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Chapter 1699: Home Field Advantage


From Yan Zhaoge’s point of view, it would be difficult for Ne Zha to defeat Archaic Dipankara Buddha in his home field, Western Pure Lands.

Although Ne Zha was solid in combat with great adaptability even to the environment of Western Pure Lands, he could at best avoid the suppression of Pure Lands’ Buddha Light on him to retain his combat prowess.

But it would be difficult for him to cut off the support and buffs enhancing Archaic Dipankara Buddha here.

In Western Pure Lands, the Archaic Dipankara Buddha had his performance elevated.

Ne Zha’s adaptability only allowed him to offset part of the difference between the two sides due to geographical reasons.

So if Ne Zha couldn’t launch a surprise victory, the development of the battle was quite pessimistic.

The main reason why Archaic Dipankara Buddha adopted a somewhat passive stance was that he didn’t want to fight head-on with Ne Zha recklessly and reduce consumption.

He planned to slowly consume Ne Zha’s energy.

“It’s a tough battle to win.” Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di looked at each other.

The victory Ne Zha wanted couldn’t be attained in one move, which required him to injure the opponent severely.

Whether it was for revenge or to eliminate a rival for Bhikkhu Xuan Du in the next round of Nine Underworlds’ game, it would require him to hurt Archaic Dipankara Buddha seriously.

However, looking at the current situation, if Ne Zha didn’t have any other new tricks, all of them would be just wishful thinking.

After all, his opponent was one of the oldest Buddhas in the world.

Throughout history, the elite Buddhists always stood a place on the world stage.

However, in consideration of all Grand Heavenly Realm experts, Mahayamuri did shallow down the Buddhism’s brilliance.

This situation put Archaic Dipankara Buddha, the current second-in-command of the Western Pure Lands, in a troubled state as if saying that he was unworthy of his fame.

But that was because Mahamayuri was too strong, and by no means the Archaic Dipankara Buddha was weak.

At this moment, Dipankara Buddha took advantage of being in the home field of Western Pure Lands to battle against Ne Zha.

At this point, he was essentially invincible with no worries of losing the duel.

The worst result was that he acted shamelessly and exerted the 18 Sea Suppressing Pearls to their full potential in defending himself, like a turtle retracting into its shell.

It was almost impossible for Ne Zha to break through the defense in the current situation.

The Pure Lands’ Buddha Light continuously enhanced the Archaic Dipankara Buddha.

He was unfazed of consuming the lights.

Of course, the scene was quite embarrassing to watch.

Ne Zha, who was determined to defeat the Archaic Dipankara Buddha, couldn’t achieve his desired goal.

But in such a duel, one side was beaten to the extent that he could only defend with no power to retaliate.

It appeared as if the victor had already been decided.

With how thick-skinned Archaic Dipankara Buddha was, he wouldn’t hesitate to adopt the “turtle” strategy and held it to the end.

After all, fundamentally speaking, as long as he was uninjured in this battle, it was also a form of victory.

Both sides fought with different goals.

Ne Zha insisted on pushing his offense to the limits till the end.

Then, as time went by, Archaic Dipankara Buddha might have a chance to come back.

However, judging from the current scene, although Archaic Dipankara Buddha didn’t want to be injured, he wasn’t willing to stay on guard till that extreme.

At this moment, he seemed to have fallen disadvantage against Ne Zha’s onslaught.

But, the battle continued with a couple of offenses delivered from time to time.

At least, there was some exchange of blows.

Ne Zha naturally refused to accept this outcome.

With three heads and six arms spread out, the more he fought, the more courageous he became and the more frequent the attacks.

He did not give the Archaic Dipankara Buddha the slightest chance to catch a breather.

Every move he delivered had the might capable of shattering a world.

The temple where everyone was located was the core of the Archaic Dipankara Buddha’s Blessed Lands.

At this moment, under the battle between the two sides, it had gradually become riddled with holes and withered as time passed.

Not to mention that the world inside the temple had ushered in a doomsday scene, and even the stupas, Bodhi, and flowers outside the temple had blemished and withered.

In addition to his amazing art, Ne Zha also unfolded all his treasures at this time.

Besides having the Chaotic Heavenly Twill for defenses, treasures such as the Circle of Yin Yang, Yin Yang Sword, and Golden Bricks were sent over and over at the Archaic Dipankara Buddha.

These treasures of his weren’t trivial.

Either they were born and perished with him back then, or they were acquired at the same time as he was reborn.

After experiencing the baptism of lotus flower dew, they were different from the ordinary treasures of the immortal grade.

They shared weal and woe with him and enhanced the rest of the treasures.

The power displayed from these treasures was different in Ne Zha’s hands than the others.

During the ancient Investiture of the Gods, when Ne Zha was still a Grand Virtual Immortal, he dared to compete with Grand Heavenly Realm opponents.

In addition to his strength, the treasures also played a huge role.

After he attained Grand Heavenly Realm, he refined all the treasures and improved them to a higher level.

Ne Zha gave all his bets, resulting in the Archaic Dipankara Buddha being on high alert.

As Ne Zha became more pumped up in the battle, the 18 Sea Suppressing Pearls could hardly deliver any offense with its frequency of attack lessened as the battle continued.

“Although Ne Zha has the upper hand, it’s not beneficial to continue on like this.” Yan Di frowned and said, “The outcome, at most, forced Archaic Dipankara Buddha to stay on full defense.”

Yan Di thought that if Ne Zha dared to challenge the Buddha, he must have tricks to ensure his victory.

“If things really develop into that situation, it doesn’t mean that Ne Zha doesn’t have any chance anymore.” Yang Jian said at this moment.

“Oh” Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di looked at Yang Jian.

When it comes to their understanding of Ne Zha, the father-and-son duo was undoubtedly not as good as Yang Jian, who had been with Ne Zha for many years.

“If the Sea Suppressing Pearl in the hands of the Archaic Dipankara Buddha is complete, then Ne Zha will not have a chance of winning against him in the Western Pure Lands.” Yang Jian said, “But the Sea Suppressing Pearl in the hands of the Archaic Dipankara Buddha is incompleted.

As you can see, he can’t fully utilize it when the pearls are scattered, and even his defense have some flaws.”

“Of course, ordinary people can’t catch this so-called flaw, but Junior Brother Ne Zha can give it a try.”

Hearing what Yang Jian said, Yan Di asked, “So, do we need to wait for Archaic Dipankara Buddha to be on full defense before Ne Zha can seize the opportunity”

“Yup.” Yang Jian replied, “Ne Zha’s victory move requires some conditions.”

Both Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di nodded slightly.

It wasn’t foolproof for Ne Zha to defeat the enemy.

But as long as the Archaic Dipankara Buddha couldn’t hold his defense to the end, there were still chances even with the enhancement from the Buddha Light in the Pure Lands.

“So what are you worrying about right now, Daoist brother” Yan Zhaoge asked.

Although Yang Jian said so, his eyes became more and more solemn.

“It feels like something is wrong.” Yang Jian observed the situation and said thoughtfully, “Ne Zha is getting more and more impatient, and logically it shouldn’t be.”

Both Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di frowned.

Judging by Yang Jian’s cultivation strength and knowledge of Ne Zha, this feeling was probably not groundless.

However, since Ne Zha had the confidence to deal with the Archaic Dipankara Buddha’s defense, why should he be anxious

Due to the geographical advantage, it was indeed more beneficial for the Archaic Dipankara Buddha in an endurance battle.

However, the advantage in this regard hadn’t yet emerged since the battle had just started.

Although Ne Zha had a hot temper, he was experienced in many battles.

Therefore, it was reasonable to say that he should not advance blindly.


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