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HSSB167: Three Young Masters congregate


Seeing that man’s actions, Yan Zhaoge was rather speechless, “What is this new-fangled fancy of yours ah”

That man’s actions didn’t stop as he laughed, “Right on time.

When I went to look for you just now, you were in seclusion.

I was still feeling regret at you missing out on this wine-tea of mine.”

Yan Zhaoge raised his forehead, “Making tea with wine is something that no one would do.

I know that you love wine, but can you not do something so novel and unconventional”

That man did not think much of his words, “This you do not understand.

Living in this world, it is only natural that we humans find some enjoyment for ourselves.”

Yan Zhaoge held his face, “So you have to take wine like soya bean and dip breadsticks in it to eat, take wine like soup and soak rice in it, and have now come out with yet another new playstyle of using wine to make tea”

“Can’t you just stably take wine to drink just like other drunkards do”

Hearing his words from the side, Xie Youchan and Ah Hu could not help but laugh.

That big man did not take it to heart as he instead laughed, “I am already past that stage.”

Yan Zhaoge could not take it any longer, “Then you can try drinking wine with not your mouth, but your nose.”

The big man burst out laughing, “To a martial practitioner of my cultivation level, it would actually also not be all that hard; it’d not be able to choke me to death.”

“Senior Brother Xu, you are very steady in other matters; why are you like a child on this matter” Xie Youchan shook her head as she couldn’t resist smiling.

This big man was the direct disciple of Broad Creed Mountain’s Iron Lion King Shi Tie, the ‘Heavenly Roc’ Xu Fei, and a Heavenly Connection martial practitioner.

He was generally accepted by the outside world as Broad Creed Mountain’s strongest Martial Scholar.

Xu Fei smiled, “Wait till you taste my handiwork.”

Yan Zhaoge felt a little helpless, “Really, I’ve no words to describe you.”

“Junior apprentice-brother Yan, your wine tolerance just can’t cut it.

Now Huting’s is more like it.” Xu Fei similarly looked at Yan Zhaoge in disdain as he instead looked warmly to Ah Hu by the side.

The usually thick-skinned Ah Hu whose face was never stingy with his grins now instead took on a pale expression, “Brother Fei, I can’t drink with you.

You don’t allow people to dispel wine with aura-qi; I would be drunk by you to death.”

Xu Fei also didn’t force him, just taking on a rather regretful expression, “Huting, your foundation is actually pretty good.

If you just train a bit, you’d be able to work it out.”

Laughing and smiling, time passed by in a blur.

As the twilight sun tilted west, Yan Zhaoge, Xu Fei and Ah Hu bid Xie Youchan goodbye.

Just before they left, Xie Youchan said softly, “This time’s Heavenly Connection Meet will be different from usual.

Are all of you clear on it”

Yan Zhaoge looked at Xu Fei whose smile remained, though his gaze had turned grave and heavy, “From meeting second apprentice-uncle, I already know of the situation.”

The three exchanged glances, then smiled and nodded, no longer speaking.

The next few days, Yan Zhaoge was either peacefully cultivating, interacting on the martial dao with Xu Fei, Ye Zhongzhou, Xie Youchan and other familiar acquaintances, or feeding that giant panda.

On Clear Concealed Island, everything was as per normal as peace still reigned.

And as time passed, the day of the Heavenly Connection Meet officially arrived.

The Heavenly Connection Meet was not a series of bouts in a ring, as its initial premise was for the genius-level figures of the Sacred Grounds’ younger generation to get into contact with one another.

Sparring and fighting was getting into contact, and interacting on the martial dao was the same.

However, due to the current tense environment within the Eight Extremities World, the smell of gunpowder in the air of this time’s Heavenly Connection Meet felt somewhat thicker than usual.

Especially due to some special factors, this time’s Heavenly Connection Meet had quite a different hue to it.

The official venue for this time’s Heavenly Connection Meet would be in the air above Clear Concealed Island.

With Clear Concealed Island as the centre, along with some small islands surrounding it that were also situated around the centre of Clear Concealed Lake, a unique array was vaguely formed, serving as where the core of the formation guarding Clear Concealed Lake was located.

After being activated, streams of light soared into the air, merging with the all-encompassing sky of clouds to form a hovering landmass that seemed real whilst also illusory.

Those streams of light resembled a bridge as they led up to Hovering Island within the sky, which possessed formation restrictions as it formed an existence like an illusory palace.

Having ascended Hovering Island, Yan Zhaoge and the others saw that other than their Turbid Wave Pavilion hosts, there were people who had arrived before them, the people of Jade Sea City.

Ye Zhongzhou, Li Jingwan and the two other Jade Sea City disciples were currently all gathered around a green-robed youth.

That youth appeared elegant and refined just like Fang Zhun as he somewhat possessed the air of a scholar.

It was only that as he stood there, the spiritual light above his head was solidified and tangible, within which the infinite ocean tides seemed to be roaring without end as the light shot straight into the horizon, as this indicated that he was a Heavenly Connection Martial Scholar just like Xu Fei.

About thirty years of age, this youth’s gaze was as deep as the sea.

On seeing Yan Zhaoge and the others, he nodded slightly.

Yan Zhaoge and Xu Fei nodded back.

They all recognised the other party; he was a core, direct disciple of Jade Sea City and a leading figure of their younger generation, the Seven Seas Young Master Song Chao.

The oldest of the Four Young Masters, and also the one with the strongest cultivation base.

The son of Broad Creed Mountain’s First Seat Elder Yan Di, the Broad Creed Young Master Yan Zhaoge.

The son of the Chief of the Sacred Sun Clan Huang Xu, the Radiant Prince Huang Jie.

The son of the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s First Seat Elder Lin Tianfeng, the Thunder Rumbling Young Master Lin Zhou.

The son of the City Lord of Jade Sea City Song Wuliang, the Seven Seas Young Master Song Chao.

These four were all elites of the Eight Extremities World’s younger generation, who also possessed extraordinary backgrounds.

From the previous Heavenly Connection Meet, they had come to be known as the current era’s Four Young Masters.

Despite- or perhaps as a result of their titles,  there mostly didn’t exist any friendship amongst the four.

At most, Yan Zhaoge was only comparatively more acquainted with Song Chao.

However, due to the large age gap between them, the two had never interacted much before.

Song Chao looked at Yan Zhaoge, nodding, “Junior Brother Yan, it’s been three years.”

“Senior Brother Song’s cultivation has improved even more,” Yan Zhaoge smiled, and Song Chao answered, “Conscientious work, gradually seeking the way forward.”

Sikong Qing also came forward and greeted Song Chao once more. 

The Heavenly Connection Meet had a dispersed and relaxed format, with no official indication to mark its beginning.

Those who had the desire to spar could just communicate their intentions and then do so.

The group of Xiantian Martial Scholars consisting of Yan Zhaoge, Xu Fei, Song Chao, Xie Youchan, Ruan Ping and Ye Zhongzhou all did not spar, only gathering together at one place and casually conversing.

However, what was casual conversation to them also brought great benefits to the younger disciples who heard them.

It was just that amongst them, Yan Zhaoge rather stood out, because of all these Xiantian Martial Scholars, he was the youngest, and not just by a bit.

The others were all around or close to thirty years of age, with only Yan Zhaoge just having passed twenty.

Calculating it, Yan Zhaoge should actually be considered as being of the same age as Li Jingwan and the others.

However, this rather eye-provoking matter did not seem strange to anyone here in the least, as they all seemed to find it completely natural.

As they conversed, the hearts of Yan Zhaoge and the others moved in unison as they all turned to look in a certain direction.

In that direction, a few younger generation martial practitioners in white, gold-bordered robes ascended Hovering Island, in what was precisely the garb of the Sacred Sun Clan’s direct disciples.

Whether it was Yan Zhaoge and Xu Fei or Song Chao and Ye Zhongzhou, when they saw these newcomers, their eyes all momentarily narrowed into slits.

The leading person looked to be similarly aged to Xu Fei and Song Chao, with handsome features and an extraordinary air about him.

As light shot out of his eyes, hearts involuntarily trembled.

Beside him was an ordinary-looking youth who looked to be only slightly older than Yan Zhaoge, silent, with a restrained presence.

Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly, “Tang Yonghao, Huang Jie.”


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