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Chapter 1692: Ruining the Atmosphere

After condensing the first Splendor of Soul, Yan Zhaoge gathered the Splendor of Qi on the top of his head.

The two flowers gathered atop his head, signifying his attainment into Grand Virtual Realm.

He smiled at Feng Yunsheng and blinked.

“Youre high-spirited.” Feng Yunsheng said with a smile.

“Im pumped up right now.” Yan Zhaoge had the two flowers on his head slowly receding and retracted them back into his Spirit Yin Centre.

He sat on the woven cattail and didnt move.

Instead, he spread his arms to both sides and invited Feng Yunsheng for a hug with a smile on his face, “Young lady, its time for you to pay off your debts.”

“Youre always so playful.” Feng Yunsheng wasnt embarrassed.

She sat down in Yan Zhaoges embrace with her back against his chest.

Yan Zhaoge clasped his arms tightly and whispered in her ear, “I kid you not, this is a serious matter.”

“Whatever.” Feng Yunsheng finally couldnt take it anymore and couldnt help shrinking her neck.

Soon, she relaxed again, leaning on Yan Zhaoges shoulder.

Looking at her slightly red ears, Yan Zhaoge couldnt help but gently nibble the pink and round earlobe with his lips.

The woman in his embrace couldnt help but soften up a bit.

However, Yan Zhaoge had stopped teasing her.

He has just ended his seclusion with his cultivation progressed further.

People of the same sect, especially those from the Broad Creed Mountain, would visit him to congratulate him.

At the current moment, Yan Di and the rest had tacitly reserved some time for the couple to talk among themselves first before they come over.

Still, Yan Zhaoge put Feng Yunsheng in his embrace and didnt let her go.

Instead, he just smiled and said, “Although weve been a married couple for a long time, we havent gone through the ceremony and crossed the chastity line yet.”

Feng Yunsheng smiled, “So, its not too late for you to back out from the marriage.”

“Silly girl.” Yan Zhaoge said maliciously, “If I want to go back on my promise, then I will have my time on your first already.

I must have my fun first before abandoning you, right But, you know I havent crossed the line yet, how can I give up so easily”

“Yeah, yeah, youre sly as a fox.

Why would you do something that doesnt benefit you” Feng Yunsheng leaned lazily against Yan Zhaoges arms.

“Ive been looking forward to the moment when I lift my brides blusher veil with my very own hands.” Yan Zhaoge took off his playful mask.

He hugged her and said softly, “I havent had that experience yet.

I wonder how it feels.”

Feng Yunsheng didnt mind Yan Zhaoges tease.

As he suddenly talked earnestly, her ears turned even redder, and she murmured, “I would also like to find out…”

The couple stopped chatting and sat quietly while embracing each other.

Although they were silent, they felt their heart connected.

After a while, Yan Zhaoge sighed suddenly, “The eyesores are here.”

Although he still wanted to hold Feng Yunsheng and not let go, Feng Yunsheng couldnt sit still and stand up from Yan Zhaoges arms.

Then, several figures appeared at the entrance of the cave manor.

It was Yan Di, Xue Chuqing, Xu Fei, Yuan Zhengfeng and the rests.

“Huh, did we ruin the atmosphere” Yuan Zhengfeng said with a smile as soon as he came.

Yan Zhaoge didnt avoid the group as he threw his remarks.

They had all heard it.

“But, we still have to come.

There are some important things that I need to talk to you about first.” The old master said, “It will soon be the decisive battle between our Daoisms Tri-Buddhism Platforms Great Divinity and Western Pure Lands Archaic Dipankara Buddha.”

“Oh So, did the Archaic Dipankara Buddha accept the challenge of Tri-Buddhism Platforms Great Divinity” Yan Zhaoge raised his eyebrows.

The Archaic Dipankara Buddha didnt accept the duel for nearly two hundred years despite how Ne Zha harassed at the entrance.

He didnt accept Ne Zhas challenge, and Ne Zha couldnt break in the Buddhist kingdom of Western Pure Lands to snatch him out and force him to fight.

Two hundred years was undoubtedly a long time for the mortal world.

But for the powerhouses like Archaic Dipankara Buddha and Ne Zha, it was momentary.

More often than not, their secluded cultivation was longer than that.

Archaic Dipankara Buddha lived in seclusion in the Western Pure Lands, staying behind the scenes and rarely leaving the Blessed Lands.

The current situation wasnt pleasing to their reputation, but it limited their actual strength.

At best, other Buddhist Bhantes in Western Pure Lands had some doubts about him, but at present, Archaic Dipankara Buddha still held his position firmly.

Although Yan Zhaoge was in seclusion, the people from Broad Creed Mountain would pass the latest intelligence to him at regular intervals.

This time, although Yan Zhaoge didnt isolate himself from the outside world, he had to be fully focused in the process of condensing the Splendor of Qi.

Hence, his seclusion was slightly longer.

With that, Feng Yunsheng, Yan Di, and others were out of touch with him.

He had limited knowledge about the latest developments in the outside world.

At this moment, Archaic Dipankara Buddha suddenly changed his stance and accepted Ne Zhas duel challenge.

So naturally, it had arisen Yan Zhaoges curiosity for a reason.

Feng Yunsheng had calmed down.

She nodded and answered his question, “Daoist Ne Zha had killed Bhante Baixiong.”

“Um…” Yan Zhaoge touched his chin.

Bhante Baixiong was a proud disciple of the Archaic Dipankara Buddha.

Archaic Dipankara Buddha often sent him for errands in his shoe.

It stood to reason that since Ne Zha had been harassing at the entrance, Bhante Baixiong should have minimized his frequency in going out.

Ne Zha wouldnt trouble the others, but the others might disturb him.

Although Yan Zhaoge still didnt know how Bhante Baixiong confronted Ne Zhas Fire-tipped Spear and perished, this outcome had undoubtedly change the situation.

No matter what the Archaic Dipankara Buddha thought, it was difficult to sit still this time.

Previously, the grievances between Archaic Dipankara Buddha and Ne Zha were in his favor.

He had nothing to lose, but Ne Zha had suffered the bitter end.

Hence, Ne Zha put the matter to the heart while he just ignored it.

Since his disciple, Bhante Baixiong, had died in the hands of Ne Zha, his fame and prestige would be further damaged.

The situation of Bhante Baixiong and Li Jing wasnt the same.

The relationship between Li Jing and Ne Zha was a mess.

Worse still, they were father and son.

Therefore, the conflict between the two could be regarded as a family affair.

If the Archaic Dipankara Buddha came forward for Li Jing because of Ne Zha murdering his father, then he who had incited the whole ordeal had to take responsibility.

Hence, the party involved had chosen to forget this matter, except for Ne Zha.

But now that Bhante Baixiong was dead in the hands of Ne Zha, the Archaic Dipankara Buddha was further forced to accept the challenge.

“It would be good if they broke into a fight.” Yan Zhaoge said thoughtfully, “Archaic Dipankara Buddha has incomplete Sea Suppressing Pearls.

With the strength of Tri-Buddhism Platforms Great Divinity, he has a good chance to win.

Even if he loses, his life probably wont be endangered.

Archaic Dipankara Buddhas side will suffer no matter whether they win or lose.”

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