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Chapter 1657: Mockery


The Buddhist Bhantes of Western Pure Lands were also shocked that the Ivory Cloud Realm Flag had fallen into the hands of Nine Underworlds.

Their Green Lotus Treasured Flag was contaminated with the seawater of Nine Underworlds Abyss of Devilish Sea, rendering this treasure useless.

Ironically, the opponent took out the Ivory Cloud Realm Flag, which was the same rank as the Green Lotus Treasured Flag.

The Buddhism Bante had no practical way to crack the Ivory Cloud Realm Flag.

To the people in Buddhism, this was like a mockery.

In the face of the attacking devil group, Buddhism bigwigs such as Vajrapramardi Buddha and Samantabhadra Bodhisattva quickly calmed down and faced the attacking enemy.

Nie Jingshen took the lead in confronting Vajrapramardi Buddha.

An astonishing sword intent capable of tearing the heavens and the earth suddenly erupted from the ordinary black-clothed man.

Under the horrifying air, the Land of Buddhism, where Vajrapramardi Buddha manifested, loomed with signs of dying and perishing.

Vajrapramardi Buddha frowned in response.

In the Middle Era, he was among the thirty-five Buddhas of the Central Blessed Lands of Saha, second only to the Gautama Buddha Tathagata.

Moreover, he was among the elites in the entire Central Blessed Lands of Saha.

Although he wasn’t as ancient as the Buddhism bigwigs such as Archaic Dipankara Buddha, he had become famous for more than an era.

In the past, he had fought against the previous generation of Devil of Aged Metal, Sword Devil.

Hence, Vajrapramardi Buddha was sure that the new generation of Devil of Aged Metal, Nie Jingshen, in front of him at this moment was more potent than the Sword Devil that year.

As far as Vajrapramardi Buddha knows, only the first generation of Devil of Aged Metal, born with the world, could be compared with him.

What’s more terrifying was that Sword Devil Nie Jingshen seemed to have stronger potential boiling within him.

“Spirit Divinity Overflowing Lid can’t exceed the limit of the previous generation, but this person seems to be able to progress further.

He is probably the strongest Devil of Aged Metal in history, unprecedented.”

Vajrapramardi Buddha calmed his mind and confronted the young opponent in front of him with his best state.

Not only did he reinforce his body, making it solid and flawless, the Land of Buddhism around him also changed from the colored glaze appearance to gold.

The clear and transparent Buddha light appeared fragile, but it was still sturdy.

He exerted the Buddha’s indestructible body and the conception of life and death to the limit of his current cultivation realm.

Regardless of other intricate abilities, Vajrapramardi Buddha’s sturdy Buddhist Golden Body had always been known as the number one, better than Mahamayuri, Archaic Dipankara Buddha, Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, and other top Buddhism bigwigs.

As soon as the immeasurable Golden Body and the Vajrapramardi’s Land of Buddhism appeared, even Nie Jingshen’s fierce sword intent seemed to face difficulties penetrating the defense for a while.

Still, Vajrapramardi Buddha wasn’t someone inclined to always stay on defense.

The thick defense power granted him a solid frontal attack.

Every punch and kick of his was as powerful as a sacred mountain falling and unstoppable like the fierce water after opening up the dam.

Buddha raised his palm and called Nie Jingshen.

Nie Jingshen looked at Vajrapramardi Buddha indifferently, condensing the boundless Evil Qi in his hand into a ruthless dark golden sword.

The sword-light flashed.

It seemed to be faster than the Incongruence Divine Mother to use the Immortal Trapping Sword Manual.

Just as Vajrapramardi Buddha raised his hand, Nie Jingshen’s sword had already reached him.

When the ruthless sword-light condensed, it seemed to converge at a point in an instant.

Many intricate elements disappeared: the dark gold color, the dazzling light, the yin and yang of time, the yin and yang of life and death.

These concepts had seemingly disappeared from the world, returning to the ancient world filled with only chaos and primordial gulf.

There was no precedent and no antecedent, no beginning and no end, no cold and no heat, no time and space, and no living beings.

It was as if the world was only a tiny dot, so small that it was indescribable while giving off the illusion that it was humongous.

After Nie Jingshen’s sword stabbed on the Vajrapramardi Buddha’s Land of Buddhism, he immediately felt that what he had learned was as if all gone.

Luckily, he was excellent in strength with a sturdy foundation.

Facing Nie Jingshen’s peculiar and domineering sword dao, he barely resisted.

Vajrapramardi Buddha was well-deserved for the reputation of being the number one Buddha’s Golden Body at the Grand Heavenly Realm.

The conception Nie Jingshen had poured into the sword’s tip suppressed the Vajrapramardi Buddha to a steady retreat.

The Buddha couldn’t recover an initiative to launch an attack or exchange blows with his opponents as he had previously imagined.

The opponent’s sword intent suppressed him first, making it difficult to retaliate.

The impenetrable Vajrapramardi Buddha’s Land of Buddhism retreated backward in the void.

Even the bigwig like Vajrapramardi Buddha could only focus on defending as much as he could and rarely fought back in the face of Nie Jingshen at this moment.

As for his Land of Buddhism, cracks appeared faintly and leaked out withering air.

“Amitabha.” Vajrapramardi Buddha’s complexion was without compassion or joy as he incarnated with his hands.

Seeing through the bubbles of the morning dew and the impermanence of life and death to attain the great wisdom, then form the indestructible body.

The strength comes from within, not from outside.

Under Vajrapramardi Buddha’s incantation, the cracks on the surface of the Vajrapramardi Buddha’s Land of Buddhism quickly healed.

But under the mighty Nie Jingshen’s sword dao, the healed cracks were ruptured again.

Then, they heal again and rupture; the process repeated so on.

The sword-light kept advancing, forcing the Buddha to retreat continually.

Although Nie Jingshen couldn’t break through the Vajrapramardi Buddha’s defense for a while, he had already suppressed this Buddhist bigwig.

On the other side, Samantabhadra Bodhisattva summoned Tridharma Golden Lotus and went for Nie Jingshen’s head.

As the golden lotus revolved, the three mysteries of time, space, yin and yang derived from the Jade Clear Lineage were integrated with the three ideas of Buddhism, reincarnation, vacuum, and impermanence.

Thus, amplifying the lotus’ effect and mystery to a greater level.

Faced with such a threat, Nie Jingshen had to turn around and draw his sword to contend with the Tridharma Golden Lotus.

His sword-light seemed to converge to a focal point, trying to absorb Tridharma Golden Lotus.

The Tridharma Golden Lotus revealed its mystical effect with its brilliance holding up against the changes in time and space and stopping Nie Jingshen’s sword light from converging to a single point further.

The sword light burst out in response.

The impact was magnificent and extraordinary, sending out an overwhelming force and blasting the Tridharma Golden Lotus away!

Cracks even appeared on the golden lotus petals, spreading and expanding.

Samantabhadra Bodhisattva hastened to retrieve Tridharma Golden Lotus.

Even after Nie Jingshen’s sword clashed with the lotus, its momentum to oppress Vajrapramardi Buddha was unhindered!

However, with the help of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva, the Vajrapramardi Buddha’s evolving Land of Buddhism became complete and solid again.

The Buddha’s Golden Body grew larger and counterattacked Nie Jingshen.

Nie Jingshen sped up his sword attacks with each slash faster than the previous.

Dark gold sword lights were sent out here and there on the battlefield.

The chaos and primordial gulf scene were retrieved and resummoned upon each slash, amplifying each attack.

Samantabhadra Bodhisattva wanted to help out, but other devils were hindering his attempts.

The Great Devil from the Nine Underworlds also fought against the remaining Buddhist Bhantes.

The Devil Lord, who had stained the Green Lotus Treasured Flag, took the opportunity to snatch the Sakyamuni Sarira.

Upon seeing this, Nie Jingshen had the intention to end the battle.

So he sent out a much more amplified, horizontal sword light to hinder Vajrapramardi Buddha.

Immediately after, he commanded the devil group to retreat while staying on guard against the enemies.


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