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Chapter 1660: Hope & Faith

“Everything will return to nothing, no matter you, me, or her.”

Hearing Yan Zhaoges comment, Feng Yunsheng repeated Nie Jingshens line, “Do you mean that”

Yan Zhaoge said nothing but nodded silently.

Feng Yunsheng was also lost in thoughts.

Nie Jingshens moment might not mean anything significant, but Yan Zhaoge couldnt help but ponder upon it.

Worse still, once he started interpreting that line, it became unstoppable, with more explanations surfacing in his mind.

Everything will return to nothing.

That line reflected the devil precisely, but it might also be a hint on the next move of Nine Underworlds.

Several bigwigs of Buddhism, Daoism, and the demon race had plans to conspire against the Nine Underworlds, hoping to gain an opportunity to attain a breakthrough and ascend into the Dao Realm.

Nine Underworlds had always been aware of this and naturally wouldnt sit idle on it.

The elites of all factions were in a game, trading with the Nine Underworlds while suppressing them at the same time.

This intricate situation enabled the Nine Underworlds to make their arrangement.

Of course, as to which faction would stand victorious in the end, that would depend on each others capability.

Yan Zhaoge vaguely caught something from In Nie Jingshens words.

If there were hints given and the orthodox Daoism managed to see through it, they would have the upper hand.

Aside from this train of thoughts, there were other interpretations.

Nie Jingshen mentioned “you, me, and her” which undoubtedly referred to Yan Zhaoge, Nie Jingshen, and Yu Ye.

Even though Nie Jingshen mentioned the three of them, it might not necessarily be because they were the parties involved.

Instead, it might allude to something in common among the three of them.

So, what do we have in common

Thinking back to the phrase “everything will return to nothing,” Yan Zhaoge came up with a scary possibility.

He expected Nie Jingshen would put him, Yu Ye, and Feng Yunsheng into the same category.

Although Yu Ye was still in a coma, she had cultivated Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture.

As the Lord of Prime Clear Numinous Treasures purest lineage, she studied the mystery of chaos and peerlessness.

Feng Yunsheng carried part of the authority of Doomsday Heavenly Devil and diverted her own unique path.

She pioneered the dao of Encompassing Abyssal Absolute Annihilation, achieving the same end goal but in her way, albeit the martial art was different from Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture.

Nie Jingshen was originally from the orthodox Jade Clear Lineage.

With the combination of Earlier Heaven Nascent Form and his superb comprehension, he also had a peek at the mystery of peerlessness.

After he had fallen into a devil, his interpretation of peerlessness, which was initially inclined to Jade Clear Style, gradually became a concept resembling Prime Clears interpretation of moving from being to nothing.

With that, his martial art interpretation became more similar to Yu Ye and Feng Yunsheng.

But in Nie Jingshens words, he put himself, Yu Ye, and Yan Zhaoge into the same category.

This immediately alerted Yan Zhaoge.

He couldnt help but pay extra attention to it.

Because, if the distinction wasnt so strict, Nie Jingshens grouping was correct.

He and Yan Zhaoge debuted with Jade Clears first scripture, Peerless Heavenly Scripture.

For many reasons, Yan Zhaoge had been secretive about this matter.

Earlier, he used Dim Radiant Emperor Yin Tianxias Dim Radiant Twelve Arts as a cover.

But this cover could only be used in the early stage because Jade Clear Lineages Primordial Heavenly Lord ascendancy had unified the path of the latecomers.

In the latecomers, those with exceptional talents would be involved in the peerlessness interpretation.

Then, they would have to make their own climbs.

Even if they ended up in different routes, they would attain the same destination – Jade Clears first scripture, Peerless Heavenly Scripture.

Dim Radiant Emperor Yin Tianxia was stuck in this troubled state.

If he couldnt get the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, it would be tough for him to grow his cultivation, resulting in his eventual stagnation.

On the other hand, Nie Jingshen was exceptional with his Earlier Heaven Nascent Form, which was a condition that Yin Tianxia didnt possess.

Yan Zhaoge kept growing, pushing open the Immortal Door and even the Pure Profound Tribulation and attained Tranquil Profound Immortal.

He continued to move up step by step, Three Qi Fused Aura, Four Qis Fused Aura, until the last Five Qis Unification.

All in all, these werent supposed to happen with only the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts, making the disguise questionable.

Fortunately, Yan Zhaoge had acquired Taiyi Fist from the Grand Clear lineage very early.

To a certain extent, Taiyi Fist was also involved in the mystery of peerlessness.

The Three Clear Lineages were always a whole.

However, Taiyi Fist was different from Peerless Heavenly Scripture and Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture in terms of its concept and interpretation but should work well as another cover-up.

On this basis, Yan Zhaoge further collected the last nine scriptures of the ten Jade Clear Primordial Heavenly Scriptures and cultivated all of them.

Studying the nine Primordial Heavenly Scriptures in reverse might not help him obtain the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, but it would open up access to learning the complete concept and interpretation of the lineage.

Of course, this fact was a disguise in Yan Zhaoges cultivation success.

In fact, many people were wondering whether Yan Zhaoge, who opened the Immortal Door, could use the last nine heavenly scriptures to deduce the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, the first scripture of the whole series.

This had even become the expectation of many people.

Nie Jingshens words, of course, could also be understood from this aspect.

So, Yan Zhaoge wasnt concerned without others hearing that particular line.

But he still couldnt help but be sensitive when it came to the Peerless Heavenly Scripture.

Yan Zhaoge couldnt help but ponder if Nie Jingshen was pointing something out.

Where did he get the news

Although Yan Zhaoge acknowledged Nie Jingshens strength, he didnt believe that Jingshen could notice he had the Peerless Heavenly Scripture.

So if someone told Jingshen about this, who would it be

Yan Zhaoge was concerned about this issue.

Although Yan Zhaoge had made tremendous achievements at this stage, he was still skeptical of the Peerless Heavenly Scripture he had.

Suppose someone told Nie Jingshen about this, what was Nie Jingshen trying to hint

Was it a kind reminder or warning

Yan Zhaoge couldnt be sure of it.

Also, there wasnt a foolproof way to interpret Nie Jingshens words.

Looking at it from another angle, no matter Nie Jingshens intention in raising that line, they were based on one premise.

What Nie Jingshen said was out of kindness.

Yan Zhaoges guess back then was accurate.

Because of the Earlier Heaven Nascent Form, Nie Jingshen turned into a Devil of Aged Metal born with the exact nature.

He was indeed unlike others.

Still, Yan Zhaoge wasnt sure if his deduction on the whole picture was the reality.

On the surface, although Nie Jingshens characteristics after entering the devil were different from those of other Great Devils, his attitude towards himself and Feng Yunsheng made Yan Zhaoge feel gloomy.

Nie Jingshen always showed the warm side to those close to him but cold to the enemies or strangers.

Of course, in the previous situation, even if Nie Jingshen had kind intentions, it wasnt conducive for the two parties to communicate at an intimate level.

This possibility also made Yan Zhaoge confused.

Nie Jingshens words could be out of good intentions, but it was difficult to determine which was the correct interpretation among all possibilities.

But if those were out of malign intention, Nie Jingshen would be deliberately misleading Yan Zhaoge, posing a lot of issues later.

Yan Zhaoge furrowed his brows with his mind full of thoughts.

“Zhaoge…” Feng Yunsheng looked at the frowning Yan Zhaoge.

“There are many possibilities.

Be prepared.

Its not the time to see the resolution for this matter yet.” Yan Zhaoge thought for a while.

Finally, he relaxed his brows and smiled slightly, “Personally, I am still willing to trust Brother Nie.”

“No, its not a matter of trusting him or not.” Yan Zhaoge muttered to himself, “Its about having hope and faith…”

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