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Chapter 1718: You Stood No Chance

Although the crowd already knew why Qu Su would come, there was still a slight disturbance in the crowd when he expressed his duel challenge.

No matter his origin, Sword Master of the Six Paths Qu Su was a Grand Heavenly Realm powerhouse who had attained Buddhahood and cultivated in his own Blessed Lands.

Immortal Realms fourth level, the Grand Heavenly Immortal, was the closest to the Dao Realm.

Its specialty was the Grand Heavenly Immortal physique and everlasting and unbounded existence.

The attainment required the breakthrough on the Origin Heavenly Tribulation, which was particularly outstanding.

Although Qu Su came from a heretic origin, he was recognized for his talent and strength, almost as good as the Western Pure Lands orthodox Buddha.

As a sword cultivator, he had impressive qualities in combat.

On the other hand, Yan Zhaoge, who hadnt yet overcome the Origin Heavenly Tribulation, was still a Grand Virtual Immortal.

Now, Qu Su of the Grand Heavenly Realm was challenging Yan Zhaoge of the Grand Virtual Realm.

In the past, Yan Zhaoge had killed Red Inferno Dhvaja Potentate Buddha, defeated Dingguang Joyous Buddha, and even defeated Shadow Devil just now with the help of his Grand Heavenly Realms Immortal Artifact; all of which prove that he was an extraordinary Grand Virtual Immortal.

Even if a Grand Heavenly Realm powerhouse faced him, it was difficult to claim the victory.

But the hatred involved between them was pretty heavy that they had to fight.

At that moment, Qu Su was serious in this matter.

As a Grand Heavenly Immortal, he lowered his pride and officially challenged Yan Zhaoge of the Grand Virtual Level.

No matter who won in this battle or whether Yan Zhaoge agreed on the duel, Qu Su put his pride away this time.

However, everyone at the scene didnt feel what unfolded in front of them to be surprising since it was Yan Zhaoge, after all.

Origin Heart Devil looked at Dao Monarch Lu Ya, “This should be the second time in history, right Such an event has never happened before since the precedent of Yang Jian at the Grand Virtual Realm in ancient times.”

Dao Monarch Lu Ya nodded when he heard those words.

He did not answer but looked at Yan Zhaoge and Qu Su with probing eyes.

“If we dont fight today, your sword will become blunt.” Yan Zhaoge didnt reject the duel because of the cultivation realm gap.

He first assessed Qu Su with interest.

“Now, it is the moment when my sword is at its sharpest.” Qu Su replied calmly.

Yan Zhaoge said with a playful smile, “I appreciate your frankness, but instead of being friends, we have a grudge, and were enemies.

Why do I have to fight with you when you are at your peak Since you will become weaker and weaker, then the weaker you are, the easier it will be for me to beat you.

The further down the line, the better for me.

Why dont I wait”

Regardless of whether Yan Zhaoge had defeated Red Inferno Dhvaja Potentate Buddha, Shadow Devil, Dingguang Joyous Buddha, who were at the same level as Qu Su, Yan Zhaoge himself was still a Grand Virtual Immortal after all.

Therefore, it was justified for him to refuse a duel challenge from Grand Heavenly Immortal.

“I will acknowledge my enemies, but I have no interest in supporting them.” Yan Zhaoge looked at Qu Su and spread his hands.

Qu Su said quietly, “Master Yan has no reason to fulfill my wish.

I have nothing else to ask for, and I only hope to end my teachers karma with my own hands, no matter if I succeed or fail.”

He raised his head and looked at Yan Zhaoge, “I have achieved the Buddhists Kingdom, and the Fellow Yan is still a Grand Virtual Immortal.

Therefore, no matter how outstanding you are in the Grand Virtual Realm, it is indeed unfair to you.”

As Qu Su spoke, he stood up from the white lotus, and the long sword initially lying across his knees was thrown on the lotus while he jumped and got off the lotus platform.

“Fellow Yan has several Grand Heavenly Immortal Artifacts, all of which youre able to use.

So I will challenge you with bare hands.” Qu Su said, “No matter where it is.”

Ne Zha had a rebellious temperament.

He heard of Qu Sus duel challenge to Yan Zhaoge before.

Although he had confidence in Yan Zhaoge, he still wanted to ridicule Qu Su.

But at this moment, after listening to Qu Sus words, his eyes became slightly solemn.

The top-notch Grand Virtual Immortal equipped with Grand Heavenly Immortal Artifact in his arsenal, especially when it was more than one, could be in equal match with a bare-handed Grand Heavenly Immortal.

Not to mention an outlier like Yan Zhaoge.

Moreover, Qu Sus strength was still incomparable to an elite like Ne Zha.

Even if he were talented, the inherent limitation of being a heretic would always exist.

Whats more Qu Su had given out the geographical advantage to Yan Zhaoge aside from the advantage in weapons.

Such an attitude wasnt because of self-confidence and certainty of victory but determination.

For Qu Su, he could not have taken this path.

Even if his sword had grown blunt and his cultivation diminished, he was still influential to a big crowd.

Despite being a Grand Heavenly Realm and couldnt take revenge personally, he could still assist the enemies of his nemesis.

But he still came here, gave up everything except himself, and just requested a fight.

Everyone present looked at Qu Su, and they were all silent.

Yan Zhaoge assessed Qu Su and suddenly laughed after a while, “I accept your challenge.”

“You dont need to restrain yourself.

You are a sword cultivator, and your swordsmanship is tied to your life.

Since this battle requires you to go all out without regrets, you should bring your sword.”

Yan Zhaoge said lightly, “As for whether I use weapons or not, thats my business, and there is no need to choose the location.

So lets skip the hassle of picking a date.

We end everything here and now.”

“There are so many fellow Daoists here who can witness the battle between you and me.” Yan Zhaoge looked at Qu Su, “However, I can only help you until this point.”

“Avenge for Sword Buddha You stood no chance.” Having said that, Yan Zhaoge had already stepped forward, walking towards Qu Su.

It was a face-off between the Grand Virtual Immortal and the Grand Heavenly Immortal.

Yan Zhaoge walked forward step by step with his momentum getting domineering like the immortal descended to the earth and overlooked the world.

“Fellow Yan,” Qu Su did not turn around to take the long sword left on the white lotus but also stepped forward to meet Yan Zhaoge.

The two approached each other.

However, it seemed like they didnt exert their movement arts.

Instead, they were simple martial arts warriors, stepping on the flat ground and walking face to face.

However, the void between the two showed a blatant distortion.

Although Qu Su didnt have a sword in his hand, his sword qi was glaring, and the six-colored sword light appeared like a wheel.

As the wheel spun, the time and space seemed to be distorted, and the existence of tangible things had become illusory.

The sword light wheel was like a black hole, drawing everything into it.

Yan Zhaoge faced the sword, and his mind was slightly dazed.

There seemed to be an illusory world in front of him, and it was bizarre.

The Six Paths of Reincarnation were all presented, and Yan Zhaoge felt like he would be absorbed into one of them.

Qu Su pulled himself out of the Six Paths of Reincarnation, severed his attachment, and attempted to bring Yan Zhaoge into it.

The heavier the targets killing, the stronger the Qu Sus sword.

This art became stronger, the stronger the opponent.

Qu Su had an amazing record of defeating the strong while being the inferior side!

As soon as the sword was drawn, Yan Zhaoges soul had the risk of being absorbed into the Six Paths of Reincarnation and immediately defeated if he was careless.

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