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Chapter 1707: Visiting the Daoisms Universe

Without Nine Underworlds Abyss of Devilish Seawater, there was no way to overcome the Earthly Yin Yang Apricot Banners defense under normal circumstances.

After all, even Mahamayuri had a headache against this defensive treasure.

Uncle Jiang shouldnt face any problem unless Dao Realm bigwig was involved.

However, if Dao Realm bigwig did participate, there was no way Uncle Jiang could have fled.

Not everyone could escape after being hunted by a Dao Ancestor like Great Sage Equalling Heavens, Yang Jian, and Kong Xuan.

Even a proud figure like Ne Zha couldnt be certain in achieving this feat.

But if it wasnt for a certain Dao Ancestor, who would have the confidence to break the Earthly Yin Yang Apricot Banner

Ne Zha was puzzled at the moment, while Yan Zhaoge came into deep thoughts and fell into silence.

“Have you thought of something” Seeing Zhaoges state, Ne Zha couldnt help but ask.

“Probably…” Yan Zhaoge showed a complicated expression, “Someone may be able to do that, but there is no proof to it.

We need to check on the Earthly Yin Yang Apricot Banner to be sure.”

“Sun Wukong was not born when Master Jiang and Earthly Yin Yang Apricot Banner disappeared.” Ne Zha frowned, “Kong Xuan cant do anything with the Earthly Yin Yang Apricot Banner.

So, are you thinking of the Heavenly Lord Emperor”

The person he spoke of was naturally the Emperor of Heavenly Courts Divine Palace in the past, Jade Eminent Heavenly Lord Emperor.

He had the reputation of being the most powerful Grand Heavenly Realm in the past and the top person under the Dao Realm.

Under the Dao Realm, if anyone could break the Earthly Yin Yang Apricot Banners defenses with his art, then the Jade Eminent Heavenly Lord Emperor would undoubtedly be a strong candidate.

It was proven that Kong Xuan couldnt do anything to the Earthly Yin Yang Apricot Banner, but the Jade Eminent Heavenly Lord Emperor and the Great Sage Equalling Heavens had never had a similar experience.

So until today, there was still a lot of uncertainty in this regard.

“In the early years of the Middle era, the Three Clear Lineages Patriarch had already Transcended.

Heavenly Courts Divine Palace was just set.

It was the time for Daoism to stabilize itself.

There was no reason for the Jade Eminent Heavenly Lord Emperor to do that.” Yan Zhaoge touched his chin, “Im thinking of another person… Um, in fact, youre quite close to that person, Daoist Brother.”

“Its just that you are familiar with him in the ancient eras, but you should have never interacted with him in the Middle era.”

Hearing what Yan Zhaoge said, Ne Zha was stunned.

At the next moment, he gradually understood.

Then, his expression became complicated, just like Yan Zhaoge, “Fellow Daoist Yan, arent you thinking Lord of Plentiful Treasure from the Prime Clear Lineage”

“I do think he is the most likely culprit.” Yan Zhaoge spread his hands and sighed, “Master Red Essence has perished under the Lord of Plentiful Treasures sword.”

Lord of Plentiful Treasure was the Lord of Prime Clear Numinous Treasures first disciple in the past, and there were several top sword experts in the history of Daoism.

After the end of the ancient eras and the transcendence of the Lord of Numinous Treasure, the Lord of Plentiful Treasure inherited the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture.

The already excellent Lord of Plentiful Treasure had thus successfully ascended to the next level.

It was just that after entering the Middle era, he rarely appeared in the world and rarely made a move in front of everyone.

Unfortunately, he perished early because of the Devil Ancestor Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil.

Hence, although the Lord of Plentiful Treasure was known to be superb after completing Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture, no one could determine how strong he was.

Only the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil would know how strong he was.

The rest could only guess with limited clues.

Even though the Lord of Plentiful Treasure had perished in the hands of the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil, he wasnt captured or killed on the spot, escaping from the formidable pursuit.

He then perished later due to fatal injuries.

No matter what happened, this achievement put Lord of Plentiful Treasure at the highest rank among the Grand Heavenly Realm.

Although Yan Zhaoge couldnt be sure of the specific level of Lord of Plentiful Treasure, he knew Yu Ye, who cultivated Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture after the fall of Lord of Plentiful Treasure.

She was able to set up an incomplete Immortal Extermination Formation by herself.

Yu Ye deduced that the Lord of Plentiful Treasure, who was already the leading figure among Grand Heavenly Realms, should be even more powerful after completing the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture.

His strength was even more devastating to the world.

A fair comparison would be hard to make.

However, judging from the offensive alone, Lord of Plentiful Treasure should be at the top level under Dao Realm in history.

Chaos Extinguishing Imperious Annihilation specialized in attacking and destroying.

So it was hard to say whether Earthly Yin Yang Apricot Banner could resist it.

Compared with the Jade Eminent Heavenly Lord Emperor, the Lord of Plentiful Treasure had motives against those in the Jade Clear Lineage.

Yan Zhaoge and Ne Zha looked at each other awkwardly.

That was particularly true for Ne Zha.

He sighed after a brief pause, “According to what you said, the Lord of Plentiful Treasure has already perished.

So even if he were involved, it would be a loose account to settle.”

As one of the leading figures in the third generation of Jade Clear Lineage, Ne Zha made his name in the Investiture of the Gods battle in ancient eras.

The grievances between him and the Prime Clear Lineage were innumerable.

After the Investiture of the Gods, he didnt have a good relationship with the Prime Clear Lineage because of his personality.

He could not get along well with the Golden Spirit Mother, Wen Zhong, Lu Yue, Yin Jiao, Li Xingba, and others who were on duty in Heavenly Courts Divine Palace.

But in a Great Calamity, countless Daoism powerhouses perished.

Many outstanding achievements were turned into dust, and even Ne Zha himself barely survived the calamity.

Daoism Three Clear Lineage threw away the old hatred, and it was time to work together and revitalize Daoism.

Although the relationship between Ne Zha and Taiyi Cultivated Deity with Incongruence Divine Mother and Cloudy Firmament Fairy was still somewhat awkward, it was undoubtedly much more amiable than before the Great Calamity.

This time, Cloudy Firmament Fairys deterrence to Buddhism played a significant role in Ne Zhas duel with Archaic Dipankara Buddha at Western Pure Lands.

With the Immortal Extermination Formation, she reached a tacit understanding with Amitabha to avoid a full-blown war.

Looking back at the various things that happened in the past and looking at the current situation, Yan Zhaoge and Ne Zha sighed.

“Lets get the Earthly Yin Yang Apricot Banner first.

By the way, lets see if your guess is right or wrong, whether Uncle Jiang died because of the Lord of Plentiful Treasure,” said Ne Zha.

The two darted in the void.

The space in front of Ne Zha was distorted into a ball.

Given his Grand Heavenly Realm, he shouldnt move at will since the fighting here had already gotten intense.

Among the blossoming white lotus in a Buddhist kingdom within the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, the enormous lotus in the center was in full bloom at this time.

With the opening of the lotus petals, bursts of fragrance spread from it.

There was a dazzling Buddha light flashing.

The Buddha light condensed into a bunch of sword-light, soaring into the sky, directly piercing the Land of Buddhism.

From the outside world, another white lotus descended to this Buddhist kingdom.

A Buddha sat on the lotus and congratulated, “Congratulations, brother, for concluding the seclusion.”

At the source of the sword-light, there sat a young man in a monks robe but with long black and smooth hair.

It was the Blessed Lands of the White Lotuss heretic at Grand Heavenly Realm, Sword Master of the Six Paths, Qu Su.

Qu Su nodded and thanked Buddha, who came to congratulate him, then stood up from the white lotus.

“Where do you want to go” The Buddha asked.

“I want to pay a visit to Daoisms universe.” Qu Su replied casually.

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