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Chapter 1673: Completely Worry-free


After sustaining a heavy blow from the Chaotic Origin Hammer, Dingguang Joyous Buddha had his Golden Body shattered, and his head was bleeding.

Thanks to the fact that he had a top-notch Buddha kasaya to save his life, he escaped the catastrophe.

Otherwise, the hammer would have killed him on the spot already.

Even so, he was sent tumbling in the void.

His breathing became weak, showing signs of perishing at any time soon.

Yan Zhaoge seized Bai Huaxiu, withdrew the Chaotic Origin Hammer, and incarnated a sword between his fingers.

On his fingertip, the sword light severed Dingguang Joyous Buddha’s buddha light and treasured light entangling Bai Huaxiu.

The Buddha light split quickly, but the treasured light imbued with faith power kept flickering.

Yan Zhaoge didn’t have the spare energy to care about her anymore because Kui Mulang’s figure had flickered and arrived in front of him.

Being entangled by the Western Pure Lands’ Buddhism Bhante, Kui Mulang struggled to maintain his ubiquitous movement despite his Grand Heavenly Realm cultivation.

So, he arrived late at this time.

His gaze towards Yan Zhaoge was cautious, but he was immediately infuriated when he noticed the colorful air mass still wrapped around Bai Huaxiu.

That was the air mass Dingguang Joyous Buddha’s Joyous Arts manifested.

Kui Mulang naturally recognized it and knew its effect.

He immediately slashed at Dingguang Joyous Buddha!

Since Dingguang Joyous Buddha was in a serious injury, he couldn’t dodge it.

In the end, the slash severed him in half.

Seeing this, the Buddha Bhante, who came later, chanted “Amitabha”.

Then, Yan Zhaoge waved his hand to Kui Mulang, “This isn’t a suitable place to talk.

Yellow Robe Great Sage, please come with me.”

Kui Mulang hesitated, then followed immediately.

Those pursuing Buddhism Bhante hesitated.

Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng were a well-known couple.

Since Feng Yunsheng didn’t show up, they became even more worried and dared not to chase after him.

Who knows if there would be a lethal slash inching their neck in silence

Even the Great Demons such as Drake-Headed Immortal were hesitant and didn’t dare to chase over.

Lu Yue, who was on the side, could only watch as the North Ocean Clone left in peace.

The clone had disappeared along with Yan Zhaoge and Kui Mulang.

The Epidemic Welkin Emperor was in a complicated mood at the moment, which was beyond words.

The matter about Bai Huaxiu was indeed his conspiracy with some Buddhism bigwigs.

The same applied to the Primordial Soil.

It would be great to create an opening for the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord to forcibly illuminate the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus’s Buddha heretic.

In their plans, they knew their enemies had the power to fight back.

So if they attempted to kill Bai Huaxiu, they would anger Kui Mulang instead.

However, their intention was still the same: to utilize Bai Huaxiu to their advantage.

Lu Yue sneaked here to rescue Bai Huaxiu so that his faction had the leisure to plan further.

With that, he had given a favor to Kui Mulang, making it easier to recruit him over to his side.

No matter if Kui Mulang killed that Buddha or if the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord illuminated the Buddha, both were their ideal outcome.

Even if Kui Mulang refused to leave the Astro Mountains Starry Sea and switch sides to Immortal Court and Western Pure Lands, the Immortal Court had nothing to lose.

As long as he captured Bai Huaxiu, there was still a chance to win over Kui Mulang.

Even when Bai Huaxiu was dead or taken away by Kui Mulang, the outcome wasn’t unacceptable.

Even though there were no gains, there were no losses for the Immortal Court.

The outcome seemed much better than Lu Yue expected.

The Blessed Lands of the White Lotus sent Dingguang Joyous Buddha over.

Under the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord’s scheme, the Joyous Buddha attempted to murder Bai Huaxiu and even tried to harvest her yin energy.

The revelation of this matter undoubtedly infuriated Kui Mulang.

Thus he killed Dingguang Joyous Buddha in the end.

His relationship with the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus deteriorated sharply.

This was the result that Lu Yue was thrilled to see.

But there seemed to be something wrong.

This beneficiary of the whole ordeal wasn’t Lu Yue!

Yan Zhaoge’s North Ocean Clone stopped him, but his main body stopped Dingguang Joyous Buddha from committing the vulgar art.

He knocked Dingguang Joyous Buddha into tumbling in the void, rescued Bai Huaxiu, and had Kui Mulang leave with him.

Kui Mulang would undoubtedly credit this matter to Yan Zhaoge.

Lu Yue didn’t get any share of the benefits!

Logically speaking, the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord failed to illuminate Dingguang Joyous Buddha.

Lu Yue also failed to give Kui Mulang a favor and failed to recruit Kui Mulang over to Immortal Court and Western Pure Lands.

All his efforts seemed to be futile.

However, Dingguang Joyous Buddha angered Kui Mulang terribly.

Consequently, Kui Mulang killed Dingguang Joyous Buddha and worsened the relationship with the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.

This was undoubtedly a loss for the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus and the demon races.

The opponent’s loss was undeniably their gain.

Even if Kui Mulang made a compromise with Blessed Lands of the White Lotus because of the Immortal Court’s treasured light imbued with faith power entangling Bai Huaxiu, the damage was already done.

Immortal Court and Western Pure Lands had nothing to lose.

It was a foolproof plan where the difference was could they reap any gains from this.

However, when Lu Yue looked at the back of Yan Zhaoge leaving, why did he feel so uncomfortable

It was as if he had worked hard, hired matchmakers, organized the expensive wedding, made the vow, and married a bride under the witness of many guests.

After getting married, someone else entered the bridal chamber and spent the night with him!

This feeling made the Immortal Court’s Heavenly Lord depressed.

Yan Zhaoge was satisfied with his gains.

After getting rid of the pursuers behind him, he turned his head and said nothing, smiling and handing the multicolored air mass to Kui Mulang.

Kui Mulang swept away the colorful air mass and checked Bai Huaxiu properly.

Then, he looked at Yan Zhaoge.

After a moment of silence, he cupped his hands, “Thank you, Young Heavenly Lord.”

“You don’t need to be overpolite, Yellow Robe Great Sage.” Yan Zhaoge said, “It’s not my credit.”

“I detest Dingguang Joyous Buddha’s actions, so I stopped him.

But if he didn’t attempt to sully your wife but only attempted to murder her, I can’t step in to help.

The very reason I stepped in is to seek your help.”

Yellow Robe Great Sage wasn’t surprised when he heard Yan Zhaoge’s request, “I appreciate your honesty, Young Heavenly Lord.

No matter the reason, since you have rescued my wife, I will help as long as my capability allows me to.

So please tell me whatever is in your mind.

I will try my best.”

“I have heard that you have a treasure called Soul Dissevering Jade.

Is it still in your hands” Yan Zhaoge asked.

“How did Young Heavenly Lord know that I have Soul Dissevering Jade in my possession” Kui Mulang glanced at Yan Zhaoge somewhat unexpectedly.

However, he was just surprised and didn’t ask too much.

He answered forthrightly.

“Yes, I do have the treasure in my hand.

Since the Young Heavenly Lord wants it, I shall give it to you.”

After that, he fumbled his cuff, took out a dark purple jade stone, and handed it to Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge accepted it.

After confirming it was indeed the Soul Dissevering Jade that he had been looking for for many years, he was relieved.

He was worried that Kui Mulang didn’t have it and more troubles would come.

But, now, it seemed that everything was taken care of.

With this, I can be worry-free of Yu Ye’s situation.


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