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HSSB172: The strongest beneath Heavenly Connection


From Yan Zhaoge’s perspective, following Xu Fei’s and Tang Yonghao’s match, the following battles were all comparatively lacking somewhat in meaning.

The only one that could draw his interest somewhat was the battle between Xie Youchan and Xie Ziyi.

Following Chen Lin’s victory over Xiao Yu, with Xie Ziyi now defeating Xie Youchan, since both of them were at the same cultivation level, it could be considered as properly having got back face for the Heavenly Thunder Hall.

Zhang Yao’s face round face was bitter as it was instead Ruan Ping who consoled her from the side, “It is said by many that Xie Ziyi is the number one Martial Scholar beneath the Heavenly Connection stage-there is actually some meaning to this.”

“His talent and potential is shocking, and he is also used to fighting and killing, having defeated the strong as the weak and suppressed superior opponents many times ever since having started cultivating.

His current fame is not from empty words blown out of his mouth, but hard fought for through battling it out with his cultivation base.”

“But it was also precisely because of his love for battle that his vitality was damaged during a previous clash, causing him to be stuck at the late Xiantian Martial Scholar realm for so long.

Otherwise, he would definitely already have stepped into the Heavenly Connection stage like Xu Fei, Tang Yonghao and Song Chao, who are now preparing to attempt a breakthrough into the Martial Grandmaster realm.”

Zhang Yao blinked and swivelled her head to look towards Yan Zhaoge, “Senior Brother Xie is indeed strong, but isn’t saying that he is the first Martial Scholar beneath Heavenly Connection a little too much”

“Not talking about others, Senior Brother Yan defeated the late Xiantian Martial Scholar Liu Shengfeng whilst only in the early Xiantian stage ah.”

Ruan Ping’s gaze froze slightly before he nodded, “That is indeed true.”

Listening to this from the side, Yan Zhaoge did not say anything, but gazing over, he coincidentally met Xie Ziyi’s gaze that also just happened to be looking over.

The emotions contained within that gaze of his were not friendly at all.

Without mentioning how Infinite Boundless Mountain had leaked out the news to let the Heavenly Thunder Hall know that the Thunder Element Revival Art originated from Yan Zhaoge, the two great core, direct disciples of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, Yan Shan and Lin Zhou who were known as ‘Lightning Flashing Thunder Rumbling’, had both been defeated by Yan Zhaoge, and had suffered heavy injuries at his hands.

Just this point alone made it so that of the disciples of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, those who felt that they had the ability to do so all wished to have a battle with Yan Zhaoge, to find back face for their clan.

As an elite of his clan, this was naturally even more so for Xie Ziyi.

Especially when Yan Zhaoge’s strong, domineering rise to power over the past one year had even shaken his position.

Xie Ziyi was originally also an extremely proud person.

Having fallen a step behind Xu Fei, Tang Yonghao and Song Chao due to the hidden injuries within his body, he had originally already been unhappy to the extreme.

He could only have the title of the first Martial Scholar beneath Heavenly Connection as a consolation.

Many a times, when he thought of it, he even felt that it was not an accolade, but a humiliation, as he never ever mentioned it in front of anyone.

However, Xie Ziyi himself not accepting the title was one thing.

It originally having been accorded to him, but having then been stolen away by a just risen newcomer, was a completely different story altogether.

Yan Zhaoge having defeated the late Xiantian Liu Shengfeng as an early Xiantian Martial Scholar instantly caused Xie Ziyi’s title of the first Martial Scholar beneath Heavenly Connection to seem unstable.

Stuck at the late Xiantian stage, the Xie Ziyi who had originally already been holding in an entire belly of fire instantly felt even unhappier as he virtually viewed Yan Zhaoge as a thorn in his flesh.

Yan Zhaoge could basically understand Xie Ziyi’s thoughts.

While he liked to show off and stand out, the so-called ‘Strongest beneath Heavenly Connection’ was something that he really didn’t care about.

Rather than Xie Ziyi, Yan Zhaoge’s attention now focused elsewhere.

There, it was not two people who were facing off but rather two rare beasts, both full of power and grandeur as spiritual qi flowed all around their bodies, also mixed with a dense, masculine blood and qi.

Yan Zhaoge blinked, “What’s this”

Li Jingwan answered softly, “Junior Sister Chen Lin of the Heavenly Thunder Hall rears a Green Evil Ghost Wolf, which is abnormally ferocious.

Hearing that out clan’s senior apprentice-brother Ye has a very famous Black Water Mysterious Dragon, she brought up letting the two beasts battle it out.”

In actual combat, powerful beasts could be of great assistance.

Looking over, Yan Zhaoge saw that Chen Lin who had defeated Xiao Yu earlier currently standing there.

Chen Lin was extremely tall, only half a head shorter than Yan Zhaoge and the other males here.

While her features were beautiful, her expression was cold and indifferent, carrying arrogance.

The Green Evil Ghost Wolf before her was even bigger than an ordinary plowing ox, its blackish-green fur looking soft but was actually hard as needles of steel.

From the wolf’s mouth was exhaled a cold white qi, an icy qi swirling around its entire body as two blood red eyes that resembled copper bells stared at the Black Water Mysterious Dragon opposite it.

Carefully appraising it, Yan Zhaoge found that this Green Evil Ghost Wolf was even stronger than its mistress, Chen Lin.

Chen Lin was of a similar age to Yan Zhaoge, Li Jingwan, Xiao Yu and the others, her cultivation only at the late outer aura Martial Scholar stage, whilst the combat prowess of that Green Evil Ghost Wolf of hers was already comparable to that of a Xiantian Martial Scholar.

Under such circumstances, it was most probable that she had begun taming and raising this ghost wolf from the time it was a pup.

Ye Zhongzhou also watched the two beasts in the ring with a face full of seriousness.

Yan Zhaoge glanced at that Black Water Mysterious Dragon.

Coiling in mid-air, it was much greater in size than that Green Evil Ghost Wolf.

While it was only a scaly dragon, and not a true dragon, it was still majestic to the extreme.

Ye Zhongzhou said slowly, “Junior Sister Chen, it is not too late for us to stop now.

These two beasts are both not ordinary, and they possess limited intelligence yet extreme power.

If they end up fighting each other in a frenzied state, it would be very hard from us to stop them.

Troubling our elders due to the battle between beasts would not be good.”

Chen Lin said indifferently, “If Green Evil dies at the claws of Senior Brother Ye’s Black Water Mysterious Dragon, this Junior Sister definitely won’t let out a single word of complaint.”

“If that is so, this Ye won’t say anything more about it,” Ye Zhongzhou frowned; the other party having come to provoke and challenge him, he had already spoken rather restrainedly, and with her still not knowing to retreat, he was also angered somewhat, “Let’s begin now then.”

After the two stared each down other for a moment, the Green Evil Ghost Wolf moved first.

However, it did not rush to attack, instead just slowly moving about the Black Water Mysterious Dragon, seemingly attempting to search for a gap in its defences.

The Black Water Mysterious Dragon coiled silently where it was, not moving an inch.

However, its eyes remained fixed on the Ghost Wolf, following its every movement, not letting any of it pass it by.

The Black Water Mysterious Beast possessed a clear advantage in terms of strength, but the Green Evil Ghost Wolf possessed an extraordinary inborn gift, with the cold qi around its body able to slowly weaken its opponents.

The cold qi would slowly reduce the speed of its opponents, which was equivalent to speeding itself up, while the original speed of the Green Evil Ghost Wolf was actually already extremely high, being amongst the top few of all the similarly levelled beasts.

Ye Zhongzhou whistled, “Begin!”

He could already tell that the Green Evil Ghost Wolf was aiming for a protracted battle, unceasingly relying on the icy qi to whittle away at the Black Water Mysterious Dragon’s strength.

As time went by, things would then become more and more disadvantageous for the Black Water Mysterious Dragon.

The Black Water Mysterious Dragon let out a roar like rolling thunder, lunging towards the Green Evil Ghost Wolf like a hurricane!

As its jet-black scales pulsed, a great amount of water qi appeared, resembling a boundless sea of waves which pressed down on its opponent.

Howling, the Green Evil Ghost Wolf ferociously began exchanging claws and bites with the Black Water Mysterious Dragon, a violent, bloodstained air instantly permeating the area.

As the Black Water Mysterious Dragon did after all possess an advantage in strength, it very quickly suppressed its opponent, causing it to only be able to flee in panic.

The spectating Jade Sea City disciples all showed looks of joy, but Yan Zhaoge’s expression instead gradually turned grave.

Because he discovered that the eyes of the Green Evil Ghost Wolf, currently placed at a disadvantage, were clearly filled with craftiness and brutality.


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