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Chapter 1671: Reaping The Benefits

Dingguang Joyous Buddhas eyes gleamed wickedly.

He looked into the distance, where Kui Mulang, Drake-Headed Immortal, and the other Great Demons were battling with the Western Pure Lands Buddhist Bhantes.

While they stopped the group of Buddha bigwigs, they were also under these Buddha bigwigs restraints.

The Buddha light on Dingguang Joyous Buddhas side was flickering erratically.

Kui Mulang, who had been worried about Bai Huaxiu, noticed it right away.

Even though Kui Mulang didnt know what had happened, his attention had mainly focused here.

However, a group of Buddha Bhante had entangled with him.

In the end, Kui Mulang couldnt break through the entanglement and return to where Bai Huaxiu was.

After watching this scene unfold, Dingguang Joyous Buddhas last worries dissipated.

He immediately turned to look at the woman in blue.

On the other side, a figure suddenly appeared in the void, looming.

The figure quietly approached the flickering Buddha light.

However, Yan Zhaoges North Ocean Clone appeared and intercepted the figure at this moment.

Yan Zhaoge looked closely.

He noticed this figure wore a red Daoist robe.

He had an indigo face, hair like cinnabar, three eyes wide open on his forehead, and he was riding a golden-eyed camel.

This figure wielded a sword.

He also had three heads and six arms, which resembled the Stationary Year Tai Sui Heavenly Lord Yin Jiao.

Seeing the other partys appearance, Yan Zhaoge immediately realized who he was facing, “It turns out to be the Epidemic Welkin Emperor.”

That Daoist was named Lu Yue.

In ancient eras in the past, he was a Prime Clear bigwig.

He was known for establishing a cave manor at Nine Dragons Island.

Many of his treasures were well-known, like Temporal Heavenly Seal, Plague Bell, Settling Plague Banner, and Plague Sword.

All of them were famous for their might in ancient times.

During the Investiture of Gods, Lu Yue faced his demise and later entered the list.

He then entered Heavenly Courts Divine Palace, became the Plague Ministrys leader, and was granted the name Epidemic Welkin Emperor.

During the Great Calamity, he also got off the Investiture of God.

After the Immortal Court was established, Lu Yue joined the Immortal Court together with Righteous God Yu Hualong, the Heavenly Courts Divine Palaces Head of Sickness Ministry.

He had battled the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus with outstanding achievement.

Yan Zhaoge was somewhat surprised that he appeared here.

After all, Immortal Court was under a lot of pressure against the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.

The Blessed Lands of the White Lotus had spare energy to delegate the Dingguang Joyous Buddha here.

However, it was difficult for the Immortal Court to find an opening to delegate Lu Yue over here.

The court was on the disadvantaged side, after all.

It occurred that someone had plotted for a long time to deal with Bai Huaxius matter.

Mainly it was because the Immortal Court didnt take the opportunity to launch an assault but separate their forces here.

It was probably that Lu Yue was behind all of these.

However, having Yan Zhaoge intercepting his path, Lu Yues face glowed with blue light turned ugly at this time.

North Ocean Clone hadnt reverted from its demon form, but it had shown its original face.

Although it wasnt as famous as Yan Zhaoges main body, this face was also widely known.

Lu Yue saw the appearance of the North Ocean Clone and naturally recognized its origin.

Seeing Yan Zhaoges clone appearing here, Lu Yue knew something was wrong.

Unfortunately, his plan was like a fired arrow, and he couldnt back out.

He jumped off the golden-eyed camel and commanded the golden-eyed camel to breathe thunder and fire to hinder Yan Zhaoges North Ocean Clone.

Lu Yue himself continued toward Dingguang Joyous Buddha and Bai Huaxiu.

However, the golden-eyed camel couldnt contend with the North Ocean Clone.

As the clone bowed slightly, the demon monkey tattoo on the right shoulder shone with golden light, projecting a colossal demon monkey.

The Golden Body of the Great Sage was in the Grand Virtual realm, possessing many intricacies and arts.

In particular, the Great Sage Equalling Heavens was proficient in movement ability.

Although it was difficult for him to be as ubiquitous as a Grand Heavenly Realm combatant, he could exert its potential to not lag behind those in Grand Heavenly Realm, offsetting many of such enemies cultivation superiority to a large extent.

The demon monkey shook his body.

Then, he darted through the void, making it difficult for Lu Yue to shake him off.

Lu Yue snorted coldly.

One of his six arms raised, waving a long banner toward the Golden Body of the Great Sage.

The Golden Body of the Great Sage, transformed by North Ocean Clone, suddenly froze on the spot.

The Golden Body of the Great Sage seemed to have fallen sick.

The banner weakened and corroded his body, lowering his power and slowing down his movements.

The feeling of weakness wasnt strong at first, but it kept accumulating and gradually became considerable.

In the end, the effects compounded to a point where they had affected the Golden Body of the Great Sage.

This accumulation wasnt an addition but compounded.

Soon, the weakening effect grew more intense.

At that time, Lu Yue relied on this power to defeat many enemies, with very few in the same cultivation realm able to contend with him.

Even if people whose cultivation was better than him would avoid him.

After all, they would eventually be defeated by him in the end as the weakening effect lasted.

It was common knowledge that Grand Virtual Immortal could hardly hurt Grand Heavenly Immortal, but Lu Yues plague could corrode the Grand Heavenly Realm experts!

Lu Yue couldnt break through the cultivation gap, unable to leave any substantial damage.

However, he could weaken the Grand Heavenly Realm experts to a certain extent.

Such bizarre and domineering art was rare and possibly legendary grade.

As the head of Heavenly Courts Divine Palaces Plague Ministry, Lu Yue had arts that could put him in the same rank with Golden Spirit Mother, Big Dipper Ministrys Leader — Da Luozhi, and Wen Zhong, the Leader of Thunder Ministry.

Unfortunately, he was still a Grand Heavenly Realm heretic.

Hence, he was inferior to the orthodox Daoisms Grand Heavenly Immortal.

Unfortunately, his opponent had one of the most potent physiques in the same realm.

Even without the blessing of the Earthly Essence Stone and even if he was only at the Grand Virtual Realm, the monkeys physique was powerful enough to knock out countless opponents.

The stronger the physique, the better at resisting Lu Yues plague.

In a sense, the monkey could be regarded as Lu Yues nemesis to some extent.

In actual fact, Lu Yue had overcome the Origin Heavenly Tribulation despite his heretical nature.

Otherwise, he couldnt have affected Yan Zhaoges Golden Body of the Great Sage.

If he were still at Grand Virtual Realm, he would be hopeless to face the Golden Body of the Great Sage, just like facing against Yang Jian who cultivated Paramount Yin Yang Profound Arts and Ne Zha who owned Treasured Lotus Immortal Form back then.

But even so, Lu Yues plague had limited effect at this time.

The monkey widened his eyes, bared his teeth, and roared.

All his hair stood up.

His pores were like fountains, emitting fiery masculine qi from it.

In an instant, it was as if countless suns were rising simultaneously.

The monkey strongly resisted Lu Yues plague with such fiery qi and blood transpiring.

Seeing this, Lu Yue decided to utilize his Settling Plague Banner and Plague Sword to quickly shake off from Yan Zhaoges North Ocean Clone entanglement as soon as possible.

At this moment, Lu Yues pupils shrank slightly.

In his line of sight, a figure suddenly appeared in the space where Dingguang Joyous Buddha and Bai Huaxiu were located.

He was more familiar with this figure than the North Ocean Clone.

It was Yan Zhaoge himself!

“No matter what arrangement you make, Ill thank you in advance.” Yan Zhaoge waved to Lu Yue leisurely while reaping the benefits here.

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