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Chapter 1666: A Trivial Episode


After Kui Mulang watched the woman in blue left, he stood still.

However, Yan Zhaoge could vaguely feel that he had no intention of observing this place anymore.

It became intuitive that the woman in blue was probably Princess Bai Huaxiu’s reincarnation.

Worst case scenario, she also had some involvement with Kui Mulang.

There was no doubt that there was something special about her.

Kui Mulang continued to stand here without moving, perhaps to prevent others from seeing through his abnormal behavior and realizing that his target was the blue-dressed woman.

Although the Yellow Robe Great Sage was rumored to be irritable, he was also quite experienced, knowing that his actions might become a weakness that would restrict him.

However, Yan Zhaoge still felt that it was a one-sided love for Kui Mulang again.

Although Yan Zhaoge wasn’t quite sure, he felt that Kui Mulang didn’t approach the woman in blue before his re-emergence.

If this was the case, then the blue-dressed woman was clearly a card Immortal Court held against Kui Mulang, waiting for him to fall prey into it from the very beginning.

In that case, unless Kui Mulang remained indifferent, his efforts to disguise it would be in vain.

In fact, he was already exposed.

At this moment, the Buddhist who was assisting Immortal Court and confronting Kui Mulang might not know it.

However, as long as the Buddhist went through the details with the Western Pure Lands and Immortal Court, both factions would immediately know of Kui Mulang’s abnormal behavior.

The person who played this card would also understand that his plan had begun to bear fruit, and the woman in blue successfully attracted Kui Mulang’s attention.

Of course, things might not necessarily proceed smoothly with the person scheming this.

Under such a coincidence, Kui Mulang would inevitably have a suspicion.

The outcome depended on how Kui Mulang approached this.

In other words, it depended on Bai Huaxiu’s position in Kui Mulang’s heart.

After so many years, the relationship that they used to have might have changed based on what happened today.

Yan Zhaoge was quite interested in this matter.

However, Yan Zhaoge had never forgotten his main goal despite having fun watching this gossip.

Instead, he was more concerned with utilizing the unexpected situation in front of him to his advantage.

While thinking about it, Yan Zhaoge watched Kui Mulang leaving this place.

The Yellow Robe Great Sage regained his distance and restored his composure, looking far away at where the two heretic factions fought.

Seeing him stepping back, the Grand Heavenly Immortals, who the Immortal Court dispatched, was secretly relieved.

The Buddhists of Western Pure Lands had also retreated.

They didn’t intend to interfere with the current battle between the Immortal Court and the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.

Drake-Headed Immortal, who was monitoring and observing at this outpost with Kui Mulang, asked upon Mulang’s return, “What’s the matter”

In terms of ancestry, Drake-Headed Immortal was Kui Mulang’s senior.

However, after this junior attained Grand Heavenly Realm, he felt it wasn’t wise to put on airs in front of this outstanding junior.

He knew very well that the junior in front of him was already an elite among those in the same cultivation realm.

Initially, Kui Mulang was just a small sage at the Grand Virtual Realm.

Now that he evolved into a Demon Races’ Great Sage, his strength was more sturdy and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Hence, Drake-Headed Immortal was also quite polite to him.

“It wasn’t a big deal.” Kui Mulang shook his head and replied, “This is the first time I saw someone who cultivates the same art.

I’m curious, so I go and take a closer look.”

At the beginning of the current era, Maitreya Buddha altered the teachings of the Central Blessed Lands of Saha and became the new Buddha.

Back then, when Kui Mulang was under a duty at Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace, he was a master of Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace Heavenly Monarch.

Naturally, he had interacted with the Buddhism heretics.

However, the Immortal Court only emerged after the Great Calamity.

At that time, Kui Mulang lived in the Astro Mountains Starry Sea.

Since he had just re-emerged recently, he didn’t have many contacts with the Immortal Court heretics.

Although he heard pieces of news from time to time, it was indeed the first time for him to observe them up close.

“They are similar to the Central Blessed Lands of Saha today.” Drake-Headed Immortal added, “However, the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord is rumored to possess part of the Heavenly Essence Stone in addition to the Humanly Essence Stone.”

Kui Mulang said slowly, “It doesn’t seem much different.”

“But, it’s much easier for him to illuminate people as compared to the Future Buddha.” Drake-Headed Immortal grinned, “Fortunately, it isn’t a complete Heavenly Essence Stone.

Otherwise, the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord can also illuminate forcibly without even having to see the target personally, even people from Daoism at the Grand Virtual Immortal realm.

As long as he and his target know the existence of each other, the target can’t escape him even as someone of Daoism origin.”

Kui Mulang was silent for a while, shook his head, and said nothing.

Drake-Headed Immortal turned his head to look at him, smiled, knowing what Kui Mulang was thinking about.

Although the two of them were born as Great Demons, they had listened to the Daoism teachings in the Astro Mountains Starry Sea.

Although they weren’t of Daoism lineage, they were considered of Daoism origin.

“We don’t owe the Three Clear Lineages.” Drake-Headed Immortal snorted, “It’s them who owe us.”

Kui Mulang shook his head, “It’s already the past, so I won’t comment about it.”

While the two Great Demons chatted, Yan Zhaoge’s North Ocean clone remained calm and adjusted its position.

The clone converged its breath, making itself look inconspicuous.

Kui Mulang’s sudden behavior seemed just a trivial episode in the battle between the two heretic factions.

His approach only alarmed a few people, but he quickly moved away afterward.

It wasn’t eye-catching for the heretics martial art practitioners who were still in war.

Immortal Court and Blessed Lands of the White Lotus had invested many experts on the frontline, constantly battling each other.

The high-level powerhouses restricted each other, while the lower-level martial art practitioners controlled the direction of the war.

If a higher-level powerhouse of a particular party had the upper hand and allowed the delegation of manpower elsewhere, then the opponent would naturally suffer.

Many strategies and research were involved on the opposing party to deal with such a dangerous situation.

Time passed by quickly.

The fights took place here and there, with some being quite intense while some gradual.

In the big picture, the war had grown more heated.

The martial art practitioners who took a rest previously would return to the battlefield and fight with the enemy as fast as they could.

Yan Zhaoge assessed the frontline between the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus and the Immortal Court.

All of a sudden, his eyes narrowed slightly.

The blue-dressed woman who was suspected to be Bai Huaxiu appeared again.

She had previously withdrawn from the frontline because of her injuries.

Now that she recovered, she rejoined the battle.

Yan Zhaoge glanced over at Great Sage Kui Mulang.

Kui Mulang didn’t make any particular movements this time and stood still.

The distance was too far.

Since Kui Mulang’s realm was relatively higher, Yan Zhaoge wasn’t sure if he was making a move secretly.

However, if Kui Mulang cared about the woman in blue, Yan Zhaoge believed he must have discovered that particular woman already.

Probably, he shifted his attention away for a bit and acted naturally on the surface.


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