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Chapter 1729: The Latecomer Is In The Hopeless Shoe

“Senior Suo…” Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng looked at each other, then looked at Yang Jian again, “…my father”

“It seems that fellow Daoists also noticed something” Yang Jian asked rhetorically.

Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng kept silent for a while.

In the end, Yan Zhaoge nodded slowly, “I have sensed something vaguely, but Im not sure yet.

Im going to wait for my father to overcome the Origin Heavenly Tribulation and attain the Grand Heavenly Immortal realm before making a judgment.”

“Your father seems to have noticed it himself too.” Yang Jian said, “I believe the same is true for Fellow Daoist Suo, but I never mentioned it.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded silently.

He now knew what Yang Jian was worried about.

The potential of something going wrong could be quite far away in time.

But, as the old saying goes, there must have immediate worries if there wasnt a distant issue.

Since some problems gradually became prominent, it was best not to bury your head in the hole and be an ostrich.

The orthodox Daoisms disciples born after the Great Calamity were truly a generation of talents.

Some who went through the hardship had perished, while some emerged strongly from it.

Then, they earnt their worth to stand side by side with those bigwigs who were famous in history.

Besides Yan Zhaoge, who had made his name again, Suo Mingzhang and Feng Yunsheng had already stepped into the Grand Heavenly Immortal realm.

In addition, there was a new generation of geniuses who were better than their predecessors, including Yan Di, Nie Jingshen, and Yu Ye.

Yu Yes potential was still strong, but she wasted a little time and was one step behind everyone because of her serious injury.

She still needed a corresponding amount of time to realize her potential.

She was highly talented and had cultivated Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture, so everyone favored her.

At the same time, her cultivation path was straightforward and clear because of Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture, as long as she proceeded step by step.

The situation of the others was more or less similar to hers.

Nie Jingshens sword art was unique.

Like Suo Mingzhang and Feng Yunsheng, he had already attained Grang Heavenly Realm.

However, the success was due to Nine Underworlds Spirit Divinity Overflowing Lid, incarnating him into the Sword Devil.

The attainment of the Grand Heavenly Realm was imminent for him even without external help.

Strictly speaking, he couldnt be considered a talent fostered under Daoism.

Feng Yunsheng was in a similar situation.

Although she currently belonged to Daoism, she was able to advance by leaps and bounds due to the influence of Spirit Divinity Overflowing Lid before she overcame the Origin Heavenly Tribulation.

It wasnt until she overcame the Origin Heavenly Tribulation at the peak of the Grand Virtual Realm and achieved Grand Heavenly Realm that she shook off the influence of Nine Underworlds.

Only then did she pioneer a new martial art path and cut off the connection with the Nine Underworlds.

Like Feng Yunsheng and Nie Jingshen, Suo Mingzhang and Yan Di also developed a path of their own, which was different from their predecessors.

Behind their proud strength was a journey that required constant exploration on their own.

Suo Mingzhang cultivated the Primordial Heavenly Scriptures in a reverse approach and attained success beyond his foundation, creating his own Heaven Severing Scripture.

The so-called Heaven Severing Scripture had gone beyond severing heaven in the literal sense.

To “sever the heaven”, he must first “comprehend the heaven”.

It was said that destruction was easier than creation.

Suo Mingzhangs success in utilizing such a great power freely required him to have a deep understanding of the existence he wanted to destroy.

Only then could he use the least amount of input possible to bring eradication to his target.

His Heaven Severing Scripture was simplified, but it was still all-encompassing.

The final manifestation of his art focused solely on the word “severance”.

On the other hand, Yan Di inherited his parents lineage, Yan Xintang and Di Qinglian.

With that, his art had integrated “beginning” and “end” perfectly and thus accurately transcribed the process of creation and transformation of eras.

In comparison to Yan Di, Sword Buddha — Qu Su would borrow the power and laws not under his possession to defeat the opponent, primarily through the Samsara Sword Manual.

He would utilize the opponents karma and drive his target into the Six Paths of Reincarnations.

If Qu Su had succeeded, the opponent would have to face the Six Paths of Reincarnation, which was a formidable and challenging enemy.

Those who werent a Dao Realm bigwig couldnt withstand the terrifying pressure of the worlds creation and reincarnation.

However, Qu Su was still borrowing power to fight.

He wouldnt be actually incarnating the Six Paths of Reincarnation as if it was his possession.

His mentor, the previous generation Sword Buddha, had incarnated the six realms.

But, it was only limited to opening the door to true reincarnation.

In comparison, Yan Dis Creation Sabre was robust and solid because he perfectly fitted the creation and transformation of eras into his martial art.

This success allowed his part to carry the laws of the changing era, thus manifesting the momentum of worldly creation.

Of course, his art had encompassed the Six Reincarnations and everything that had existed from the word creation to the end.

Besides Dao Realm bigwig, who could really resist it

Of course, Yan Di couldnt fully manifest all of his art and couldnt impose worldly creation upon himself.

But as his realm gradually improved, he could harness more and more of it in this aspect, from the slightest trace at the beginning to a larger scale later.

Yan Di had to continue his exploration of this art during the process of cultivation and gradually make them clear to find the indication of his future path forward.

Unfortunately, in the process of studying it along with Yan Zhaoge and the others, they soon discovered a possible problem.

Yan Dis Creation Sabre and Suo Mingzhangs Heaven Severing Scripture opposed each other as if they were naturally born nemesis.

For now, everyone went their separate ways without affecting each other.

But Yan Dis cultivation was getting higher and higher, with the future path becoming clearer.

There was a faint hunch of a conflict to arise.

In the process of pursuing the Dao Realm, there seemed to be an inevitable fight between him and Suo Mingzhang.

Given their current realm, their exploration to seek the truth of heaven and earth would grant them feedback from the time.

Some feedback was gained out of nowhere, the so-called hunch.

They were rarely inaccurate, especially when it was related to their martial art path.

Unfortunately, Yan Zhaoge who cultivated Three Clears at the same time and Feng Yunsheng who had already attained the Grand Heavenly Realm felt the same way.

“Daoist Brother is one of the top beings under Dao Realm today.

We originally wanted to invite Daoist Brother to take a look at this matter after my father broke through the Origin Heavenly Tribulation.” Yan Zhaoge said with a wry smile.

“Both your father and Daoist Suo are ingenious in creating new Supreme Martial Arts.

If I dont have a deep understanding, I cant give a firm statement.” Yang Jian said, “But since your father felt the same way, the double verification seems to confirm that the possibility of a slash is high.”

“In the worst case, whoever gets to Dao Realm first among the two will block the others path, forcing the counterpart unable to attain Dao Realm for the rest of his life.” Yang Jian sighed, “Although both paths are different, it is on a first-come-first-served basis.

As a result, the latecomer can only attain growth if the newcomer perishes.”

If a Dao Ancestor had gone, there were only two possibilities, either perished or transcended.

Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng looked at each other; they shook their heads and smiled bitterly.

“Senior Suo is broad-minded.

When he first met my father, he might have noticed this, but he still gave my father advice.”

“Should I say luckily it didnt affect my father in overcoming the Origin Heavenly Tribulation” Yan Zhaoge patted his forehead and smiled bitterly, “Fortunately, it didnt affect their respective achievement of Grand Heavenly Immortal realm.”

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