indestructible Demonic form and Yang Jians Paramount Yin Yang Profound Arts, it still provided one of the best defenses.

However, the Great Calamity involved way too many people.

With so many bigwigs present, all attacks became jumbled up.

Despite how strong Ne Zha was, he was still unable to escape this tribulation.

Fortunately, the Taiyi Cultivated Deity acted in time and managed to preserve his life.

Only, with how dangerous the situation was back then, even the preserved life might only last for a fleeting moment.

After rescuing Ne Zha, the Taiyi Cultivated Deity brought him into the voids boundless outskirts to hide him from the outside worlds threats.

In the end, he came across this Great Desolate Origin Schloss by accident and decided to occupy this area.

To heal Ne Zha, the Taiyi Cultivated Deity attempted to recreate the Treasured Lotus Immortal Form.

After a long period of trials and errors, he finally started showing some progress.

“Then, whats with this thing now…” Hearing the Taiyi Cultivated Deitys narration, Yan Zhaoge couldnt hold back his curiosity as he pointed toward the Nine Dragons Divine Inferno Cover.

“Sigh…” While letting out a long sigh, the Taiyi Cultivated Deity gave a wry smile, “During the Great Calamity, he almost fought to the death and was filled to the brim with stubbornness and unending malign ferocity.

As a result, after he awakened, his mind was tarnished by this ferocity, causing transformations deep within himself.”

Yan Zhaoges eyes narrowed, “Did he succumb to the darkness”

“No.” The Taiyi Cultivated Deity shook his head, “His condition is rather special after all.

The Treasured Lotus Incarnated Form can prevent one from succumbing to the path of Devils.”

Yan Zhaoge thought about it for a while, “Thats true.

If one succumbs to darkness, the Primordial Heart Devil shouldve felt it as well.

He wont be unable to locate Ne Zha just because of the Great Desolate Origin Schloss.

When I interacted with him in the past, he had also never mentioned anything of the sort.

So, whats with the situation now”

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