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Chapter 1722: Supreme Song of Dao, Grand Virtual Suppressing Grand Heavenly!

The Nine-Headed Bug was well-aware that Yan Zhaoge hadnt overcome the Origin Heavenly Tribulation, and the Immortal Essence could hardly hurt Grand Heavenly Immortal.

However, the Nine-Headed Bug dared not to sustain any of Yan Zhaoges attacks directly.

He still had to do everything in his power to salvage the situation.

He didnt forget that Yan Zhaoge had Immortal Artifacts such as Heavens Ascent Drum and Chaotic Origin Hammer.

If Yan Zhaoge completely tore through his defense line and smashed the Chaotic Origin Hammer over, he would immediately follow Shadow Devils footsteps.

He utilized his Grand Heavenly Realms ubiquitous quality in operating time-and-space to dodge, thus distancing himself from Yan Zhaoge for a reset.

The Nine-Headed Bug dodged quickly in the void, manifesting many of his shadows instantly.

However, Yan Zhaoge was one step ahead of him, summoning the Immortal Artifact Heavens Ascent Drum above his head.

The surging drum hadnt yet sounded as if it wasnt there.

When Nine-Headed Bug saw this, he knew that his wishful thinking would not work.

As long as Heavens Ascent Drum interrupted him for a moment, Yan Zhaoge would immediately catch up to him again.

He only had a chance to turn the defeat into victory when he stopped Yan Zhaoge from continuing to seize the first movers advantage.

Yan Zhaoge had the upper hand, pressuring the Nine-Headed Bug at melee combat.

The huge Crescent-Moon Shovel in the hands of the Nine-Headed Bug was hard to be utilized in this range.

But the Great Demon also had his means to resolve the challenge.

The original double-headed long Crescent-Moon Shovel was separated into two from the middle.

The Nine-Headed Bug held a Crescent-Moon Shovel on each hand.

He harnessed two clusters of silver lights in his hand, summoned up a heavy storm, encircled and slashed towards Yan Zhaoge from two directions.

“Ha!” Yan Zhaoge stood there, unwavering.

He pushed his hands to his left and right.

The force capable of ripping apart the universe had struck on both sides, knocking away the Nine-Headed Bugs Crescent-Moon Shovels!

The terrifying storm was also forcibly stopped.

On the contrary, the Nine-Headed Bugs arms trembled and separated to both sides upon the clash.

Once again, he exposed his chest and heart in front of Yan Zhaoge again.

Upon realizing so, Nine-Headed Bug immediately summoned another martial art, but Yan Zhaoge was much faster.

Yan Zhaoge held his initially separated palm together, attacked from the center, going for the chest immediately.

The attack was swift as thunder, inching toward the Nine-Headed Bug!

The Nine-Headed Bug only had time to put the two shovels in front of him to block.

However, he was still one step slower than Yan Zhaoge.

Since he moved hastily, he didnt have a firm grip on his defense.

Yan Zhaoge threw two punches consecutively, with the first punch sending away the two Crescent-Moon Shovels that Nine-Headed Bug used to defend himself, and the other punch immediately slammed into his chest.

This time, Nine-Headed Bug didnt have time to change his martial art to resist.

He sent out the two Crescent-Moon Shovels at Yan Zhaoges face.

Yan Zhaoge slanted his body, evading one Crescent-Moon Shovel, and blocked the second shovel with his other hand.

Despite the resistance, he continued to punch at the Nine-Headed Bug.

In Nine-Headed Bugs nine heads and eighteen eyes, violent light flashed.

They all let out fierce roars.

The bug transformed and harnessed his Heavenly Enlargement, changing his appearance into a Nine-Headed Bird.

In an instant, black wings covered the sky and the sun.

The nine heads chirped in unison with their shark shrieks sending the stars down the sky.

Soon, the scene of a meteor shower came upon the battlefield.

The Nine Heavens Gales became turbulent, sweeping towards Yan Zhaoge with a violent momentum.

One after another violent winds intertwined in the void, turning into a mysterious inscription with unpredictable meaning.

The Nine-Headed Bug finally blocked Yan Zhaoges punch with the help of the inscription on the talisman.

The talisman was shattered and reverted into innumerable, blade-like winds surrounding Yan Zhaoge.

The Nine-Headed Bug quickly utilized the opportunity to retreat and distance himself from Yan Zhaoge.

However, his attempt was futile.

Yan Zhaoge combined the Grand Clear Lineages two Grand Supreme Martial Arts fortifications.

At the same time, he unified the Jade Clear Lineage Late Heaven Six Scriptures as an integral whole.

With the blessing of the defense arts, he stood firmly in the heavy storm and the void.

Without giving the Nine-Headed Bug a moment to recover, Yan Zhaoge launched his attack again in hot pursuit.

The Nine-Headed Bug, who seemed to be at his limit and in a sorry state, had cunning and sinister gazes in his eyes.

His Nine-Heads breathed out fierce wind, trying to stop Yan Zhaoge.

Eight of the heads remained the same, but one of them suddenly spewed flames from the mouth!

The flame was golden and red at the same time, dazzling, fiery, and graceful.

Earlier Heaven Essence of Departed Fire!

The golden and scarlet Earlier Heaven Fire worked hand-in-hand with the Nine Heavens Gales.

The wind intensified the fire while the fire strengthened with the wind.

The combination of wind and fire instantly lit up a red-gold flame storm, burning the sky and scorching the earth.

The fire seared the void, seemingly devouring everything!

When Yan Zhaoge pursued the opponent at a significant advantage and almost settled as the victor, the Nine-Headed Bug suddenly made a comeback!

At this moment, he showed his hidden cards and expanded all his strength.

He planned to exhaust Yan Zhaoges spirit and make the opponent careless, then lunged a critical blow and turned the defeat into victory!

Nine Heavens Gales combined with the Earlier Heaven Fire turned into countless golden-red blades and slashed at Yan Zhaoge.

Previously, Yan Zhaoge had been fighting the Nine-Headed Bug head-on with his defense art resolving any attacks thrown on him.

However, the opponents attack had increased by a notch!

Yan Zhaoge wouldnt bother about attacks coming from Grand Virtual Realm opponents.

But, it was a fact that the Nine-Headed Bug in front of him was in the Grand Heavenly Realm.

Even when Yan Zhaoge had integrated the two Grand Clear Supreme Arts and solidified his defense with the Jade Clears foundations of the worlds creation, those defenses were punctured by the golden blade that was coming in like a rainstorm.

Feng Yunsheng, Ne Zha, and others suddenly turned their heads and looked at Dao Monarch Lu Ya.

Dao Monarch Lu Ya must have secretly given Nine-Headed Bugs Earlier Heaven Essence of Departed Fire and helped him refine it.

No matter how arrogant Nine-Headed Bug was in his previous words, both he and Dao Monarch Lu Ya attached great importance to Yan Zhaoge secretly, lest the preparations were not thorough enough.

Finally, the bug seized the opportunity to make a comeback.

The Nine-Headed Bugs wings fanned as it lunged at Yan Zhaoge.

“Ha!” Yan Zhaoge was fearless, and he never stopped moving forward!

Seeing that the Nine-Headed Bug had penetrated the defense, and the red-gold wind blades like a torrential rain were about to fall on him, Yan Zhaoge was in panic and responded instantly.

The mysteries of Grand Clear Grand Cosmos Five Manifestations Supreme Martial Arts were entirely on display.

Yan Zhaoges figure turned illusory and boundless, seemingly transparent and invisible.

The Grand Daoism Physique came into play.

The torrential Nine-Headed Bugs attack struck nothing.

Nine-Headed Bug was startled and wanted to retreat immediately, but he heard a song coming from Yan Zhaoge.

The song was mystical and unpredictable.

Despite the Grand Heavenly Realm, the Nine-Headed Bug couldnt comprehend it fully, vaguely sensing that the song originated before the creation of heaven and earth.

Shocked by the immortal song, Nine-Headed Bug felt that his mind and soul slowed down immensely and became sluggish.

Yan Zhaoges Supreme Song of Dao!

Not to mention the Nine-Headed Bug, even the other spectators felt their minds clogged.

After a shudder, everyone regained their senses and came into shock.

It was common knowledge that Grand Virtual Immortal could utilize their martial arts song to suppress the existence below their realm.

But, it was unprecedented to have Grand Virtual Immortals Song of Dao suppress a Grand Heavenly Immortal!

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