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Chapter 1716: Pursuing With Hammer!

Yan Zhaoges performance in the fight for the Earthly Yin Yang Apricot Banner made Shadow Devil not worried about the emergence of the Great Sage Equalling Heavens.

Still, the Shadow Devil felt that he had dropped his pride and gave an equal level of respect to Yan Zhaoge as an opponent.

He decided to change into Yan Zhaoges appearance with shadow replication art and then wear down Yan Zhaoge in an endurance battle with a similar level for combat prowess.

However, it wasnt a stamina battle, but a competition of who was more durable!

Although he duplicated Yan Zhaoges Grand Virtual Realm, dropping many of his qualities to the Grand Virtual Realm level, there was still the Grand Heavenly Realms indestructible physique as the foundation.

If he kept going head-to-head and traded injury-for-injury, it should be impossible for Grand Virtual Immortals Yan Zhaoge to fight him to the end.

Yan Zhaoges combat strength was outstanding.

His defense was solid, and even many Grand Heavenly Realm couldnt hurt him.

But what about his attack

Shadow Devil attempted to defeat him by utilizing back his attack to break his defense.

He didnt have to wish of killing Yan Zhaoge, but to end the battle in the shortest possible time and seize the Green Lotus Treasured Flag in Yan Zhaoges hands that was polluted by the Nine Underworlds Abyss of Devilish Sea.

Of course, the devil was happy to have additional gains and pleasant surprises.

Worse come to worst, even if he failed, he could safely get out of the situation.

Yan Zhaoges strength was exceptional, but it shouldnt be easy for him to surpass a veteran Devil Lord, one of the first few Ancient Devils in the world.

However, after the fight, Shadow Devil realized that he seemed to be wrong.

At this moment, the Shadow Devil trembled upon Yan Zhaoges performance.

After all, he just watched the scene of the Primordial Early Heaven Three Scriptures and Late Heaven Six Scriptures becoming an integral whole, and the Daoisms arts reverting to its origin.

He stared at the top of Yan Zhaoges head.

There seemed to be an indescribable Iridescent Cloud, hazy and chaotic.

It was similar to Yan Dis Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud but slightly different.

This chaotic Iridescent Cloud was looming.

It materialized sometime, turned hazy the next moment, and even disappeared for a while.

When the outline of the Iridescent Cloud became apparent, or when it disappeared completely, Shadow Devil didnt care.

But when this Iridescent Cloud was hazy and blurred, it manifested both characteristics of illusory and materialization, reaching another indescribable level.

The Shadow Devils eyes suddenly became sharp and seemed empty and real.

“Its not stable yet, and its just a prototype, but…” Shadow Devil took a deep breath, flew back, and dodged, avoiding contact with Yan Zhaoge.

One of the dignified Twelve Devilish Gods was chased away by a Grand Virtual Immortal.

“However, there is already the shadow of Jade Clears Peerlessness!” Shadow Devils face grew ugly, “When the nine scriptures are gathered together, and the Three Clears are cultivated at the same time, peerlessness will be born with the primordial returning.”

It was commonly known that even the last nine scriptures of Primordial Heavenly Scriptures were collected, it was impossible to deduce and recreate the Peerless Heavenly Scripture — the first volume of Primordial Heavenly Scriptures.

But the other nine volumes were all derived from the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, and thus they were in the same lineage.

Before Yan Zhaoge, there had never been a Three Clear practitioner who could reach such a high cultivation realm.

Once the Three Clears combined, the learnings would fill up the flaws among the Three Clears Arts.

Although they were classified into different lineages, Yan Zhaoge had achieved the most profound depth in the Three Clears Supreme Martial Arts other than the Supreme Elder Lord.

Although Yan Zhaoge hadnt yet cultivated Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture, he had read the contents and was proficient in Grand Clear Taiyi Fist.

Therefore, many people had been speculating on whether Yan Zhaoge could use the latter nine Heavenly Scriptures to reversely deduce the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, the first of the ten scriptures.

After all, he had overcome the Immortal door by cultivating the Three Clears simultaneously.

“Have he really succeeded” Shadow Devil saw the Iridescent Cloud looming over Yan Zhaoges head at this moment, and his heart was full of doubts and shocks, “No matter if he has a complete Peerless Heavenly Scripture and has been keeping it secret, or has he successful deduced the incomplete Peerless Heavenly Scripture”

“If he is given more time, he will acquire the complete Peerless Heavenly Scripture.” Just now, when he just replicated Yan Zhaoge, he had already noticed the abnormality.

After shadow replication, Shadow Devil could sense and freely cast the targets Supreme Martial Art.

However, right upon replicating Yan Zhaoge, he couldnt utilize the martial arts until Yan Zhaoge used it despite having already duplicated the appearance.

He could only learn one art after watching it, slowly one at a time.

If Yan Zhaoge didnt exert his martial art technique, the situation might evolve into a stalemate.

At that time, Shadow Devil thought that this was the unique feature coming from Yan Zhaoges background as a Three Clear practitioner, which affected his shadow replication art to a certain extent.

But now, it seemed that there was something else far more than that.

Another important reason was that Yan Zhaoge seemed to have gradually deduced some of the secrets of Peerless Heavenly Scripture, but it wasnt complete.

Therefore, he couldnt interrupt the Shadow Devils shadow replication art from the very beginning like what Suo Mingzhangs Heaven Severing Scripture did.

The shadow replication art was effective to a certain extent, but it was just an empty shell.

When the real and the fake came into contact, the imitation was reverted to its original form.

For Shadow Devil, it might be better to fail at the very beginning, like facing Suo Mingzhang.

At least in that way, he wouldnt be overconfident and clash with Yan Zhaoge head-on!

He regretted lowering his level into Grand Virtual Realm and sustained a blow from Yan Zhaoge.

If it werent for his foundation as Grand Heavenly Realm Devil Lord, Yan Zhaoge might have been killed him on the spot just now.

Having committed a mishap at the first step, all the Shadow Devils followings plans fall through.

He was at a disadvantage, suppressed, and beaten by Yan Zhaoge.

It even became difficult to fend himself against Yan Zhaoge now.

At this moment, Yan Zhaoge was having a great time.

He controlled the changes of the chaotic Iridescent Cloud above his head, which flickered on and off.

While the Heavens Ascent Drum was beating loudly, he held the Chaotic Origin Hammer in his other hand and smashed it at the Shadow Devil.

Shadow Devil sighed helplessly.

He had to turn around and run away.

Just like facing Suo Mingzhang, he had no intention of lingering any further at this moment.

Otherwise, there would be a risk of perishing under Yan Zhaoges hands.

The previously chaotic time and space had now gradually shown signs of calming down.

When time and space returned to normal, it was naturally far more convenient for a powerful person like Shadow Devil to escape than Grand Virtual Immortal.

However, Yan Zhaoge still pursued Shadow Devil.

With the help of two Immortal Artifacts, Heavens Ascent Drum and Chaotic Origin Hammer, Shadow Devil failed to escape immediately.

In the end, he chased while smashing his hammer at the Shadow Devil ruthlessly.

This was also thanks to the fact that Shadow Devil was proficient in movement arts, even in comparison to Grand Heavenly Realm powerhouses.

Otherwise, he couldnt keep fleeing under the pursuit of Yan Zhaoge, who was also proficient in movement arts.

There were traces of other people gradually appearing in the void.

In the end, everyone stared at one of the oldest devils in the world being chased by a Grand Virtual Immortal, and fled in a sorry manner.

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