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Chapter 1676: Five Sariras

[TN: Kong Xuan and Mahamayuri were the same person.]

In the current era of chaos, many forces were at war.

Thus, Kong Xuan had opportunities to carry out such a plan.

In most cases, as the Number 1 person under Dao Realm, Mahamayuri did have the capital to be the middle person without being tied down to one faction.

“But, his situation will be getting harder and harder as time goes,” said Yan Zhaoge.

“The demon races faction has the Sakyamuni Sarira.

Even if they intend to have Mahamayuri do something for them with that sarira, it isnt easy for the transaction to take place.”

Yan Zhaoge looked at Feng Yunsheng, “If Im not mistaken, Mahamayuri helped Western Pure Lands twice before, and the price should be two Sakyamuni Sariras.”

“That is to say, Mahamayuri already has at least two sariras in his possessions.” Yan Zhaoge frowned slightly, “If the news that Bhikkhu Xuan Du got from the Supreme Elder Lord is true, then there should be a total of five Sakyamuni Sariras.”

Feng Yunsheng added, “Besides that two sariras Western Pure Lands given to Mahamayuri in exchange for his favor, we dont know whether he had other sariras in his possessions already.”

“Yes, indeed.

So, besides the two sariras that have most likely already fallen in Mahamayuris hands and the sarira the demon races recently took, there are still two sariras whose whereabouts are unknown.” Yan Zhaoge replied, “If we assume that Mahamayuri already has the last two sariras in his possession and the sarira that the demon race took is the fifth sarira, that will be the final sarira he needs.”

If that were true, the demon races leader, including East Sovereign Taiyi and Dao Monarch Lu Ya, wouldnt give out this sarira.

The value of this sarira had skyrocketed, far beyond what Mahamayuri could get by providing help once.

East Sovereign Taiyi might not be too attached to the sariras.

However, Dao Monarch Lu Ya would hold the sarira tightly in his hand, and he wouldnt exchange it for Mahamayuri at any price.

Otherwise, he would have Mahamayuri as a formidable opponent standing in his path of pursuing the peak of Dao Realm.

No one could be certain when Mahamayuri would attend Dao Realm.

For the next competition involving the Nine Underworlds, all the Grand Heavenly Immortals pursuing Dao Realm would take it seriously.

No matter how Nine Underworlds changed, it would be a once-in-a-lifetime catastrophe and a great opportunity.

Those pursuing the Dao Realm would inevitably put this matter in their heart.

The fewer competitors there were, the greater the chances.

Apart from Dao Monarch Lu Ya, Archaic Dipankara Buddha, and Bhikkhu Xuan Du wouldnt be happy to see Mahamayuri collect all five sariras.

“But there is a problem here.” Yan Zhaoge rubbed his temples lightly with his fingers, “Is the Sakyamuni Sarira currently in the hands of the demon races the final one Mahamayuri needed”

He looked at Feng Yunsheng.

Both shook their heads and smiled bitterly.

Whether that sarira was the last one Mahamayuri needed or not, the difference was undoubtedly enormous.

Unfortunately, none from the Daoism side could confirm the answer at present.

It also called forth the question of whether Dao Monarch Lu Ya knew the whereabouts of the sariras.

Did they know how many sariras Mahamayuri had in his hands already

This would determine what the demon races would do with this sarira.

The side having the final sarira in hand would be in an intricate position.

To put up a blockade in Kong Xuan path of ascendancy, almost no one would be willing to let Kong Xuan gather all the sariras.

This sarira would be important to Kong Xuan.

The party who had it could ask for a high price from Kong Xuan and even do whatever he wanted.

Of course, Kong Xuan would be aware that everyone didnt want him to gather all the sariras.

The chances of getting the last sarira through trade were almost negligible.

As a result, Kong Xuan might even resort to robbery.

The person who held the last sarira might instead be his target.

If this last sarira could be destroyed, it would completely cut off Kong Xuans hope.

It was just that this treasure was left behind by the transcended Gautama Buddha Tathagata Buddha.

Hence, it should be indestructible.

If it were possible to destroy it, there would be an unexpected outcome.

Whats more Doing that was simply asking to be Kong Xuans enemy.

So the last sarira was a bit useless.

If it werent for the last sarira, the demon races would be in a much easier situation.

However, determining how many sariras Kong Xuan had was a tough question.

This was also why Yan Zhaoge had a headache with this issue.

At present, knowing who Mahamayuri would help was something orthodox Daoism had to think about when crafting their plans.

“Regarding the two sariras that Archaic Dipankara Buddha traded with Mahamayuri, one came from Tu**a Palace Laojun, and the other should be after he left the central Blessed Lands of Saha.

However, it was even possible that it might have come from Western Pure Lands Amitabha Buddha.”

“Then, Bhante Ananda brought one from the Central Blessed Lands of Saha, which is the one that just fell into the hands of the demon races.” Yan Zhaoge counted with his fingers, “I deeply doubt that Blessed Lands of the White Lotus Future Buddha has one of that sariras, given that he was the original successor of Daoist Zhunti or rather Gautama Tathagata Buddha!”

“Assuming you guessed it right, there is still one of the sariras missing.” Feng Yunsheng said with a frown.

Yan Zhaoge exhaled a long breath, “If the Archaic Dipankara Buddha himself took one from the Central Blessed Lands of Saha back then, then the Western Pure Lands Amitabha Buddha probably has another.”

“If the sarira in the first transaction between Archaic Dipankara Buddha and Mahamayuri was from Amitabha Buddha, then I cant guess where the last one is.”

Having said that, Yan Zhaoge smiled bitterly, “If Mahamayuri himself had already owned a sarira at the start, it would have been easier.”

“In that case, he already has at least three sariras in his hand.” Feng Yunsheng asked, “Assuming your initial guess is correct, then there are two sariras left, one in the demon races faction and one in the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus”

Yan Zhaoge patted his forehead, “Im afraid only the parties involved will know.”

After discussing for a while, the two suddenly turned around together.

Long Xueji came out.

Years had passed.

Long Xueji had overcome the Pure Profound Tribulation, attaining Duo Qis Fused Aura and achieving Tranquil Profound Immortal.

Sword cultivators faced tremendous challenges in progressing their martial art path.

Long Xuejis speed was shocking to the world.

“Master Long, how about Senior Apprentice-sister Yu” Yan Zhaoge asked.

Long Xueji said slowly, “She is a strong child, but she looks calmer than I expected.”

Then, he paused a little.

Both Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng frowned.

Being calm on the outside didnt mean being calm in the inner heart.

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