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Chapter 1677: Yan Zhaoges Arrangement

Although Yu Ye was expressionless most of the time, she had a firm resolution, given her growing journey.

Even Long Xueji, who watched her grow up, affirmed that she had a strong will compared to most people.

However, being strong and firm could sometimes lead to obsession and paranoia.

By definition, toughness and paranoia were different, but the boundary between them could blur under certain circumstances.

Even though Yu Ye had a simple daily life with little attachments, her obsession with cultivating sword arts was unyielding.

As a result, she could endure the dullness, loneliness, and hardship in her pursuit.

She didnt have much attachment to mortal affairs, but she would dedicate more energies to people and things close to her.

Just as she had the Heaven Containing Purified Soul, she seemed to have wandered the world with her spirit.

However, in her cultivation, she was focused.

Therefore, the calmer she looked, the more worried Long Xueji, Yan Zhaoge, Feng Yunsheng, and the others were.

Judging from Yu Yes character, that phenomenon often meant that her heart was in chaos.

“Lets go take a look together.” Yan Zhaoge sighed.

Long Xueji nodded silently and took Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng back to the cave manor.

At this moment, Yu Ye was sitting quietly and asked Gao Qingxuan, “Grandma, is Divine Mother now in charge of the Immortal Execution Formation”

“Thats right.” Gao Qingxuan replied, “Divine Mother and Cloudy Firmament Lady have taken turns safekeeping the Immortal Extermination Formation over the years, in exchange for the comfort and freedom that the orthodox Daoism have today.”

Yu Ye nodded lightly.

When she saw the trio walking in, she said immediately, “Junior Brother Yan, thank you for hustling because of me all these years.”

“Senior Apprentice-sister Yu, dont be over-polite,” said Yan Zhaoge softly.

Yu Ye looked at him, “My grandfather and grandma have told me what happened over the years.

They mentioned that Junior Brother Yan and Yunsheng… you both…”

Speaking of which, her initially calm eyes had a hint of emotion.

“Yes, we have met Senior Brother Nie.” Yan Zhaoge was slightly silent but nodded.

“I heard grandfather talk about your speculation that his Earlier Heaven Nascent Form will influence the devil incarnation.” Yu Yes voice was soft, “How is it now…”

“I cant say for sure.” Yan Zhaoge explained, “There are Primordial Heart Devil and other Great Devils around.

Even if there is something special, it wont be easily revealed.”

He looked at Yu Ye, then looked at Long Xingquan, Gao Qingxuan, Long Xueji, Gao Xuebo, and the rest, “Actually, I was just talking to Yun Sheng.

We could strike a deal with the Nine Underworlds and see their reaction.”

“Oh” Yu Yes eyes suddenly lit up.

The expressions of Gao Qingxuan and Long Xingquan immediately became solemn.

Yan Zhaoge briefly talked about his plans while observing Yu Ye.

In the end, he looked into Yu Yes bright eyes and said softly, “There is a risk for you, Senior Apprentice-sister Yu.

If you make contact with them, you will be facing a Grand Heavenly Realm Devil Lord.”

The so-called risk didnt mean that Nie Jingshen might hurt her.

Instead, she would likely face the bewitchment of a Devil Lord.

If there were a slight flaw in her heart, it would amplify.

“I understand.” Yu Ye took a deep breath and said slowly, “If Im not prepared, I wont go.”

She turned her head to look at Feng Yunsheng, “I just feel bad about it to have Yunsheng taking risks for me.”

“Dont worry about that, Senior Apprentice-sister Yu.” Feng Yunsheng smiled slightly, “As for whos at a bigger risk, it may be Nine Underworlds and not me.

I think they will be hesitant about it, instead.”

Yu Ye let out a long breath, closed her eyes, and calmed down.

“When Senior Apprentice-sister Yu is ready, we will contact the Nine Underworlds.” Yan Zhaoge nodded and said.

Since Yu Ye had just woken up, she needed some time to digest the heavy loads of information.

Yan Zhaoge was tacit and left.

The father and son, Long Xingquan, Gao Xuebo, and Long Xueji, also left together with Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng.

Only Gao Qingxuan stayed to take care of his granddaughter.

After the group came out, they looked at each other and finally sighed.

“Although Senior Apprentice-sister Yu volunteers for it, I naturally hope that Senior Brother Nie can turn back and return to the righteous path.

As for my frankness, I hope the three of you will forgive me.” Yan Zhaoge cupped his hands.

He mainly said this to Gao Xuebo and Long Xueji.

For Yan Zhaoge and others, Nie Jingshen might be important for Yu Ye.

For the Roving Jade Heavens Prime Clear Lineage, he was just an outstanding Jade Clear Lineages descendant.

There was a certain degree of comradeship, but it wasnt as close as the kinship with Yu Ye.

Nie Jingshen saved Yu Ye and had fallen into a devil because of that.

Gao Qingxuan and others naturally appreciate this kindness.

However, it didnt quite make sense for them to have Yu Ye risking her life to return the favor.

Nie Jingshen and Long Xingquan could be regarded as the same lineage, but they were undoubtedly more distant than the mother and son relationship of Gao Qingxuan.

Not to mention, there was the matter with Vine Sovereign Li Ying that year.

It was just that their relationship was more chaotic and confusing because of Nie Jingshen and Yu Ye.

“We shared the same responsibility for Jingshens matter.” Gao Xuebo sighed and said, “Now, I can only hope for good luck.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded silently, bid farewell to Long Xingquan and his son, and left Roving Jade Heavens and Crimson Luminance Melding Solaris Heavens.

The couple headed to Taian Royal Cliff Heavens first.

There, Suo Mingzhang was still purifying the Green Lotus Treasured Flag.

Most of the filth on the flag was eliminated.

It was about to regain its luster.

However, the closer it was to the completion of purification, the more headstrong it would be, and it would take more time and effort than before to clean it up thoroughly.

Yan Zhaoge wasnt in a hurry and chatted with Suo Mingzhang about his plans to deal with the Nine Underworlds.

Although Yan Zhaoge didnt intend to have a direct confrontation with the Nine Underworlds, he might need to ask Suo Mingzhang to help out.

His ability to restrain the Wood Devil and the Shadow Devil was outstanding.

When Suo Mingzhang first attained the Grand Heavenly Realm, he could overwhelm Shadow Devil.

For Suo Mingzhang at the current moment, Shadow Devil was nothing more than a Grand Virtual Realm Devil Monarch.

If Suo Mingzhang didnt help, and they didnt exert the Immortal Extermination Formation, no one other than Yang Jian could do anything against the Shadow Devil.

After all, the Great Devil became stronger when they met a stronger opponent.

In the past, he even transformed into the Purple Tenuity Emperor, the leader of the Four Imperials of Daoism, and he fought against the emperor without being defeated.

But Shadow Devil would be in a difficult state against an opponent who could restrain his transformation.

After listening to Yan Zhaoges words, Suo Mingzhang agreed without any objection.

After bidding farewell to Suo Mingzhang, Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng left Taian Royal Cliff Heavens again and went to another universe in the distance, Everlasting Oath Heaven.

Yan Zhaoge had established this universe with a Sea Suppressing Pearl.

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