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Chapter 1689: Ne Zhas Letter Of Challenge

Facing Yue Zhenbei, Yan Zhaoge nodded slightly: “Ill do my best.”

Everyone said goodbye and dispersed.

Yu Ye returned to Roving Jade Heavens in Crimson Luminance Melding Solaris Heavens, Suo Mingzhang returned to Taian Royal Cliff Heavens, and Yan Zhaoges group returned to Zhuluo Royal Reed Heavens before heading toward the Sky beyond Skies.

After Yan Zhaoges North Ocean Clone secretly watched Yu Ye enter Roving Jade Heavens, he felt relieved and turned around to leave.

After returning to Sky beyond Skies, Yue Zhenbei went to Jade Capital Crag while Yan Zhaoges group returned to Broad Creed Mountain.

After hearing what happened, everyone on Broad Creed Mountain was worried about Nie Jingshen.

However, at this point, everyone knew that the plan would take time.

After Yan Zhaoge returned to the mountain, he began to cultivate.

Feng Yunsheng was garrisoned at Zhuluo Royal Reed Heavens.

Since Xu Fei would be working on the internal affairs at the Broad Creed Mountain, Yan Zhaoge didnt need to be concerned, provided there wasnt any special event.

He first focused on the cultivation of Three Flowers Converged Crown.

To work on that goal, he had to condense the Splendor of Soul first to facilitate subsequent cultivation.

After converging one flower atop his head, he fought against Red Inferno Dhvaja Potentate Buddha, Dingguang Joyous Buddha, and many opponents.

They were great opponents: The Red Inferno Dhvaja Potentate Buddha was qualified as the Buddhism bigwig who had already attained Buddhism Enlightenment.

Also, the Dingguang Joyous Buddha, who had vetoed to be a heretic due to historical reasons.

His combat power wasnt trivial among the Grand Heavenly Realms elite heretics.

Despite not having the same experience as Feng Yunsheng, who had made significant progress through life and death struggles, Yan Zhaoge had also attained many gains after fighting these Grand Heavenly Realm powerhouses.

These accumulations would aid in Yan Zhaoges progress.

He needed time to decipher and accumulate the arts and make it a tool at his disposal.

Since Yan Zhaoge followed the Three Clears Path, the difficulty grew increasingly complex the further he progressed despite the majestic outlook.

Also, he lacked a reference, so he had to realize the martial art concepts independently.

There was no day and night in the pursuit of martial art.

For those immersed in martial arts cultivation, time passed by inadvertently.

Yan Zhaoge was no exception.

He was dedicated and heeded little attention to the outside world.

Only important or special events could people in Broad Creed Mountain alert him.

For example, in Everlasting Oath Heaven, Taiyi Cultivated Deity finally purified the evil Evil Qi overwhelming Ne Zha (the Tri-Buddhism Platforms Great Divinity) and guided him back to this world after the catastrophe took place during the Great Calamity.

Yan Zhaoge was also happy when he heard the news.

Taiyi Cultivated Deity and Ne Zha came to Zhuluo Royal Reed Heavens to bid farewell to Yan Zhaoge and others.

Since Ne Zha had recovered, it was naturally inconvenient for the master-and-disciple duo to occupy the Everlasting Oath Heaven universe.

Also, it wasnt like they had nowhere to go.

Besides the farewell, they also came to thank Yan Zhaoge.

“I have heard what happened from my master.

I let loose my heart and became mindless.

It seemed I had embarrassed myself in front of you.

Regardless, I would like to thank my fellow Daoist for helping me out of the situation so that I can return to my true self.”

The Tri-Buddhism Platforms Great Divinity still retained the youthful look with pride.

Yet, he was sincere and humble while chatting with Yan Zhaoge.

After going through the catastrophe that year and many years of struggle to rebirth and wake up his consciousness, he seemed more steadfast than the rumors.

At least as far as Yan Zhaoge knew, Ne Zha wasnt a quiet scholar.

Even if he achieved Daluo and stood proud among the heavens for more than one era, his youthful temper was still there, being notoriously fierce and unreasonable.

To put it bluntly, he rubbed off the vibe of a spoiled child sometimes…

Not only being spoiled, but he was also capable of massive destruction and hard to be contained.

Fortunately, Ne Zha seemed much more earnest than Yan Zhaoges inherent impression.

“Tri-Buddhism Platforms Great Divinity, youre over polite.

We belong to the same faction.

So I will naturally help whenever I can,” said Yan Zhaoge.

“I still have to thank you, Daoist Yan.” Taiyi Cultivated Deity laughed aside, “Its time for us to say goodbye.

Given the current situation, there may be opportunities to help each other in the future.

If Daoist Yan needs help, dont hesitate to get in touch with us.”

“Yup, thats a promise.” Yan Zhaoge asked, “I wonder what you are going to do next”

“Im planning to return to the Western Pure Lands.” Ne Zha said at this time, “Although I have ended my grievance with Li Jing, I have to trace this matter back to the source, the Archaic Dipankara Buddha.”

Through the chats, Ne Zha still showed the unruly demeanor in the past.

“Li Jings actions are related to the Archaic Dipankara Buddha.

I fought with Li Jing in the early years.

The stupid bald dares to challenge me and uses the tower to oppress me.

Im certain that he is involved with the Great Calamity.

I wont stop until I take my revenge.” Ne Zhas eyes showed hatred and anger.

Yan Zhaoge touched his chin with his palm, but he didnt judge Ne Zha as reckless, “Tri-Buddhism Platforms Great Divinity, are you going to challenge the Archaic Dipankara Buddha directly”

Ne Zha nodded, “Yes, thats my intention.”

The Immortal Extermination Formations deterrence completely changed the stance of the descendants of orthodox Daoism.

Without Immortal Extermination Formation, Ne Zha wouldnt dare to confront so blatantly.

Even if he was the Jade Clear Lineages third-generation disciples after Yang Jian, he knew things wouldnt end well for him.

But now, if he went directly to the Western Pure Lands to challenge the Archaic Dipankara Buddha, the worst result was that he lost to the Archaic Dipankara Buddha in a duel.

The life-and-death duel was reduced to a personal scale, only as a conflict between him and the Archaic Dipankara Buddha.

It was unlike the past situation with the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor, Incongruence Divine Mother, North Star Emperor, and the others.

They would be taking tremendous risks when they showed up in the publics eyes.

They might face other Dao Ancestors such as Immeasurable Heavenly Lord or Future Buddha at any time.

Of course, this didnt mean that outstanding Daoism figures such as Yang Jian, Suo Mingzhang, Feng Yunsheng, or Ne Zha could openly challenge the Grand Heavenly Immortal of other forces whose cultivation strength wasnt as robust as theirs and take it as an opportunity for a massacre.

The Dao Ancestors wouldnt tolerate it.

Just like Mahamayuri, Archaic Dipankara Buddha, and Dao Monarch Lu Ya wouldnt do similar things as so.

Once that happened, it would be a full-blown war.

In the end, the official letter of challenge could only be established between two equal standing opponents or having the weak challenge the strong.

There was no such problem between Ne Zha and Archaic Dipankara Buddha.

First of all, their grudges were so deep with long histories.

Due to various reasons, the grievances werent truly resolved and accumulated further.

Secondly, Ne Zha was far younger than the Archaic Dipankara Buddha.

Having the young challenge the old wasnt an act of bullying.

Since both had faced off already and diverged in different paths, the letter of challenge was neither rude nor disrespectful.

Most importantly, their combat prowess was at a similar level, judging from the histories.

Only the actual battle could decide the victor.

Also, many were in favor of Archaic Dipankara Buddha winning.

Hence, Ne Zhas duel was in a “chivalry” standing.

Undeniably, there was still the possibility that the Western Pure Lands might take this opportunity to besiege Ne Zha in a group in the attempt of murder.

However, orthodox Daoism gave off a significant deterrence with a high potential to defend Ne Zhas life and seek revenge.

“Unfortunately, I think that the Archaic Dipankara Buddha may not accept your challenge.” Yan Zhaoge said while looking at Ne Zha.

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