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Chapter 1687: The Truth Is Often Cruel

Yan Zhaoges eyes were cold.

There were similar occurrences before.

Bhikkhu Xuan Du helped the Nine Underworlds acquire the Supreme Heavenly Devil authority from the Supreme Elder Lord.

Western Pure Lands returned the Faceless Heavenly Devil authority to the Nine Underworlds too.

The forces conspiring in the Nine Underworlds game were pampering the Nine Underworlds.

They aided others for their gains in the end.

Previously, there was the exchange for Immortal Exterminating Sword in the Tu**a Palace.

Western Pure Lands had offered the sword as a price in exchange for the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil to help out in the battle for Immortal Extermination Formation.

Everything was part of the transaction.

However, the showdown would be the game thereafter.

It would decide the Nine Underworlds fate and the chances for several Grand Heavenly Realm peaked powerhouses in attaining the Dao Realm.

The Nine Underworlds wanted to resolve the seal limiting the Origin Heavenly Devil, allowing the Doomsday Heavenly Devil to be born in advance and summon the Twelve Devilish Gods Formation to dominate the world.

But at the moment when they came closest to success, it was also the opportunity that others were waiting for.

As for who would truly win in the end, it depends on whose means were more sophisticated.

Before this event, other forces had tolerated and even helped and cooperated with the Nine Underworlds aside from guarding against, confronting, and restricting that vile faction.

Also, it was hard for Yan Zhaoge not to relate the Supreme Heavenly Devil and the Faceless Heavenly Devil with Feng Yunsheng and Nie Jingshen.

As this thought ran across his mind, he looked at Feng Yunsheng.

Back then, Exalted Rahu Luminary Jian Shunhua feigned death to conspire against the Nine Underworlds with the help of the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor and the North Star Emperor.

It appeared that Gao Han, Ling Qing, and others were aware of this matter.

Unfortunately, they had a limited understanding of the details.

In their knowledge, Jian Shunhua was eyeing a Great Devil, the Devil of Aged Metal.

But who would have thought that it was Doomsday Heavenly Devil at the Dao Realm!

Therefore, Ling Qing was surprised when he saw Feng Yunsheng had returned from Nine Underworlds.

Yan Zhaoge first thought that Ling Qing wasnt acting, but who could be sure that the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor told her the truth.

Only Jian Shunhua himself knew if he had acted according to the plan or changed the plan on his own accord.

It remained a mystery for the rest.

The role of the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor and the North Star Emperor in that matter was also thought-provoking.

Did they plan it that way from the very beginning, or was it because Jian Shunhua altered the plan on his own accord, or perhaps did Nine Underworlds make changes secretly and let the event flow as it was

For the insiders, how much did they know about the entire event

Feng Yunsheng was involved in this incident because of Rahu Saber.

Was it the result of a deliberate arrangement, or was it an accident

Besides Feng Yunsheng, Jian Shunhua, Doomsday Heavenly Devil, how much did these Daoism bigwigs knew about the matter with Nie Jingshen, Origin Heavenly Devil, Devil of Aged Metal since the past

Especially Bhikkhu Xuan Du…

After all, he was at the same level as Archaic Dipankara Buddha, Dao Monarch Lu Ya, and others.

All of whom were looking for the path of ascendancy into the Dao Realm from the Nine Underworlds.

Those who weres currently the closest people to attain the Dao Realm.

These top bigwigs had all experienced many years of lifespan.

So they all knew that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

They could sacrifice everything and anything to seize the opportunity when the opportunity came.

Antecedents like these were prominent, like Future Buddha, Immeasurable Heavenly Lord, Central Blessed Lands of Saha, and Great Calamity.

In those two doomsdays, how many souls had perished, and how many elites perished

The number was uncountable.

The fewer the people know about their plans, the lesser the number of sacrifices.

The more you know, the more you realize that the truth is often cruel.

The closer the Dao Realm is, the more complicated it becomes.

From a certain point of view, the rebirth of Daoism and the birth of a new Dao Ancestor at all costs were urgent.

Lets not forget that having the Daoism bigwig attaining Dao Realm coincided with improving the overall standing of orthodox Daoism.

In particular, if Daoism had failed, another Dao Ancestor against Daoism would emerge.

Some sacrifices in the process might be unavoidable to achieve the desired result.

Individuals could be fully aware of the situation and voluntarily sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

Unfortunately, some could be expended like a chess piece without them knowing it.

Hence, it would rub off a different feeling to the parties involved despite having the same outcome.

“Remove all the excuses and seek the truth, not to be confused by heart and emotion…” Yan Zhaoge muttered to himself, “However, my cultivation seems inadequate.”

Both Feng Yunsheng and Suo Mingzhang were silent.

They could appreciate the emotions contained in Yan Zhaoges blatant words.

Needless to say, Yan Zhaoge could trust Feng Yunsheng and Suo Mingzhang fully.

Their current strength was also among the best among the Grand Heavenly Immortals in the world.

The trio were the chess pieces that had just exited the chessboard.

Even if they wanted to make their plans, they had to deal with the upcoming game with the Nine Underworlds.

Yan Zhaoges eyes were gloomy, looking at the endless void of darkness.

He didnt know how deeply Bhikkhu Xuan Du was involved and how much he knew.

In the case of the Supreme Elder Lord not doing anything, Bhikkhu Xuan Du had returned the Supreme Heavenly Devil authority to Nine Underworlds.

Yan Zhaoge had a hard time believing that he didnt know anything about Doomsday Heavenly Devil and Origin Heavenly Devil.

With benefits and interests involved, none could be exempted from being suspicious.

The only difference would be how much were they involved, did they personally attend to it, or did they acquiesce what would be happening

It became hard to tell whether the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor and the North Star Emperor knew Jian Shunhuas secret plot against the Nine Underworlds back then.

In contrast, if he, or they, had plotted the game, what was their motivation

Was it to help Bhikkhu Xuan Du, or were they seeking something on the upcoming game

Was there someone approaching the Dao Realm who had been waiting for the final opportunity under a low profile

It was just that he wasnt made known to the world like Archaic Dipankara Buddha, Mahamayuri, Dao Monarch Lu Ya, and Bhikkhu Xuan Du.

Everyone was secretive about their martial art path just in case someone else hindered their path.

Of course, none would be sparing mercy in this competition, especially the Dao Ancestors.

If someone wanted to hide their progress, they should have been immediately exposed.

But there were always exceptions in this world.

On the surface, it seemed that Dao Realm had nowhere to go.

In fact, they had secretly made preparations and were only one step away.

Yan Zhaoge sighed and turned to look at Feng Yunsheng and Suo Mingzhang, with a bitter smile on his face, “I want to curse out loud.”

“I cant help but wonder now, is this a message that Nine Underworlds deliberately gave us to stir up internal conflicts”

The message was true and wasnt falsified.

But it was precisely because it was true that it became lethal to orthodox Daoism.

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