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Chapter 1723: Whac-A-Mole On Those Heads!

Everyone present was more or less affected when they heard the Supreme Song of Dao.

Feng Yunsheng, Ne Zha, Dao Monarch Lu Ya, and Origin Heart Devil were slightly affected, with the effect being almost negligible.

But considering that they were just on the side rather than facing Yan Zhaoge directly like the Nine-Headed Bug, Dao Monarch Lu Ya and Origin Heart Devil still treated the Supreme Song of Dao seriously.

The rest also looked at the Grand Virtual Realms Yan Zhaoge with Two Flowers Converged Crown in a dignified expression.

This wasnt a surprise, but a horror.

The onlookers were all in this mood, let alone the Nine-Headed Bug facing Yan Zhaoge now.

Yan Zhaoges Grand Daoism Physique resolved the trump card he relied on to turn defeat into victory.

Worse still, his reaction slowed down due to the influence of the Supreme Song of Dao.

Yan Zhaoge turned into nothingness, traversing through the golden-red flame storm without being hindered.

He came to the Nine-Headed Bug instantly and slammed his palm mercilessly at the opponent.

The Nine-Headed Bug couldnt dodge in time, so he had to turn slightly and raise one of his wings to block the palm attack.

However, at the moment of contact, Yan Zhaoge dispelled the ethereal properties of his body and deactivated the Grand Daoism Physique.

On the contrary, Nine-Headed Bugs figure grew illusory, manifesting an image of nothingness and transparency with blurred edges.

It was as if the two of them exchanged their states in an instant.

However, unlike Yan Zhaoges Grand Daoism Physique, which could move freely, the Nine-Headed Bugs body was forced to stand still after acquiring the ethereal properties.

His eyes were sluggish, as if he had lost his vitality and spirit and became dazed.

“Huh” Dao Monarch Lu Ya, Origin Heart Devil, and the others stared with awe.

The Nine-Headed Bug seemed to have fallen below the Tranquil Profound Immortal realm, suppressed by the Grand Virtual Immortals Supreme Song of Dao.

He could no longer think with a clear mind!

Apparently, the Grand Virtual Immortal Realm Yan Zhaoge had suppressed the spirit of a demon races Great Sage!

The Nine-Headed Bug was sent back to the material state in the blink of an eye.

The lifeless eyes trembled and soon regained their vitality.

But in this short period, Yan Zhaoge has already raised his palms and smashed his palm at the Nine-Headed Bug who had harnessed Heavenly Enlargement.

The monstrous Nine-Headed Birds image shattered, revealing a much smaller Nine-Headed Bird, which was the true form of the Nine-Headed Great Sage.

Yan Zhaoge held the Nine-Headed Bugs wing firmly in his right hand and then smashed the Chaotic Origin Hammer with his left hand!

Eight heads of the bird let out a painful howl in unison, and one of the heads was splattered already!

“The next one,” said Yan Zhaoge.

The Chaotic Origin Hammer came striking down again, smashing another head of the Nine-Headed Bug!

While the Nine-Headed Bug roared, he struggled hard.

Yan Zhaoge was still holding his wings firmly.

Between the two opposing forces, the feathers were torn like rain.

The Nine-Headed Bug gritted his teeth and forcibly broke one of his wings!

The bug retreated quickly, trying to escape.

Although it was agreed that the duel was a life-and-death battle, the Nine-Headed Bug no longer had the courage to fight Yan Zhaoge at this moment.

If the fight went on, it would be a life-and-death battle.

Of course, the one who would die was him, not Yan Zhaoge.

Amidst the Nine-Headed Bugs roar, a raging wind blew up.

It first blew towards the Heavens Ascent Drum above Yan Zhaoges head.

Then, his figure flashed, and there were many phantom images in the void as if he existed at every point in time and space.

The green brilliance in Yan Zhaoges pupils outlined a series of runes, flickering non-stop.

He put aside the broken wings of Nine-Headed Bug.

When the Nine-Headed Bug was desperately fleeing, he had already wielded another treasure in his hand and activated it first-hand.

It was a wooden staff that was only three or four inches long.

Three iron rings were set on the wooden staff, and it flashed with colorful brilliance.

“…Seventh Treasure Golden Lotus!” When the Western Pure Lands Buddhas saw this, someone among them couldnt help but blurt out.

The Seventh Treasure Golden Lotus was the Dashing Dragon Stake passed on to Jin Zha by the Manjushri Broad Laws Heavenly Lord.

Yan Zhaoge seized the treasure when he defeated Jin Zha.

Dao Monarch Lu Ya frowned suddenly, and a rainbow light flashed faintly on his body.

But this time, it was Ne Zhas turn to sneer, stepping on Wheels of Wind and Fire, separating Dao Monarch Lu Ya and Yan Zhaoge from the battlefield.

The rest of the factions, namely the demon races, the Nine Underworlds Infernal Devils, and the Buddhist Bhantes, were all about to make a move at this moment.

The rest of the forces might also be at odds with each other, but they banded together against Yan Zhaoge because of the Earthly Yin Yang Apricot Banner, the Green Lotus Treasured Flag, and even because of Yan Zhaoge himself.

However, Feng Yunsheng and Incongruence Divine Mother also joined with Ne Zha to stop the coveting forces.

Yan Zhaoge seemed to turn a blind eye to the surrounding situation.

He took up the Dashing Dragon Stake, and the stake grew bigger when facing against the wind.

The three small iron rings on the wooden stake also quickly grew into three colorful circles, which went into a pursuit at the Nine-Headed Bug.

Nine-Headed Bugs eyes were about to pop from the squeeze, but it was too late for him to dodge due to the serious injury.

The restraining rings caught on him quickly.

A light ring buckled around his neck, making him unable to move the remaining seven heads.

The second ring buckled on his body, and the last one locked both of his paws.

Nine-Headed Bug struggled desperately, but the more he struggled, the tighter the colorful rings buckled.

In the next instant, Yan Zhaoge had caught up.

He summoned the Chaotic Origin Hammer and smashed it down again!

With a muffled “Bang“, Yan Zhaoge splattered the third head of the Nine-Headed Bug!

“Like what I said it before.” Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Stop running away.”

As he spoke, he kept smashing again and again, shattering the Nine-Headed Bugs head.

The Nine-Headed Bug would only die until all nine heads were shattered.

At this moment, Yan Zhaoge had broken four heads in a row, and the bug was already dying.

The remaining five heads were all out-of-breath.

Even without Dashing Dragon Stake, he had no power to resist and escape at this moment.

Even if Yan Zhaoge let him go, it wouldnt be long before he succumbed to severe injuries.

At this point in the battle, the victor had decided.

“Although there are too many heads, they are not enough for me to beat them up.” Yan Zhaoge gave no mercy.

He struck with his hammer again, killing the demon race Great Sage!

The prominent Nine-Headed Great Sage, who was rampant in the Middle era, had perished.

Following the path of new generation Sword Buddha, Qu Su from the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, the demon races Nine-Headed Bug had perished in Yan Zhaoges hands!

“Unexpectedly, he still has Dashing Dragon Stake in his hand.” Shadow Devil looked at the Nine-Headed Great Sage, who was beaten to death by Yan Zhaoge.

He couldnt help but smile bitterly, “Luckily, this thing is useless to me.

Otherwise, I could barely escape.”

“Judging on their relationship with the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, they couldnt borrow it over, which means that Jin Zha also died in his hands.”

Origin Heart Devil didnt speak after hearing the words, just looked at Yan Zhaoge quietly.

He also had planned to help Nine-Headed Bug and Qu Su before, making secret plans in the dark.

No one in this world was better than him in plotting conspiracies.

Ne Zha had just suffered a loss from him not long ago, thus staring at him with vigilant eyes.

On the other hand, Yan Zhaoge didnt have obvious mental flaws like Ne Zha, and it wont be easy for him to make a move.

“I manage to open my eyes to many things today…” Origin Heart Devil was silent for a while, muttering to himself.

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