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Chapter 1665: Bai Huaxiu

Yan Zhaoge carefully assessed the heretic martial art practitioners, particularly the Immortal Courts combatants in the Immortal Domain.

He focused his search on the women.

He had a hunch that Kui Mulangs target would be a woman compared to a man.

Thats not to say that he was born with a perverted nature, but Yan Zhaoge had heard some rumors about him.

According to legend, when Kui Mulang was one of the twenty-eight constellations at Heavenly Courts Divine Palace, he fell in love with a muse in the heavenly court.

The two were secretly married in the mortal world, but then they got involved with Tang Sanzang and Traveling Monk Sun, who were journeying to the west.

Kui Mulang lost his Humanly Essence Stone fragment and later returned to Heavenly Courts Divine Palace.

However, after the muse was reincarnated in the human world, she didnt return to the Heavenly Court.

Since then, the couple had been separated from each other, mainly by the gap of immortality.

From what Yan Zhaoge learned, a couple of secrets were hidden from the public eye, involving the competition between Buddhism, the demon races, the orthodox Daoism, and the Heavenly Court.

Since then, Kui Mulang and his wife havent contacted each other.

Although it occurred to be ridiculous, Yan Zhaoge couldnt help but think of this moment when he observed Kui Mulangs behavior.

Everyone loves gossip, and Yan Zhaoge was no exception.

As long as it didnt involve him, his curiosity piqued when he encountered it personally.

“As early as the Middle Era, the muse was reincarnated as Princess Bai Huaxiu.

She shouldnt have stayed in contact with Kui Mulang.” Yan Zhaoge observed while thinking, “Moreover, she seems to have failed to overcome the Immortal Door again and couldnt return to Heavenly Courts Divine Palace.

Now that so many years have passed, I wonder how many times she has reincarnated.”

Even if Kui Mulang wanted to look for her, could he still recognize Bai Huaxiu, who had reincarnated so many times, and why waited until today

As far as Yan Zhaoge knew, she didnt remember her past life after the first reincarnation.

She wouldnt remember the previous life experience, and she didnt even recognize Kui Mulang.

Their marriage in the mortal world was hard to describe.

Some said it was the mans wishful thinking, and everything was forced, but there were rumors that the married couple was deeply in love and their relationship was harmonious.

Of course, there was gossip saying that the reason Kui Mulang lost his Humanly Essence Stone fragments that year was related to Princess Bai Huaxiu.

The old wolf demon beast was caring for his wife.

“With that in mind, Im thinking Bai Huaxius reincarnation involved Buddhisms doing.” Yan Zhaoge thought in his heart.

There were a lot of female elites battling the invaders in the Immortal Domain, but there were only a few among them who had outstanding cultivation.

Yan Zhaoge assessed carefully.

Even if Princess Bai Huaxius reincarnation were among them, Yan Zhaoge wouldnt be able to recognize her through appearance.

Although he had seen the portrait of Bai Huaxiu in his previous life as the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace Martial Repository, her appearance would have changed drastically after reincarnations.

Yan Zhaoge paid extra attention to the targets soul as he assessed the candidates on the battlefield.

After many reincarnations, even if she didnt have her previous life memory, her aura would be special given her original robust soul.

Her acquaintances could easily recognize her in that manner.

If Kui Mulang could locate Princess Bai Huaxius reincarnation that year, it meant that she must have some unique features in her soul or prominent characteristics that distinct her.

Of course, Yan Zhaoge didnt know the characteristics, but there must be something different from ordinary people.

Yan Zhaoge screened for the matching target according to this standard.

A Tenth Level Martial Saint Realm, Human Exalt had lights imbued with faith power glimmering on her body.

According to the standards of a heretic martial art practitioner, her strength was quite impressive.

Although Yan Zhaoge couldnt determine how long it would take for her to overcome the Immortal Door as a heretic, it should be soon.

“Is that her” Yan Zhaoge touched his chin, “Before the Great Calamity, Kui Mulang was still subject to the Investiture of Gods.

After the Great Calamity, he just re-emerged not long ago, and he came here immediately.

Did he come here for her”

Unless someone at Dao Ancestor Realm paid extra care to the soul through so many reincarnations, it would be almost impossible to find the specific person after thousands of years.

It was more likely that when she was still Princess Bai Huaxiu, someone had been paying extra attention and tracking her every trace of reincarnation.

Only then could she be identified at any time.

Such actions seemed to be a waste of time, with only those having nothing better to do would carry out.

However, this move could be quite effective in some scenarios.

Of course, after so many reincarnations, she wouldnt retain her past life memory.

As for whether she was still Princess Bai Huaxiu, it became a matter of opinion.

“I wonder if its someone from Buddhism involved or if its the Immeasurable Heavenly Lords work.” Yan Zhaoge checked on the rest of the combatants while still paying attention to that particular woman who stood out.

He also paid attention to Kui Mulang over the other side, and he noticed that Kui Mulang was also spectating the battle at the Immortal Domain.

Yan Zhaoge was quite far away, and the opponent was a demon races Great Sage.

So it was difficult for him to determine whether Kui Mulang was looking at the same person with him.

However, Yan Zhaoge had gradually confirmed that Kui Mulangs focus wasnt on the battlefield or any treasure within, but a particular person.

Everyone in the Immortal Domain, no matter who they were, still fought fiercely at this moment.

The war became more heated, with the parties involved still unaware that more than one bigwig was observing them in the universe outside the Immortal Domain.

The two sides fought fiercely for a long time; each had wins and losses.

Although Immortal Court had fallen into a disadvantage, they managed to grit through their defense line.

The Buddhist martial art practitioners of Blessed Lands of the White Lotus couldnt press their advantage further to advance.

They could only move forward little by little to occupy the world in this Immortal Domain.

Occasionally, they would be repelled by the counterattack coming from the Immortal Court.

A world often had to go through many competitions and fall under multiple factions before stabilizing down in the end.

The blue-dressed woman who Yan Zhaoge stalked was suspected to be the reincarnation of Princess Bai Huaxiu.

She was wounded in her battle and temporarily forced to withdraw from the battlefield.

Kui Mulang seemed indifferent to this.

However, after the woman withdrew from the Immortal Courts frontline and left the Immortal Domain, Kui Mulang had no interest in staying here to watch the war.

“With his veteran perception, he can naturally see that the danger at the time Would not be fatal.” Yan Zhaoge knew well, “However, the rumored Kui Mulang is famous for pampering his wife.

It looks like he actually has a grudge against her because of what happened back then.

Is he having an internal struggle now Or is it just that he isnt sure if that woman is Princess Bai Huaxius reincarnation.

Thus, he is being extra cautious.

Yan Zhaoge observed Kui Mulangs movements and noticed that Kui Mulang stopped following the woman in blue.

Instead, he just stared at her leaving blankly.

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