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Chapter 1667: Snatching Someone

Yan Zhaoge observed from the side and discovered nothing peculiar with the woman in blue.

She seemed to be like Princess Bai Huaxiu back then.

She had no memories of previous life, and no one had given her special instructions.

The woman in blue was no different from other Immortal Court heretic martial art practitioners, fighting against the Buddhists from Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.

The Blessed Lands of the White Lotuss Buddhist Bhante injured her previously.

In the battle, she also killed and wounded several martial art practitioners on the Blessed Lands of the White Lotuss side.

“Blessed Lands of the White Lotus took the initiative to invade Immortal Court.

To a certain extent, she is also defending her home with others.” Yan Zhaoge watched from the side, observing the blue-dressed woman and Kui Mulang.

The battle between Immortal Court and Blessed Lands of the White Lotus was destined to be prolonged.

Over time, under the attention of Yan Zhaoge and Kui Mulang, the woman in blue overcame the Immortal Door and attained the Immortal cultivation realm.

It was the fruit of her participating years of continuous battles.

For heretic martial art practitioners to overcome the Immortal Door, it mainly depended on the treasured light imbued with faith power or Buddha light.

The magnitude of the power largely depended on their devotion to Immeasurable Heavenly Lord or Future Buddha.

Individual differences had been largely reduced.

However, even if the difference was minute, it wasnt equal to zero.

The difference still existed.

The support of treasured light imbued with faith power, talent, and experience helped her progress faster than others.

The blue-clothed woman gained some opportunity in the battle and successfully finished the last step to achieve the Immortal Body, the True Immortal Realm.

Having an additional True Immortal didnt play a decisive role in the full-scale war between the two heretics.

For the blue-clothed woman, the ascendancy allowed her to access many places and participate in the higher level battle.

Of course, she bore heavier responsibilities and more rewards.

At the same time, the opponents were way stronger, and the situation was more dangerous.

Whether it was Human Exalt Martial Saint Realm or Leakless True Immortal, casualties were expected in a battle of this scale.

In another great battle, the woman in blue was endangered again.

It was a life and death crisis.

Other Immortal Court martial art practitioners were too late to help her.

Before death, all beings face equality to the greatest extent, and she was no exception to it.

The higher-level Immortal Court powerhouses had their opponents of the same level to deal with, and no one could have spare time to assist her.

What awaited her was death.

The woman in blue was about to follow in the footsteps of some of the Immortal Court comrades and become another victim of this war.

Yan Zhaoge was highly focused on observing Kui Mulangs movements.

He noticed that Kui Mulang was fully occupied by this event.

It was just that he didnt focus entirely on the woman who was suspected to be Bai Huaxius reincarnation.

Anyway, with his cultivation, those True Immortals and Tranquil Profound Immortals were in slow motion.

So he had plenty of time to intervene.

At this moment, Kui Mulang was dedicated his entire focus on observing the surrounding movement to find out:


If it was a trap.


If someone else would save the woman in blue if he didnt act now.


If someone would ambush him if he were to act now.


If anyone else was secretly spying on him.

Fortunately, Yan Zhaoges North Ocean Clone had transformed into a demon race instead of imitating a Buddhist, so his actions didnt disturb Kui Mulang.

Kui Mulang didnt notice anyone from Buddhism or Immortal Court staring at him for a while.

Even if there was, it was typical confrontation and surveillance with nothing strange.

“If there is the certain someone from the Daoism lineage at the level of Encompassing Abyssal Heavenly Lord ambushing me, I can only say its my bad luck.” Kui Mulang smiled self-deprecatingly, looked at the blue-dressed woman and sighed, “After all, I cant just stay put and watch you…”

Under the shocked gazes of Drake-Headed Immortal and other Great Demons, Kui Mulang suddenly stepped forward and descended into that world.

The difference in strength between the two sides was too wide.

Kui Mulang didnt need to hurt anyone, and he quickly rescued the woman in blue.

The heretic masters around Immortal Court and Blessed Lands of the White Lotus were caught off guard.

Buddhism Bhante of Blessed Lands of the White Lotus was puzzled and stunned.

Those in the Immortal Court at the level of Grand Heavenly Realm and Grand Virtual Realm were surprised to witness this.

They didnt know why the Demon Race Great Sage, who was supposed to be an ally of Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, saved an Immortal Court martial art practitioner.

Kui Mulang didnt explain much.

Since he took the move, he simply stopped hesitating and took the woman in blue directly away from the battlefield.

He came and left suddenly.

Western Pure Lands Buddhist, who was planning to intercept him, arrived.

However, they were all too late and could only watch Kui Mulang snatch the person away.

Although the Buddha didnt understand what Kui Mulang was planning, he still intercepted seeing his ally was kidnapped.

Kui Mulang confronted the Buddha and turned into a black wind.

He had no hesitation lingering in a fight and left straight away.

He wanted to leave, and the Buddha couldnt keep him here.

Before other Western Pure Lands powerhouses surrounded him, he went away and escaped into the void, leaving the Buddhas of Blessed Lands with their faces full of doubts.

Drake-Headed Immortal also looked at Kui Mulang blankly, “What are you doing Did you have a sudden craving If you want some blood, you can find it anywhere.

So why are you doing this Or you cant hold down your little bro down there”

“She is my wife.” Kui Mulang said, “Even though she was reincarnated, I can still recognize her.”

Drake-Headed Immortal frowned and assessed the blue-dressed woman for a long while.

Faced with Kui Mulang, the woman in blue didnt have much fear or panic.

She didnt say anything but became vigilant.

Apparently, she still didnt seem to remember her relationship with Kui Mulang in her previous life.

“Are you mistaken” Drake-Headed Immortal doubted, “How many years have passed since you last saw your wife I dont remember that your wife has attained Grand Virtual Realm.

Many years had passed.

She must have reincarnated multiple times, right”

“I cant say for sure for others, but I wont have mistaken her!” said Kui Mulang firmly.

Drake-Headed Immortal waved his hand, “Even if youre not mistaken, she doesnt recognize you even if you remember her.

So what use is it for you to bring her back now”

After a short pause, Drake-Headed Immortal squinted at Kui Mulang, “If I remember correctly, you seemed to have married her by force once As a result, because of this woman, you lost the Humanly Essence Stone fragment and ruined Eastern Sovereigns plan.”

“What happened back then was Buddhisms intervention.

They are involved with her returning to the mortal world without memories.” Kui Mulang grinned his teeth and said, “I have always troubled her.

Thats why I have resisted not looking for her all these years, but I still ran into her in the end.”

Drake-Headed Immortal squinted his eyes, “Someone wants to use her against you”

“It doesnt feel exactly that way.” Kui Mulang said, “Otherwise, there is no way for me to take her with me so easily.”

“Thats not necessarily.” Drake-Headed Immortal said unceremoniously, “Dont forget that I told you earlier about the characteristics of the heretics treasure.”

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