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Chapter 1715: Fakes Are Just Fakes

The replica was dressed in white with a blue robe that had a black outline.

Although his hair was combed and tied up neatly, he was much shorter than ordinary people.

The replica had handsome facial features.

Moreover, he gave off a unique charm with his confident smile.

“The Green Lotus Treasured Flag just now should have been stained by the Nine Underworlds seawater.

Before it is repurified, it could not be used, right”

Yan Zhaoge looked at the person in front of him at the moment, like looking in a mirror.

“Its like a shadow that comes true.” He couldnt help but laugh, “Youre in Grand Heavenly Realm, and yet you treat me in such respect despite me being a Grand Virtual Immortal.

Hmph, Im flattered.”

The “Yan Zhaoge” on the opposite smiled and said, “Young Heavenly Lord, keep those words to the Red Inferno Dhvaja Potentate Buddha and the Dingguang Joyous Buddha.

I will never treat you as an ordinary Grand Virtual Immortal.”

“Thats such a pity.” Yan Zhaoge shrugged his shoulders indifferently, “Im actually quite interested.

Do you have any other tricks besides shadow replication After all, Ive never seen you use any other arts.”

“Young Heavenly Lord, you will find out more when you join the Nine Underworlds.” Shadow Devil replied with a smile.

“That will be too troublesome.” Yan Zhaoge said, stepping on the void and walking towards Shadow Devil, “Im more used to getting my answer in this way.”

As he moved forward, he raised one of his palms and lunged it towards the Shadow Devil, who looked just like him.

As Yan Zhaoge dropped his palm, two air currents intertwined at the bottom of his palm.

The two intertwined airflows expounded the excellent principle of the yin and yang.

One attack alone had already exerted the might of Jade Clear Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture, Grand Clear Taiji Yin Yang Palm, and Prime Clear Bright Red Tribulation Scripture — the three Supreme Martial Arts principles.

They had all integrated into the Cyclic Heavenly Seal Yan Zhaoges launched to the opponent.

The air current was neither white nor black.

Instead, it was dim but noticeably shining.

The Supreme Martial Arts, which had never been seen in the past, was now displayed in the hands of Yan Zhaoge.

Even the well-informed Shadow Devil secretly praised it in his heart.

“Cultivating the Three Clears at the same time, and the effect is truly brilliant!” The Great Devil secretly said in his heart, “What a rare talent who is level-headed, far from being so frivolous on the surface.”

Yan Zhaoge took the initiative to attack.

This brand-new palm art wasnt only domineering and powerful but also implied ingenuity and endless possibilities.

It was like painting on paper, splashing ink boldly.

However, the picture was full of blank spaces, leaving a strong aftertaste and room for further transformations.

“Although it is said that the Three Clears is an integral whole, there is a big difference to the principles of the martial art techniques after such a long journey of growth and development.

Therefore, it is not easy to cultivate the Supreme Martial Arts of the Three Clears simultaneously and integrate them as a whole.” Shadow Devil looked at Yan Zhaoges incoming palm.

Then, a thought flashed in his mind, “Whats more You have introduced new changes to it.”

“Wonderful, brilliant! But…” Although Shadow Devil was in awe, he didnt stop his response against Yan Zhaoges imminent attack.

He didnt have any extra movements either, but he copied Yan Zhaoges attack like a mirror image.

Then, he struck out his palm in the same manner.

“Although it is difficult to understand how you did it, once the art is shown in my eyes, it will turn into something that I have in common with you.” Immediately after, the same image of interchanging yin and yang occurred in the Shadow Devils palm with two airflows converging at its center.

The Shadow Demon threw his palm in the same manner as Yan Zhaoges, facing off Yan Zhaoges palm straight.

The two identical palm arts collided in the void at this moment.

The shockwave from the clash between the majestic and terrifying momentum had seemingly squeezed the void here into disintegration, returning everything to dust and non-existent.

Shadow Devil was engrossed in it, but it wasnt the Yan Zhaoges palm attack that he cared about.

He hid a devilish treasure in his hand, always in alert of other Immortal Artifacts such as Chaotic Origin Hammer, Heavens Ascent Drum, etc.

After all, except for a few unique treasures in Ne Zhas possessions, it was difficult for him to copy others items.

But when the palms of the two sides got into contact, Shadow Devils face suddenly changed.

The ying and yang which Yan Zhaoge harnessed remained the same.

But new changes had taken place on the Shadow Demons palm.

After a slight tremble, the circulating bright yin qi and dark yang qi suddenly changed their appearance.

They were dismantled into six smaller airflows.

Firstly, the two black airflows represented Jade Clear Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture, while the two white airflows represented Grand Clear Taiji Yin Yang Palm.

On the other hand, the red and one white airflow represented the Bright Red Tribulation Scripture.

The palm arts, originally identical to Yan Zhaoge, were suddenly reverted and split into three distinct Daoism Supreme Martial Arts with the same principles.

It was impossible to fuse them anymore, let alone connect them.

The new scene marked the fragmentation of the replicated palm art.

What startled Shadow Devil palpitated was that the three Daoism Supreme Martial Arts that had split died out quickly.

The three-layered yin and yang confluence dispersed like snow in an instant.

Shadow Devil couldnt feel the resonance and vibration of the Truth in heaven and earth for a while, but only emptiness.

It was as if he only imitated Yan Zhaoges movements and sent out a palm attack.

But this attack was just an empty shell.

When the wind blew, the palm attack collapsed on its own.

However, what he was facing wasnt the breeze, but a shocking palm attack from Yan Zhaoge!

Due to the wrong judgment, Shadow Devil lost the chance to dodge and parry, forcing him to face the attack head-on.

He was forced to summon devilish treasures he pre-planned at the start to suppress Yan Zhaoges treasure immediately to defend himself.

But at the same time, the Heavens Ascent Drum sounded above Yan Zhaoges head, which in turn restrained the Shadow Devils newly deployed treasure.

Yan Zhaoges palm managed to strike a direct hit in the end!

“Fakes are just fakes, after all.” Yan Zhaoge chuckled.

Shadow Devil groaned when he was sent flying backward!

The Shadow Demons replication of Yan Zhaoges appearance quickly disintegrated, and soon he reverted into a cluster of dark shadows.

It seemed Yan Zhaoge had managed to strike him back to his original form.

Even if he was unharmed, given his Grand Heavenly Realm, the attack had knocked him out for a moment.

When he previously copied Yan Zhaoge, he had reduced his level back to Grand Virtual Realm to some extent.

It would be fine if he perfectly replicated Yan Zhaoges combat prowess.

Then, he wouldnt suffer from a head-to-head confrontation even against other Grand Heavenly Realm powerhouses.

Under Yan Zhaoges palm attack, the Shadow Devils offensive had collapsed.

Worse still, his defense was weakened, allowing the palm attack to defeat him like a hot knife cutting through butter.

Shadow Devil might not succumb to such an embarrassing defeat if he didnt change into Yan Zhaoge with his shadow replication art.

Shadow Devil staggered as he was sent backward.

However, Yan Zhaoge didnt relax his offense either, sending one palm after another at Shadow Devils head.

Shadow Devil looked intently, only to see Yan Zhaoge condensed the foundation of the world.

Zhaoge raised his palms to manifest the momentum of Chaos Origin Opening and exerted its intricacies.

Primordial Early Heaven Three Scriptures and Late Heaven Six Scriptures were perfectly combined at this moment, giving off a vague sense of unity and reverting all laws into their origin!

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