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Chapter 1691: Two Flowers Converged Crown, Shocking The Heavens

Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattvas mystical art stumped Ne Zha.

Although he had to retreat temporarily since he lost the bet, this defeat wouldnt put him off forever.

After the temporary retreat, he had cracked his brain, trying to think of a solution.

He wasnt fighting alone either.

On the surface, Ne Zha challenged the Archaic Dipankara Buddha himself, but it had involved the entire orthodox Daoism and Western Pure Lands.

Yang Jian, Taiyi Cultivated Deity, Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor, and other Daoism bigwigs offered their help.

Yan Zhaoge, who was having fun from the commotion, also stepped in.

Hence, Ne Zha soon came to the Western Pure Lands again.

Although Western Pure Lands wanted to kill Ne Zha off immediately, they still had to put up with him in headaches.

The person acting in the place for Archaic Dipankara Buddha was still Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva.

Naturally, many people supported her.

After Ne Zha overcame the formation, new problems awaited him.

Both sides exchanged moves, each with their own ingenuity.

The contest dragged on for a long time.

Although Ne Zha was a little impatient, he knew that this stalemate wouldnt be harmful to him and orthodox Daoism.

It appeared that he was stopped by the entrance and couldnt see the face of Archaic Dipankara Buddha, but the person stopping him was a senior, Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva.

Hence, it didnt hurt Ne Zhas prestige in any way.

The Western Pure Lands were the Blessed Lands of Amitabha.

So, Ne Zha couldnt break in to confront the Archaic Dipankara Buddha.

However, since the Archaic Dipankara Buddha had been avoided the duel and let the others face the trouble for him, it had become detrimental to his prestige.

Not only Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva but other Buddhists were also involved.

In the long run, it was inevitable to arise dissatisfaction.

Although Ne Zha was domineering, he wasnt presumptuous.

He didnt involve himself with other Western Pure Lands bigwigs but targetted Archaic Dipankara Buddha alone.

Archaic Dipankara Buddha was calm in this matter.

He stayed in the Western Pure Lands and didnt come out, which didnt trouble him either.

As Ne Zha confronted every day, Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva gradually grew shorts of tactics.

The mediation was ineffective in the end.

She could only return to the Western Pure Lands and avoid the matter.

Another Samantabhadra Bodhisattva took her place instead.

Both sides went back and forth, entangled endlessly, and time passed quickly in the process.

During this period, the Immortal Court and the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus had faced each other in several wars.

Although Ne Zha only targeted the Archaic Dipankara Buddha, this incident had caused the Western Pure Lands to be heavily involved with Daoism.

The Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, backed by the demon races, were assaulting the Immortal Court intensely one after the other.

Later on, the Western Pure Lands could only temporarily put Ne Zhas affairs and deal with the Immortal Court and the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.

Archaic Dipankara Buddha had rarely appeared.

It wasnt time for him to leave the Western Pure Lands.

The Buddha pretended to be deaf and ignored Ne Zha, who was provoking him by the entrance.

Ne Zha was also stubborn, taking the void outside the Western Pure Lands as his home.

So he just stayed there and mocked the Archaic Dipankara Buddha every day.

Yan Zhaoge paid extra care to the news from the outside world while devoting himself to cultivation.

The Immortal realm powerhouses would enter secluded cultivation for many years, even reaching a millennium.

Time flew like flowing water.

Ever since Yan Zhaoge, Feng Yunsheng, and the rest made a deal with the Nine Underworlds in the Land of Tranquil Stream, two centuries had passed.

Many generations in the mortal world had passed in the fleeting two hundred years.

For Yan Zhaoge and others, it seemed like a short dream.

At the current moment, they had woken up from that dream.

In Zhuluo Royal Reed Heavens within Sky beyond Skies, right at the cave manor behind Broad Creed Mountain…

The young man, who was sitting quietly, opened his eyes and took a deep breath.

The enormous Sky beyond Skies grew torrential in an instant.

The qi cycle in the world became static at this moment.

Most mortals in the world felt the qis grew abundant at this moment.

This abundance of qi reminded the martial art practitioners of the Sky beyond Skies they always dreamt for.

All of a sudden, the endless spirit qi dispersed.

The magnificent world seemed to have suddenly lost all color.

It seems to be just a moment.

The Sky Beyond Skies, which was initially full of talents, suddenly entered its end and dried up.

Not only Sky beyond Skies but also the Eight Extremities World, Vast Ocean World, and many other lower worlds related to Sky beyond Skies had their qis disappeared out of thin air.

Even the entire Zhuluo Royal Reed Heavens was trembling.

The Jade Spring Skies within the Zhuluo Royal Reed Heavens and the worlds below were also affected.

In Jade Spring Skies, Tong Xinlin, Guang Tongzi, and other bigwigs were shocked after sensing that the qis in Jade Spring Skies seemed to be drawn away by the outside world.

They hurried out of Jade Spring Skies and were surprised to see that the entire Zhuluo Royal Reed Heavens seemed to have formed a vast and tangible qi vein, circulating endlessly.

All qi were converging towards Sky beyond Skies.

The Sky beyond Skies — Broad Creed Mountain.

In the cave manor at the back of the mountain, the young man sitting quietly took a breath.

It gave off an illusion that the frozen river had melted with spring returned to earth.

The qi of the Sky beyond Skies was overflowing, circulating stably on its own.

It appeared that the previous scene of spiritual qi disappearing was just everyones illusion.

The phenomenon was the same for the rest of the worlds.

Tong Xinlin and others stood outside Jade Spring Skies, in the cosmic void of Zhuluo Royal Reed Heavens.

They watched the enormous qi circle in a reverse direction without any stagnation.

It was as if the qi cycle had initially been circling in the opposite direction.

The qi pulled out of Jade Spring Skies had returned to its source and its subordinate worlds.

Everything was restored to its original and natural state.

Tong Xinlin and the others looked at each other in dismay and were at a loss for words for a while.

After a long time, Guang Tongzi asked, “This… Could it be that the Heaven Trampling Monarch is going to challenge the Origin Heavenly Tribulation and pursue Grand Heavenly Realm”

“No, challenging the Origin Heavenly Tribulation and achieving the Three Flowers Converged Crown doesnt work like this.” Tong Xinlin shook her head, then paused for a while before saying, “This… this is like a Virtual Immortal condensing the Splendor of Qi, but…”

She said this with a hesitant look on her face, “But…”

“But why is there such a big commotion” The person next to her continued, “Which Virtual Immortal can bear such a momentum…”

Having said that, the man suddenly shut up, and his words stopped abruptly.

Everyone looked at each other.

After a while, they all spoke in unison, “Young Heavenly Lord, Yan Zhaoge!”

In the Broad Creed Mountain with Sky beyond Skies, Yan Di was talking with Xu Fei while Yuan Zhengfeng and Xue Chuqing were by their side.

After feeling the pulsation of qi between heaven and earth returning to normal, Yan Di took Xue Chuqings palm, and the couple smiled at each other.

“Congratulations.” Xu Fei and Yuan Zhengfeng next to them were also full of smiles, congratulating Yan Di and his wife.

In the cave manor at the back mountain, there was formless darkness that no one could notice as if it came from far away and also seemed to be here all the time.

Feng Yunshengs figure appeared in the gloom.

She pushed open the door of the cave manor, and the young man inside was facing her with a smile on his face.

Above the young mans head, two brilliance gathered.

The first flower contained a remarkable power contending even a universe.

The second flower bore the momentum that shocked even the heavens.

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