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Chapter 1704: Grand Daoism Physique

As Yan Zhaoges stature changed, his palm covered up the cosmos, seemingly dimming down the stars.

Then, he grabbed Amritakundalins Dharmakaya image manifested above the Lotus Dissemination Buddha.

Seeing this, the Lotus Dissemination Buddha threw a distant gaze, neither panic nor impatience.

Amritakundalins Dharmakaya image, which was surrounded by arms, shattered on its own.

What was hidden in Dharmakaya was exposed, but it was shrouded in colorful light.

It was a wooden stake only four inches long, and three iron rings were placed on the stake.

“The Dashing Dragon Stake” Yan Zhaoges eyes flashed.

This treasure was forged by the Manjushri Broad Laws Heavenly Lord in the past, who was named in ancient eras and later bestowed on Jin Zha.

After the master-and-disciple duo converted from Daoism to Buddhism, the Dashing Dragon Stake earned the title of the Seventh Treasure Golden Lotus, with an outstanding might and a prominent reputation.

For the sake of safety, the Lotus Dissemination Buddha didnt utilize this treasure immediately but hid it in his Dharmakaya image and waited for the right opportunity.

Yan Zhaoge had a superior combat power, asserting dominant pressure in the battle.

The Lotus Dissemination Buddha lured his enemy, letting Yan Zhaoge subdue his Dharmakaya image, and then launched a decisive strike via the Dashing Dragon Stake with all his strength so that Yan Zhaoge would not have time to dodge it.

As soon as the Dashing Dragon Stake appeared, it immediately summoned turbulence as it enlarged.

The three small iron rings also quickly grew into three brilliant haloes to shackle Yan Zhaoge.

The treasure displayed its profundities.

Three bright haloes shackled the victim with one halo by the neck, one on the waist, and the last one on the ankles.

The more rigorous the victims resistance, the tighter the shackles became.

If Yan Zhaoge were firmly shackled, he would have a hard time.

However, Yan Zhaoge had already heard about the Dashing Dragon Pike.

He seemed to have gone all out in subduing the Dharmakaya image, but he had been secretly guarding against the opponents hidden tricks.

At this moment, seeing the three circles of light coming towards him, Yan Zhaoge didnt dodge.

Instead, he had his right hand incarnated swiftly.

In the eyes of the Lotus Dissemination Buddha, Yan Zhaoges right hand seemed to be clenched into a fist but also seemed to be spread into a palm.

Even after a closer inspection, it seemed like he had pointed out only one finger.

Through the rapid movement, Yan Zhaoge manifested the art that blurred the line between reality and illusion.

Soon, he became formless, resembling the beginning of primordial nothingness.

Under this ability, although Yan Zhaoge was still in the ethereal form, he managed to muster up the essence of world creation.

Then, he became tangible and intangible and finally replicated the moment when heaven and earth werent divided into yin and yang.

“Taiyi, Taichu, Taishi, Taisu, Taiji… Grand Cosmos Five Manifestations!” The Lotus Dissemination Buddha quickly recognized the art.

After all, he had been famous since the ancient eras.

Having witnessed Yan Zhaoges ability first hand, the Lotus Dissemination Buddha immediately recognized that Yan Zhaoges move was as exquisite as Daoism Grand Clear Lineages Supreme Martial Art, Grand Cosmos Five Manifestations.

Yan Zhaoge vividly displayed the whole concepts of the Grand Clear Lineages Supreme Martial Arts in go, explaining the changing process of the universe before heaven and earth were established.

Chaos and nothingness, the essence of world creation, the beginning, the original, and the yin and yang were manifested one by one.

Soon, they were integrated as a whole as if they were indistinguishable from each other.

The seemingly contradictory scene was perfectly presented on Yan Zhaoge at this moment, making his body illusory and boundless, seemingly transparent and invisible.

The art of Grand Daoism Physique!

At this moment, Yan Zhaoges figure was like nothingness, directly ignoring the shackle from the Dashing Dragon Stake.

The three colorful haloes passed through him and landed in the empty void.

Buddhas state of mind was known to be as calm as water.

However, emotional fluctuations appeared on the Buddhas face at this moment, and he couldnt help showing a look of surprise.

At the same time, he was also a Grand Clear Lineage master who had undergone lectures in the Grand Cosmos Five Manifestations.

Sure enough, this ability wasnt novel to him.

But such exquisite attainments in that Supreme Martial Art at Grand Virtual Realm were unprecedented.

The attainment couldnt be achieved merely with the knowledge of the Grand Clear Lineage, but ingenious findings added on the starting, thus taking it to a higher level.

Forget about the Lotus Dissemination Buddha who fought against Yan Zhaoge! Even Ne Zha, who concentrated on suppressing the black qi around him, looked at Yan Zhaoge with surprise.

Yan Zhaoges incantation was smooth as silk as if it was just a piece of cake for him.

He channeled the Grand Daoism Physique onto his body.

Then, he came directly to the Lotus Dissemination after passing through the interception coming from the Dashing Dragon Pike.

Immediately after, ethereal sword-light descended from the sky, as if the river of stars was shooting backward and pouring down toward the Lotus Dissemination Buddha.

The Lotus Dissemination Buddha shuddered, remembering some rumors about Yan Zhaoge.

He didnt dare continue the battle with Yan Zhaoge and quickly stepped on the white lotus to retreat.

But the sword-light had already arrived.

The Lotus Dissemination Buddha shouted, summoning his robust Buddhas Golden Body.

However, under the erosion of the sword-light, the Golden Body quickly dimmed and decayed.

At this moment, the Lotus Dissemination Buddhas mind was in a trance.

He wasnt physically hurt, but he felt like he was constantly falling at this moment.

Falling, falling, keep falling.

No matter how he resisted or struggled, he couldnt contain the momentum of his fall.

The Buddha light on his body kept shining like they were his life-saving grace.

The lights reacted immensely to bring the Buddha back up, but all the efforts were futile.

Lotus Dissemination Buddha was in a trance, only feeling that his spirit seemed to have become hazy.

His self-control diminished with his understanding of the martial art path becoming blurred and ignorant.

In the past years, he entered the ranks of heretics and finally attained Buddhahood.

But at this moment, he had fallen from the Grand Heavenly Realm!

Yan Zhaoge used his Fallen Deity Sword to downgrade the Lotus Dissemination Buddha from the Grand Heavenly Realm.

His opponent, who had attained the Buddhas enlightenment through heretical means, was reverted to the Grand Virtual Realm!

The severance of realm attainment happened in a split second.

After the brief delay, Yan Zhaoge sent another palm strike, severely damaging Lotus Dissemination Buddha as the Buddha puked blood profusely.

After a short time, Lotus Dissemination Buddha felt that his mastery and understanding of martial art became clear again, and he became well-versed in self-control.

Under the Buddha light, he seemed to have immediately crossed the Origin Heavenly Tribulation again and re-entered the Grand Heavenly Realm.

Despite this, the process didnt heal his injury after having his cultivation realm punctured by Yan Zhaoge.

Under Yan Zhaoges palm strike, the Buddhas Golden Body was shattered, causing him to be paralyzed.

Ever since he regained self-control, the sense of pain returned to his body.

Each pain was so detailed that the sting crawled over his body, subtle and ubiquitous.

“My Fallen Deity Sword, as the name suggests, is designed to deal with people in the Immortal Realm.

Grand Heavenly Realm is the closest to Dao Realm.

Unfortunately, in quite a few cases, Grand Heavenly Realm has become an incomplete incarnation of the Dao Realm, rather than just a simple immortal.

Its tricky to deal with such a situation.” Yan Zhaoge smiled and said, “But for a heretic like you, you didnt rely on yourself to overcome the Origin Heavenly Tribulation and become a Grand Heavenly Realm.

Serving your cultivation realm is like cutting butter with a hot knife.”

Having said that, Yan Zhaoge stretched out his hand, spread his five fingers, and grabbed the Lotus Dissemination Buddha into his palm.

Then, he retrieved the unmanned Dashing Dragon Stake into his possession.

Then, he captured the Lotus Dissemination Buddha, came to Ne Zha, and said, “Daoist Brother, how should we deal with this person”

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