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Chapter 1703: Easily Captured!

Lotus Dissemination Buddha, also known as the Amritakundalin, was the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus Buddha, who had attained the heretic Buddha enlightenment.

He had always been one of the top powerhouses in the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus for many years.

Before becoming a Buddha, he was commonly called the Lotus Propagating Bodhisattva.

Or, sometimes, the Mystical Mountains Buddhism Dharma Protector, Jin Zha.

Pagoda Bearing God Li Jings eldest prince in the past, the elder brother of Ne Zha and Mu Zha.

In the ancient eras, he studied under the Daoism Jade Clear Bigwig, Manjushri Broad Laws Heavenly Lord, and he was also an elite among the third generations of Daoism lineage.

In the Middle era, along with his mentor Manjushri Broad Laws Heavenly Lord, he turned to Shakya Buddhism.

Manjushri Broad Laws Heavenly Lord became Manjushri Bodhisattva, and Jin Zha became Mystical Mountains Buddhism Dharma Protector.

At the end of the Middle era, the former Dao Ancestor Zhunti, who was later known as the Sakyamuni Tathagata Buddha, had transcended.

Maitreya Buddha changed the teachings of the central Blessed Lands of Saha, triggering great changes within Buddhism.

Many Buddhist powerhouses fled to the Western Pure Lands during that turmoil, including Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, Samantabhadra Bodhisattva, and Mu Zha.

Manjushri Bodhisattva perished during the Great Calamity.

Jin Zha chose to stay in the central Blessed Lands of Saha, which was now the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus and converted to heretic Buddhism.

It was hard to say why he made such a choice back then.

Compared with Mu Zha, who was still at the Grand Virtual Realm, only he knew the bitterness and the stakes involved.

Later in the Great Calamity, Pagoda Bearing God Li Jing turned away from Heavenly Courts Divine Palace, joined the Western Pure Lands, and returned to the Archaic Dipankara Buddha.

At the same time, Ne Zha suffered a catastrophe and almost died.

Their family was torn apart and scattered.

Up to now, Ne Zha had killed Li Jing, and Mu Zha also died in the hands of Taiyi Cultivated Deity.

When Jin Zha entered the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, he had already diverged his path from Li Jing and Mu Zha.

If they were to meet, it would be an embarrassing situation.

Unfortunately, it was very likely to break into a fight.

Strictly speaking, his current relationship with Li Jing and Mu Zha wasnt necessarily better than Ne Zhas.

It wasnt necessarily true to say that he was eager to take revenge for Li Jing and Mu Zha.

However, it made sense if he wanted to end the entire karma involved to ease his cultivation progress.

The Lotus Dissemination Buddha naturally knew that the Archaic Dipankara Buddha intended to let him do the dirty work in killing Ne Zha.

If Ne Zha died in his hands, people in Daoism such as Yang Jian, Taiyi Cultivated Deity, Yan Zhaoge, and the rest wouldnt let him go.

But for various reasons, he still came.

Under the guidance of Archaic Dipankara Buddha, he was quietly guarded in the void outside the Western Pure Lands.

Sure enough, Ne Zha landed here after being repelled from the Western Pure Lands.

After careful observation, the Lotus Dissemination Buddha confirmed that Ne Zha, as the Archaic Dipankara Buddha said, wasnt in good condition at the moment.

Even if he attained Grand Heavenly Realm in an orthodox manner, he was still unmatched to Ne Zha, let alone he accomplished Grand Heavenly Realm as a heretic, whose strength was undoubtedly much weaker.

But now, facing Ne Zha, the Lotus Dissemination Buddha had a brief chance.

Being subjected to the current predicament, Ne Zha could hardly move, let alone utilize his treasure.

However, the Lotus Dissemination Buddha was caught in surprise by the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual surrounding Ne Zha.

Neither the Archaic Dipankara Buddha nor the Lotus Dissemination Buddha would have expected Yan Zhaoges Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual to be so flexible now.

Under the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual suppression, Ne Zhas situation was better than Lotus Dissemination Buddha expected.

Although Ne Zha was still troubled by the black qi, he managed to sharpen his spirits.

On the other hand, the Lotus Dissemination Buddha could hardly make progress in a short period.

At this moment, Yan Zhaoge followed the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual trail and located Ne Zha.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge, the Lotus Dissemination Buddhas expression immediately became solemn.

Even though Yan Zhaoge hadnt yet attained the Grand Heavenly Realm, the praise and recognition of his strength were now universally recognized.

The Red Inferno Dhvaja Potentate Buddha, who originated from orthodox Buddhism, and the Dingguang Joyous Buddha, who belonged to the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, were the recognition of Yan Zhaoges strength.

The Lotus Dissemination Buddha didnt despise Yan Zhaoge because of his higher cultivation realm.

Whats more Even if Yan Zhaoge was just an ordinary Grand Virtual Immortal, the Lotus Dissemination Buddha still had to be wary because of the Golden Body of the Great Sage.

Although the Lotus Dissemination Buddha was eager to end this karma, he felt like retreating at the moment.

Unfortunately, before he could retreat, a big drum suddenly appeared above Yan Zhaoges head.

The drums kept sounding, shaking the world.

“…Heavens Ascent Drum!” Lotus Dissemination Buddha recognized the origin of the treasure at a glance.

The drums original owner, Percussion Heavenly Lord of Immortal Court, had confronted the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus back then, so the Lotus Dissemination Buddha was no stranger to the treasure.

Seeing Heavens Ascent Drum appearing in Yan Zhaoges hands at this moment, Lotus Dissemination Buddha instinctively grew wary.

The treasure seemed to be a glaring warning sign!

The drum sounded, materialized, and sealed the surrounding universe.

Influenced by the Grand Heavenly Immortal grade artifact, the Lotus Dissemination Buddha suddenly found that he had lost his advantage in the face of Yan Zhaoge, who was at the Grand Heavenly Realm level.

Even if he wanted to muster up the intricacies in the Grand Heavenly Realm, there was a great hindrance at this moment.

Yan Zhaoge, who took one step forward, came to the Lotus Dissemination Buddha in an instant and slammed him down!

Under the majestic palm, even the Lotus Dissemination Buddha felt slight suffocation.

“You really live up to your reputation!” Thoughts flashed through Buddhas mind, how could he care about Ne Zha at this moment.

While sitting on the white lotus, he hurriedly activated his alternative form.

A red snake and a yellow snake entwined the Lotus Dissemination Buddha as soon as his Dharmakaya avatar manifested.

Having his combat form activated, he had his eight arms held different incantations, striking at Yan Zhaoge altogether.

The eight Dharma seals manifested the Aṣṭasenā image [1]: the deva, the naga, the yaksha, the gandharva, the asura, the garuda, the kimnara, and the mahoraga, respectively.

The eight legions gathered together, and Buddha on top of them chanted.

Then, immense pressure came onslaught, seemingly capable of subduing all devils.

The attack was fierce and majestic, living up to the name of the mightiest art belonging to the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.

However, Yan Zhaoge only blinked his eyes slightly in response, summoning the Splendor of Soul above his head immediately.

His right palm was still striking towards the Lotus Dissemination Buddha, while his left palm struck the sky nine times in a row.

Then, Yan Zhaoge summoned the Early Heaven Primordial Three Scriptures as a whole and manifested Origin Opening Nine-style Divine Palm Seals.

The first eight palm seals delivered beat and captured the incoming Aṣṭasenā easily.

In a moment, the dragon scales, python scales, flower petals, porcelain shards, and colored silk were broken apart.

Yan Zhaoges final palm attack combined the previous might from the previous eight palms and detonated the chanting Buddha statue!

On the flip side, his right hand continued advancing.

Then, with his five fingers spread out, he manifested a giant palm, engulfing the Lotus Dissemination Buddha along with the Dharmakaya image.

As the colossal palm descended, its size grew bigger than the Lotus Dissemination Buddha.

Yan Zhaoge directly grabbed the four-headed and eight-armed Lotus Dissemination Buddha in his hand, like catching a toy with a crane machine!

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