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Chapter 1730: Yan Dis Discovery

“Dao Realm is still quite far away, and maybe things wont become terrible in the future.” Yan Zhaoge still wasnt optimistic either, even after saying that.

Sometimes, the more you desire it, the harder it becomes for the ideal situation to be met.

Feng Yunsheng sighed, “Its indeed far away in the future.

Attaining Dao Realm is definitely a challenge.

Even if Senior-uncle Yan and Senior Suo dont oppose each other in martial arts, its inevitable to have a competition between them for the opportunity to attain Dao Realm, let alone the existence of other competitors too.”

Besides the few born to be Dao Realm bigwigs, the new generations of Dao Ancestors since the world creations were Future Buddha and Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.

Everyone was seeking something out from the Nine Underworlds conspiracies later for a chance to attain the Dao Realm.

Archaic Dipankara Buddha had everything ready since the ancient eras ended, but the opportunity hadnt arrived for him yet.

For anyone, this realm was as difficult as reaching the sky.

Yan Zhaoge was now recognized as a peerless genius, unparalleled in ancient and modern times, with his prestige even going above Suo Mingzhang, Yan Di, and others.

But even so, it was only fair to say that his Grand Heavenly Realm was around the corner.

There were no promises that he would attain Dao Realm.

It not only depended on individual potential and hard work, but it also depended on fate and chance.

However, the conflict between Yan Di and Suo Mingzhangs martial art path was difficult to resolve.

The others might choose to be patient about it.

However, their situation for ascension worked on a first come first served basis, with the latecomer losing all hope for it.

After all, the competition for transcendence would only grow more fierce, brutal, and cruel.

“Your father and Fellow Daoist Suo are world-shocking talents unprecedented in all times.

There could be a possibility of both of them attaining the Dao Realm.

I naturally dont want the two of them to have disputes, especially in the current situation with our Daoism.” Yang Jian said, “Judging from their history, they were known to be broad-minded people.

Of course, they do have their pride, but I still hope they will be patient with this issue.”

Yang Jian said, smiling slightly, “There are always limitless possibilities in the future.”

“Daoist Brother, I agree with your words.

Lets look at the immediate issue and focus more on the upcoming Nine Underworlds game.” Yan Zhaoge looked at Yang Jian, “Speaking of which, is Daoist Brother still unsure of pursuing the Dao Realm”

Yang Jian had always been the top Grand Heavenly Realm powerhouse in Daoisms lineage in terms of combat strength.

Although Bhikkhu Xuan Du was also at the peak of the Grand Heavenly Realm and being prepared for ascension, he was inferior to Yang Jian in combat.

“To be honest, I have gradually managed to get my head straight.” Yang Jian smiled, “Its just a matter of completing the foundation first, and the gap is still far away.

I wont be able to catch up with the upcoming chess involving the Nine Underworlds.”

“If I dont encounter the opportunity for it, I still have doubts about attaining transcendence ahead of your father and Fellow Daoist Suo.

Its even possible that your wife will attain the transcendence ahead of me.”

Yang Jians mood was calm and peaceful.

He displayed mighty combat strength with his Paramount Yin Yang Profound Arts.

However, the downside would be the increase in difficulty to transcend from the Immortal Domain to Dao Realm compared to others.

All in all, there were both gains and losses.

“Lets go.

After meeting with your father, I may be able to judge the situation more accurately.” Yan Zhaoge nodded to the suggestion, “Daoist Brother, follow me.”

Yang Jian and the couple went to Broad Creed Mountain.

After seeing Xu Fei, Xue Chuqing, Yuan Zhengfeng, and others, they went to the back of the mountain where Yan Di had his seclusion.

As Yan Zhaoge had known before, Yan Di wasnt in strict seclusion that isolated him from the entire world.

So after Yan Zhaoge and others arrived, they met with Yan Di pretty soon.

“Everything goes well.” Yan Di looked at the arriving three people and said, “Daoist Brother Yan, you have come just in time.

I was about to get someone to invite you over.”

“I came here to ask about the problem between Fellow Daoist Suo and you.” Yang Jian said, “I was previously busy with Ne Zhas matter, so I didnt have time to talk to you about it.”

As soon as Yan Di heard it, he knew what Yang Jian came here for, “So, Daoist Brother thinks my guess is right”

Seeing Yang Jian nodding, Yan Di said calmly, “Its fated.

Let it settle to be a competition in seeing who is faster.

Senior Suo is a broad-minded person.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have guided me in pursuing the Creation Sabre.

We will settle the matter peacefully.”

He smiled lightly, “Senior Suo has always been passionate in the pursuit of martial arts.

After overcoming the Origin Heavenly Tribulation, maybe he will brawl with me.

In fact, I also really want to experience Heaven Severing Scripture for myself.”

From a certain point of view, Yan Di was also a martial art enthusiast with a competitive nature.

Yan Zhaoge and the rest laughed and fully understood Yan Dis thoughts.

Perhaps, as far as Suo Mingzhang was concerned, wouldnt he want to see how far the Creation Sabre could reach after Yan Di attained the Grand Heavenly Realm

In the current environment, the Daoism lineage put unity as the top priority.

Yang Jian, Feng Yunsheng, and Ne Zha were all distinguished characters.

If unity werent prioritized, Suo Mingzhang wouldnt have joined hands together with them in which the current Daoism prosperity wouldnt have been achieved.

In the face of Feng Yunsheng and others, he might be able to restrain himself.

However, it wouldnt be so against Yan Di with the martial art in conflict with his.

“To be honest, I would also like to see who is better if Im not related to you both.” Yan Zhaoge sighed and commented, “I believe that Dad and Senior Suo wont hurt the unity now because of uncertainty in the future.

But, its hard to predict who will emerge victorious if the fight were to happen.”

Theres no harm if its just a friendly brawl.

But the brawl will inevitably get serious into a fight to settle for a victor.

In that case, bad things may happen.

This had nothing to do with whether the two sides had grievances, but there was a given risk for a true battle, especially when the gap between the two sides was small.

There was only one fine line between victory and defeat.

Yan Di smiled slightly and didnt speak, but the meaning was obvious.

Yan Zhaoge couldnt help but sigh again.

“Fellow Daoist has mentioned before that you want to send me a letter and ask me to come here” Yang Jian asked at this time, “It seems that there is something else important”

Yan Di nodded, “Brother Yang, Zhaoge, Yun Sheng, come and take a look.”

After he said it, he took out a token plate that looked like gold but was not actually gold.

At the same time, it appeared like jade.

He flicked it with his finger, and the token plate levitated in the air.

“This is my surprise gain after I came out of the Western Pure Lands and separated from you all.” Yan Di explained, “This is weird.

It seems to be related to my Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud, but I cant understand it for a while.

The truth is I couldnt attain much gain even after a long period of seclusion.”

Yan Zhaoge looked at Feng Yunsheng and Yang Jian with a serious expression.

Yang Jians forehead cracked open, revealing his third vertical eye, looking at the token plate.

In Yan Zhaoges pupils, there were also outlines of green brilliance.

Feng Yunsheng produced a trace of black energy from her fingertips, wrapping around the token plate.

“Theres nothing special about it,” Yang Jian said, “But it looks a bit like something from Heavenly Courts Divine Palace before the Great Calamity.”

Yan Zhaoge didnt say anything, squinted his eyes, and stared at the token plate.

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