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Chapter 1664: When The Situation Calls For Unorthodox Method

Yan Zhaoges North Ocean Clone noticed that Kui Mulang suddenly separated from the other demon races and went in another direction by himself.

The demon races Great Sage that garrisoned here was limited.

Although Kui Mulang was a fresh Grand Heavenly Realm, his outstanding strength made it seem normal to act alone.

Other Great Demons had not bothered him about that.

Yan Zhaoge didnt have any suspicion about it either, but he naturally wanted to follow the target closely.

The North Ocean Clone changed his movement in secret.

To avoid raising suspicion, he didnt follow Kui Mulang too close, but he still ensured he wouldnt lose Kui Mulang.

Fortunately, Kui Mulang didnt seem to be doing shady things either.

He wasnt vigilant about the surrounding environment.

On the contrary, his alertness seemed lower than usual, as if he was attracted by something.

This piqued Yan Zhaoges interest instead.

Yan Zhaoges clone investigated his surroundings for a moment and found no abnormalities.

It didnt seem like Kui Mulang noticed something was amiss and laid a trap for him.

Right now, Kui Mulang was alone.

It seemed like a good time to contact him, but Yan Zhaoge was now more interested in his plans.

If Yan Zhaoge managed to harvest additional gains from this event, it would undoubtedly be more beneficial for the next contact with Kui Mulang.

Kui Mulang stopped quickly, and Yan Zhaoge assessed carefully.

The confrontation between Blessed Lands of the White Lotus and Immortal Court wasnt the typical local conflict, but a full-scale war broke out every century.

Therefore, the frontline in this war extended to many places, turning into battlefields with chaos stirred up everywhere.

As Blessed Lands of the White Lotus was superior in strength and proactively launched an attack, the war mainly threatened the Immortal Courts territories.

The Great Demons, including Kui Mulang and Buddhist Bhante of Western Pure Lands didnt directly participate in the war.

Most of them are watching from the side.

The minor conflicts that broke out subsided quickly later too.

Kui Mulang approached one of the battlefields where the heretics were at war.

It was at one of the Immortal Court Three Thousand Immortal Territories.

The two heretic factions were fighting viciously for the several worlds in the Immortal Domain.

The heretic martial art practitioners currently competing for the Immortal Domain here, whether Blessed Lands of the White Lotus or Immortal Court, only peaked at Tranquil Profound Immortal realm.

Compared to the demon races Great Sage Kui Mulang, they were undoubtedly not worth mentioning.

They didnt even notice Kui Mulang approaching the war zone.

Only the Heavenly Lord elites of the Immortal Court got nervous after noticing the approaching Kui Mulang.

The Blessed Lands of the White Lotus had a superior number in comparison to the Immortal Courts Heavenly Lord present.

This had already filled them with pressure.

At this moment, the Immortal Courts line was on the brink of collapse with the demon races Great Sage Kui Mulang approaching.

However, this didnt concern them too much.

After noticing Kui Mulangs presence, the Western Pure Lands Buddhas, observing and monitoring from the side, naturally wouldnt stand idly by.

Immediately, a Buddha approached Kui Mulang.

Buddha didnt make a move but stared at Kui Mulang cautiously.

Kui Mulang also didnt intend to fight here.

After glancing at the Buddha, he redirected his gaze on the battle between Immortal Court and Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.

Both sides were still battling each other, but neither took any further actions to advance.

Kui Mulang inched closer as if struggling to spectate the scene.

When the orthodox Buddhism Buddha saw this, they followed suit and stood closer.

Of course, they became warier in secret to prevent Kui Mulang from making petty moves behind their backs.

However, Kui Mulang didnt seem to have such a plan, just quietly watching the war-torn world before him.

Yan Zhaoge was amazed at the sight.

He didnt know what the Yellow Robe Great Sage was planning to do.

Even though Yan Zhaoge was far apart from the target, he could vaguely sense that the Yellow Robe Great Sage Kui Mulang was slightly in a trance at this moment.

“If he has been hiding in the Astro Mountains Starry Sea after the Great Calamity, it should be his first time approaching the Immortal Courts domains.” Yan Zhaoge thought in his heart.

Kui Mulang lived in the Astro Mountains Starry Sea all year round.

So there was little news about this Great Sage being spread.

Yan Zhaoge even thought the Great Sage had perished in the Great Calamity, so he never considered this person when searching for the Soul Dissevering Jade.

Now that Kui Mulang finally emerged in the world, the first thing he did was find Sakyamuni Sarira with the Great Demons such as Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles, Bull Demon King, Drake-Headed Immortal, and so on.

After that incident, he came to this area to watch the battle.

“If he has never been here before, then Immortal Court itself shouldnt be the cause of his attention.” Yan Zhaoge looked at Kui Mulang with interest, “Is it because of someone or something here”

“He stood on the periphery for a while before he suddenly set off and approached.

Obviously, he was attracted by something unexpected or a sudden discovery, rather than what was mentioned by other demon races in the Astro Mountains Starry Sea previously.”

“So, what is it” Yan Zhaoge looked at Immortal Domain from a distance, observing and thinking.

There were a total of eight worlds in the Immortal Domain, all of which had plunged into chaos at this moment.

Many heretic martial art practitioners were fighting in this area; all of them had varying cultivation.

Martial art practitioners with lower cultivation realms were fighting on a large scale in those eight worlds.

The martial art practitioner with a higher cultivation realm stayed outside the world and exchanged moves in the void around the Immortal Domain.

The most substantial combatant present was an Immortal Court emperor fighting against a Buddhism Arhat from Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.

In addition, several True Immortals from Immortal Court fought against the Blessed Lands of the White Lotuss Bhantes in different groups.

From the perspective of a martial art practitioner, Yan Zhaoge didnt find any attraction and learning in their strength.

He believed that Kui Mulangs eyes werent attracted by the strength of these heretic Tranquil Profound Immortal and True Immortal.

Yan Zhaoge tried his best to recall the Supreme Martial Arts where Kui Mulang, one of the twenty-eight constellations, cultivated Supreme Martial Arts in Heavenly Courts Divine Palace.

Then, he compared the art with the heretic martial art practitioners in front of him.

He didnt find any connection with what Kui Mulang learned.

Since this train of thought was invalid, Yan Zhaoge changed his perspective again and began to pay attention to whether there were some unique treasures in the Immortal Domain.

Hidden treasures were usually tough to detect.

Since Kui Mulang displayed the current peculiar behavior, certain things must have been unveiled before his eyes.

Although the North Ocean Clone had a lower cultivation realm than Kui Mulang, its strength was extraordinary.

However, if the clone was Yan Zhaoges exceptional perception, there was still no gain after observing for a long time.

Next, Yan Zhaoge thought about multiple possibilities and eliminated them one by one.

“If the orthodox method cant achieve my objective, then I have to consider some special means.” Yan Zhaoge curled his lips secretly.

His gaze redirected at the heretic martial art practitioners in the Immortal Domain.

However, this time, he only stared at the female present.

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