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Chapter 1685: Pushing The Advantage

The starlight that flew out of Suo Mingzhangs sleeves enveloped the Nine Underworlds Abyss of Devilish Seawater.

Yan Zhaoge had mentioned the possibility of this occurrence to him before, so he was already well prepared.

Without the need to diverge his attention, he had already carried out the prior arrangements as he put away the seawater.

Then, with Yan Zhaoges order, the starlight enveloped the seawater and darted into a distance.

Then, it fell in front of Yan Zhaoge.

He still had one of his hands supporting Feng Yunsheng from the back, while the other hand reached into the starlight.

As the brilliance fluctuated, the starlight grew dimer with the dark seawater flowing out of it.

Yan Zhaoges prior incantations formed a ravine.

The seawater poured into it to fill the gap, creating a water network.

At this moment, the talismans became pitch black, as dark as black jade.

They were flickering with a glistering luster.

Seeing this, Primordial Heart Devil frowned even deeper.

It reminded him of the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual, which had never appeared before — a new and unique ritual created by Yan Zhaoge himself.

At that time, the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual was dedicated to him.

However, his injury had not healed, so he didnt dare to confront it.

As he returned to the peak, the rituals efficacy would be insignificant.

So even if he learned that Yan Zhaoge had this unique ritual, he didnt take it to heart.

However, this matter always haunted his mind.

Since the ritual was summoned, he started to suspect if Yan Zhaoge had other tricks prepared.

Two hundred years have passed since that day.

Although Primordial Heart Devils injury had recovered, Yan Zhaoge would have undergone many growth and changes.

Hence, he was alerted to Yan Zhaoges movements at the first moment.

He secretly analyzed the talismans that merged with the Devilish Abyss Seawater and soon noticed profundities contained within.

He wanted to halt the process, but he couldnt be distracted.

Suo Mingzhang in front of him was pressuring step by step.

Under the influence of Heaven Severing Scripture, he was forced out from the ethereal form into reality.

The terrifying and surging power was like a raging sea.

The monstrous waves hit the Primordial Heart Devil one by one.

Primordial Heart Devil could only watch as the pure black talismans flew into the abyss above Feng Yunshengs head one after another under Yan Zhaoges control.

The bloody mist was still raging, seemingly ethereal and real at the same time.

The mist was in a tenacious state that was difficult to be severed and extinguished.

The dark Iridescent Cloud above Primordial Heart Devils head trembled and began to tumble like boiled water.

The dark cloud was surging, getting thicker, and expanding.

Soon, it showed signs of being chaotic and out of control.

Even Nie Jingshen, Shadow Devil, and other devils from the Nine Underworlds keenly felt their incantation grew unstable and out of their grasp.

This sudden change in the black cloud affected the bloody mist.

The bloody mist grew unstable, just like a building with its foundations collapsing as if the structures on top were dangling in the air.

The calm Nine Underworlds Abyss of Devilish Sea had its surface frozen without any signs.

However, undercurrents were surging inside.

In the deep sea, between the twelve pillars, Nie Jingshen frowned at what was happening in front of him.

Suddenly, he seemed to have become the center of the undercurrent, and the pressure coming from the fluctuations squeezed him tightly.

A scene that surprised him happened.

Feng Yunshengs abyss seemed to have crossed the bloody mists and dark clouds, seemingly overcoming the boundary between the virtual and the real and the numerous voids.

The abyss was directly in contact with Jingshens sword-light.

At the moment of contact, the dark talismans had come over, revolving around Nie Jingshen and putting him in a trance for a while.

Shadow Devil, beside Nie Jingshen, responded immediately and poured his power into it.

Nie Jingshen groaned and retreated, avoiding the black talisman.

The pillar that symbolized the Doomsday Heavenly Devil grew more explicit, but its profundities and maligned air had subsided by a significant margin.

Other Great Devils were assisting from the side.

Some devils ventured out of the Nine Underworlds, intending to descend on the Land of Tranquil Stream.

At the same time, there were also powerful auras manifesting in the endless void outside the Land of Tranquil Stream.

They were the Daoism forces lurking in preparations.

It seemed the war between the two sides was imminent and would break out at any time.

On the Land of Tranquil Stream, Primordial Heart Devil also frowned.

He shook his head and sighed, “What a virtuous couple.

It seems my plan today has failed.”

His eyes flashed slightly.

The dark Iridescent Cloud above his head began to fade.

The bloody mist had lost its support and dissipated gradually.

However, even when the devils withdrew, Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng didnt.

The abyss above Feng Yunshengs head began to expand and shrouded the Primordial Heart Devils head.

It gathered the bloody mist and dark clouds, preventing them from dissipating immediately.

The twelve pillars in the deep sea, especially the pillar that symbolized the Doomsday Heavenly Devil, even began to tremble slightly.

Suo Mingzhang also held onto Primordial Heart Devil firmly, not giving him a chance to retreat.

The radiance shone through all directions.

Suo Mingzhang continued to exert his strength, and the aftershock trembled the Land of Tranquil Stream.

The darkness and maligned air continued to fade away, returning this place to a barren void.

Daoism had made significant progress and kept pushing forward, making the Nine Underworlds group devil retreat in defeat.

A portal appeared in the void.

Prominent Great Devild appeared, ready to retaliate.

On the other side, Daoism bigwigs also manifested themselves, descending at any time soon.

At this moment, Feng Yunsheng looked at the Nine Underworlds Sea.

Then, a pitch-black Ancient Mirror suddenly appeared above one of the twelve pillars.

As soon as the mirror appeared, the sea was stabilized.

The intense pressure was sent back towards Feng Yunshengs abyss.

“Its a Devil Ancestor, Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil!” Yan Zhaoge also looked at the dark mirror.

At the same time, there was a faint golden light permeating the endless void.

It had manifested at the sky above the Nine Underworlds, with its ferocious Evil Qi sheathed.

Feng Yunsheng exhaled Turbid Qis and dispersed her abyss.

She let go of the dark cloud and bloody mist above Primordial Heart Devils head, breaking the connection with Nine Underworlds entirely.

In Nine Underworlds, the black Ancient Mirror didnt do anything else and let Feng Yunsheng withdraw.

At the same time, the billowing golden light above the Nine Underworlds faded, disappearing into the void.

Primordial Heart Devil wanted to leave, but Suo Mingzhang still didnt let the devil go.

He forced the devil into materializing and punched at the devil right after.

Only then was the devil freed from the grasp.

The other Great Devils quickly stepped forward to receive the Primordial Heart Devil and retreated to the Nine Underworlds.

“I hope there will be time to fight again.” Suo Mingzhang stared coldly at Primordial Heart Devil.

The old devil coughed a few times, “Maybe there will be a chance.”

He turned his head and took a deep look at Yan Zhaoge, “Young Heavenly Lord always surprises me.

There are only things we cant imagine and nothing that you cant achieve.”

Yan Zhaoge moved his palm away from Feng Yunshengs back, looked at Primordial Heart Devil, and said, “Thank you for your compliment.

Although I dont think I can reach that level yet, I shall continue to do better since you have praised me so much.”

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