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Chapter 1728: Once-in-a-lifetime Ceremony

Yan Zhaoges group had returned to Daoisms universe.

Taiyi Cultivated Deity and Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor, who left earlier, and Suo Mingzhang and North Star Emperor, who stayed in Daoisms universe, were all waiting for their return.

Everyone celebrated together upon meeting up.

It was great news for the Earthly Yin Yang Apricot Banner to return to the Three Clears.

They were gratified to hear about Yan Zhaoges brilliant battles and Yang Jians success in injuring the Archaic Dipankara Buddha.

As the group chatted about Yan Zhaoges victory over the Shadow Devil, they naturally brought up the topic of Peerless Heavenly Scripture.

A couple of them anticipated it, but they were still overjoyed upon hearing Yan Zhaoge recreating the Peerless Heavenly Scripture through deduction in a reverse approach.

In particular, Taiyi Cultivated Deity and Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor from Jade Clear Lineage showed uncontrollable joy on their faces.

While Yan Zhaoge greeted everyone, he secretly observed the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor and the North Star Emperor.

They looked normal and natural.

However, it was difficult to pick up clues on the surface if these two really had other thoughts hidden in their hearts.

Yan Zhaoge had to suppress the doubts in his heart first and chatted to the crowd calmly.

“The virtuous couple is getting married.

Of course, we have to attend the banquet, and I hope the two of you wont refuse our request.” Taiyi Cultivated Deity said with a smile.

“Certainly not.” Yan Zhaoge cupped his hands and smiled, “If you can have any seniors and colleagues willing to take the time to witness my wedding with my wife, youre welcome to attend.”

The Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor also put on a faint smile on his face, “Fellow Junior Yan, you are too modest.

The marriage of the two of you is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

Were honored to be invited and watch the ceremony.”

The rest nodded in agreement.

What the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor said wasnt an exaggeration.

Yan Zhaoge had made his name.

He was still in the Grand Virtual Immortal realm, but he had already defeated several Grand Heavenly Immortals in a row.

Everything showed his outstanding strength and potential.

Everyone was optimistic that he would overcome the Origin Heavenly Tribulation and attain the Grand Heavenly Realm.

Moreover, the ascension would be unlike others.

Even if they had the opportunity to ascend, it would be challenging.

For Yan Zhaoge, this attainment was already in plain sight.

Of course, lets not forget that Feng Yunsheng was already one of the top elites for the entire Daoism even though she had just attained the Grand Heavenly Realm a few hundred years ago.

Although she was younger in seniority, her title as the Doomsday Heavenly Lord allowed her to compete with legendary powerhouses such as Archaic Dipankara Buddha, Dao Monarch Lu Ya, and Origin Heart Devil.

Demon races, Buddhism, Nine Underworlds, and other forces grew wary of Daoism powerhouses, especially Yan Zhaoge or Feng Yunsheng.

Across many ages, both of them had already played a pivotal role.

Since they had now officially married as a Daoism couple, their marriage would not be a trivial matter, and it would spread to the whole world.

Sure enough, everyone already knew that they would definitely join hands for the rest of their lives, so they were prepared for the news.

However, since they were from the same sect, there wasnt any affiliation through marriage.

Otherwise, the news would be more shocking and influential as it marked the changes of the next sect leader of a lineage.

The marriage of two influential powerhouses didnt appear for a long time.

There was only a handful of such marriages across many ages.

So the wedding was well-deserved to be a grand event.

“Congratulations.” Suo Mingzhang looked at the couple.

He was happy for them, but his eyes showed melancholy and nostalgia.

When Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng noticed it, they both knew he was reliving the moment.

They must have reminded him of the Exalted Wood Luminary, Shao Junhuang, who had long perished.

Suo Mingzhang was quite excited when he learned that Yan Zhaoge had made progress in deducing the Peerless Heavenly Scripture.

He wasnt yearning for Peerless Heavenly Scripture, but he was a martial art enthusiast, like a madman.

Hence, he was curious about this legendary Jade Clear Primordial Scripture, hoping to see what it was.

However, at this moment, the marriage news of the Yan Zhaoge couple reminded him of his deceased wife.

His fiery emotions cooled down instantly, which dosed him in much sadness.

In this regard, Yan Zhaoge did not say much to comfort Suo Mingzhang.

He could only thank Suo Mingzhang for the congratulation and changed the topic, “The Green Lotus Treasured Flag has once again tainted by the seawater from the Nine Underworlds Abyss of Devilish Sea again.

I would have to trouble senior again for it.”

“Its fine.” Suo Mingzhang took over the Green Lotus Treasured Flag.

“Speaking of the marriage of the two of you, has your parents heard about it yet” Yang Jian asked with a smile.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “My parents and her parents have long known that the day I acquired Two Flowers Converged Crown would be the day for our marriage.

It just so happened to clash with Ne Zhas duel against Dipankara Buddha, so I came to attend the matter and delayed the marriage.”

Previously, several of them were repelled out from the Western Pure Lands and were separated.

They could not contact Yan Di for a while.

Moreover, the matter with Earthly Yin Yang Apricot Banner was more urgent, so Yan Zhaoge and Ne Zha rushed to support Taiyi Cultivated Deitys group.

On the other hand, Feng Yunsheng continued to look for Yan Di.

Yan Zhaoge had heard from Feng Yunsheng earlier that she had established contact with Yan Di before rushing over to pick up Taiyi Cultivated Deitys group, which possessed the Earthly Yin Yang Apricot Banner.

However, Yan Dis situation was a bit special.

It was not suitable for him to fight with others for the time being.

Hence, Feng Yunsheng went to support Yan Zhaoges group while Yan Di returned to Zhuluo Royal Reed Heavens first.

Now that Yan Di had safely returned to Sky beyond Skies, Yan Zhaoge wasnt worried.

“Its my fault for delaying your matter.” Ne Zha shook his head and smiled, “I feel sorry for that.”

“Whats the matter Archaic Dipankara Buddha gave us a gift for this.” Yan Zhaoge looked at the Earthly Yin Yang Apricot Banner in Taiyi Cultivated Deitys hand, “Although this is our treasure, it has always been lost.

If it werent for Archaic Dipankara Buddha helping out, we might not be able to find it so quickly.”

Everyone laughed and talked about the gains and losses of Earthly Yin Yang Apricot Banner and Western Pure Lands vajra and the possible impact of the fall of Qu Su, Nine-Headed Bug, and Jin Zha.

Afterward, the group finally dispersed.

Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng returned to Zhuluo Royal Reed Heavens.

However, Yang Jian came back after leaving.

He secretly entered the Zhuluo Royal Reed Heavens and caught up with Yan Zhaoge.

His expression was a little dignified, “Fellow Daoist Yan, I want to meet your father.

Is it convenient now”

“My father should be in seclusion after returning to the mountain.” Seeing Yang Jians serious expression, Yan Zhaoge knew that it was serious business rather than casual chatter.

He said immediately, “However, it is not strict seclusion.

It doesnt affect him to meet up with people.

Daoist Brother, please come with me.”

Yang Jian nodded and entered Sky beyond Skies with Yan Zhaoge.

“Daoist Brother, is there something urgent” Yan Zhaoge asked as he walked.

“Its not urgent, but its just some things I want to confirm.

I was busy with Ne Zhas matter previously, and I couldnt talk much with your father.” Yang Jian said in a deep voice, “After a few hundred years, I saw Fellow Daoist Suo becoming stronger again, which puts me in doubt.”

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