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HSSB166: Aura-qi forming an illusory heaven and earth


Yan Zhaoge had already consumed the Heavenly Broad Creed Pill as soon as he had gotten his hands on it.

This pill could aid in growing the spirituality of a martial practitioner’s aura-qi, helping the martial practitioner in feeling the heavens and the earth.

While its effects seemed simple, it stood out greatly in terms of its efficacy.

Even when consumed by a Martial Grandmaster, it would be of incomparably great help.

When consumed by a Martial Scholar, even less had to be said of its strength.

In truth, a Martial Scholar was basically unable to fully absorb the medicinal effects of the Heavenly Broad Creed Pill.

The medicinal effects of the pill would remain within the Martial Scholar’s body, flowing in a steady, inexhaustible stream.

As time passed, its benefits towards the Martial Scholar’s cultivation would continue.

As the best pill that Broad Creed Mountain currently possessed, even the widely read Yan Zhaoge thought rather highly of its medicinal efficacy.

Yan Zhaoge was currently seated in the meditative position, the clear qi within his dantian dispersed, the mass of chaotic qi roiling as cold and hot interchanged and yin and yang coexisted, resembling a furnace formed of the heavens and the earth, unceasingly refining the medicinal force of the Heavenly Broad Creed Pill.

Guided by Yan Zhaoge’s aura-qi, the medicinal force unceasingly trickled into his limbs and bones.

The pores of Yan Zhaoge’s entire body pulsed as forces which resembled numerous fire dragons and numerous ice dragons roiled unceasingly.

These forces truly took on the form of dragons, their scales heaving, full of spirituality as they let out numerous low, majestic roars.

Yan Zhaoge opened his eyes, the light of thunder flickering within his right.

The fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor was revealed within his right eyeball.

The Eye of the Thunder Emperor shone as the light cast within resembled the beginning of chaos back in ancient times as a thunderbolt descended, splitting apart the heavens and the earth.

With this, the objects of the world were gradually formed as countless changes occurred within this boundless world.

The white clouds represented the vicissitudes of life, the vast sea and the boundless fields, the infinite river of time-they all roiled and surged, resembling a single instant, resembling eternity.

Yan Zhaoge’s state of mind coincided with that of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor within that instant, as he also seemed to feel that concept of infinite lives being created and extinguished within a single instant.

While the heavenly thunder was violent and ferocious, it didn’t leave behind any traces in Yan Zhaoge’s mind whatsoever.

Yan Zhaoge’s eyes closed gently before opening once more.

Just with this blinking of an eye, it actually seemed like billions of years of time had flowed by.

At this time, Yan Zhaoge clearly felt that his connection with the fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor had improved a step further, to the point that he could even feel their minds resonating somewhat.

With a low cry, Yan Zhaoge’s entire body abruptly erupted with the turbulent light of thunder as an explosive boom resounded.

Outside the bamboo house, in the sky above Clear Concealed Island, as the clouds roiled, an explosion seemed to resound as a flash of lightning broke through the sky!

“Rumblerumblerumble!” The sound of thunder rumbling resounded throughout the heavens and the earth as it resembled the creation of the ancient, prehistoric wastelands!

Around Yan Zhaoge’s entire body, the scales of the numerous dragons formed of aura-qi heaved as numerous bolts of lightning flashed from amongst them.

Dense arcs of lightning leapt within the small bamboo house, congregating as they seemed to form a sea of thunder.

The thunderbolts surged, yet did not harm the small house in the slightest as the numerous dragons of aura-qi opened their eyes, a light flashing within as it was like having added eyes to the painting of a dragon, filling it with spirituality and vitality as the illusory dragon transformed into a real dragon.

Yan Zhaoge extended his arm, pushing forward with his palm.

The numerous dragons of aura-qi coiled, transforming into chaos!

Having no beginning, having no end.

Nothing before, nothing after.

Although it was an illusory scene formed of aura-qi, the profound concept contained within could still be vaguely felt.

This was precisely the illusory heaven and earth formed of Yan Zhaoge’s aura-qi!

The aura-qi forming an illusory heaven and earth-this was precisely the trademark of a mid Xiantian Martial Scholar!

Yan Zhaoge laughed lightly.

Changing his palm technique, his palm turned completely red as the illusory scene of chaos formed of his aura-qi also changed, transforming into a world of purplish red.

Amongst the clumps of purple flames, the indistinct image of a pill furnace could vaguely be seen.

Yan Zhaoge’s stance changed once more as he lined up his index and middle fingers like a sword, substituting sword with fingers as they tapped out lightly.

The purple Tu**a flames and the pill furnace vanished, his aura-qi forming the illusory night sky, within which seven stars hovered high in the sky, worshipping the north.

Retracting his palm, Yan Zhaoge hit out with his Six Spirit Demonic Fists, the illusory heaven and earth formed of his aura-qi seemingly having returned to the desolate wastelands of days long past as countless strong beasts rampaged unbridled across the lands, domineering to the extreme.

Finally, as Yan Zhaoge retracted his force, all the scenes vanished as everything returned to chaotic nihility.

Seemingly able to birth countless things, contain countless things, decimate countless things.

Yan Zhaoge let out a long breath before standing up and leaving the small bamboo house.

Playing with the giant panda, as Ah Hu saw Yan Zhaoge, he involuntarily asked, “Young Master, that heavenly thunder just now was from you activating the Eye of the Thunder Emperor”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “That’s right.

Having stabilised my foundation and increased my accumulation with the Heavenly Broad Creed Pill, my cultivation gradually reached the bottleneck.

Afterwards, in comprehending the concept within the Eye of the Thunder Emperor, I gained an understanding of it and successfully took that step forward.”

Ah Hu opened his mouth wide, “Young Master ah, you only just became an early Xiantian Martial Scholar not long ago at Cloud Portent Mountain.”

“Stepping into the mid Xiantian stage so quickly-even Family Head that year was not as fierce as you ah!”

Raising his hand to tap his right eye, Yan Zhaoge said, “Fortune and coincidence; it can be considered a pleasant surprise.”

Shooting Yan Zhaoge a thumbs-up, Ah Hu said, “Even if it was fortune, it still had to depend on you, Young Master, having the ability to acquire it ah.”

Yan Zhaoge glanced at Ah Hu, “Wa, Ah Hu, your bootlicking expressions are getting more and more real.”

Ah Hu gave a simple and honest laugh, “This is all thanks to you, Young Master; I’ve been constantly practising it in the mirror in my free time.”

He patted his own big head, “Right, Young Master, ‘Heavenly Roc’ has arrived.”

“Oh, senior apprentice-brother Xu is here” Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “He should be over at Senior Sister Xie’s place, right”

Ah Hu also chuckled, “After meeting Elder Fang, he came over here.

Seeing that you were in seclusion, he flashed off like a streak of smoke over to Miss Xie’s.”

Exchanging glances, they both laughed sneakily, “Something’s up…”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Come, let’s go see.”

Xu Fei was thirty this year, much older than Lu Wen and Yan Zhaoge.

Currently, he was already a Heavenly Connection Martial Scholar, just a step away from the Martial Grandmaster realm.

Generally speaking, most Heavenly Connection Martial Scholars remained in cultivation, seldom appearing in the outside world.

However, having lost their faces in recent days, in order to regain some of it in this Heavenly Connection Meet, the Sacred Sun Clan had dispatched the head of the Four Rising Sons, Tang Yonghao, here.

Tang Yonghao was also a Heavenly Connection Martial Scholar.

Xu Fei was attending this time’s Heavenly Connection Meet specifically to guard against him.

Arriving at the bamboo house where Xie Youchan was residing, from far away, Yan Zhaoge’s nose twitched as he smelled the fragrance of wine.

Then he saw that outside the bamboo house, before a stone table in the small courtyard, were two people seated opposite each other.

One of them was Xie Youchan, while the other was an extremely tall and burly man.

This man had thick eyebrows and big eyes, his nose was straight and his mouth square, even appearing majestic as his gaze was clear and his aura like that of a mountain.

While he was young, he emanated an air that resembled lofty mountains and deep seas.

It was only that this man’s current actions were a little strange as he smilingly clasped a wine flask within his hands, pouring its contents into a cup.

Looking closely, those were clearly tea leaves placed within the teacup before him.

From the looks of it, he was actually trying to boil tea with wine.


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