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Chapter 1735: Looking for Devil Yan

Due to its short history, the overall development of Everlasting Oath Heaven was still in its infancy stage despite having Yan Zhaoge and Ying Longtu migrating people into this world.

The cultivation realm and martial arts lineage of the civilizations that survive here were still relatively low-level.

However, as time went by, the pace here would naturally get faster and faster.

With the help of the light beam, this Earlier Heaven World would develop faster than how it would grow naturally.

At that time, Yan Zhaoge would naturally establish other larger and superior worlds like the Earlier Heaven World such as the Yin Yang World, the Hearts Will World, the Spatial World, etc., naming them respectively after Jade Clear Late Heaven Six Scriptures.

Correspondingly, for his own research, Yan Zhaoge had also adjusted the information such as history and humanities revealed in the lower world, which was relatively incomplete.

In the eyes of the world, another Great Calamity happened, which put a blank space on the heritage and history.

But with the continuous development, Yan Zhaoge also dedicated some true and some false clues for them to discover as higher cultivation talents appeared.

In this way, it would help the new locals in Everlasting Oath Heaven to connect with the vast Daoism universe outside.

Of course, those were the matters in the future in which the beneficial effects wouldnt be apparent in a short time.

Yan Zhaoge had laid out a long chain of missions that revealed the clues to restore and unearth the so-called “historical truth”.

As the name suggested, the missions involved a series of events, each independent but interlinked.

After completing a chapter, they would have to pause and wait for the opportunity to trigger the next chapter.

In terms of difficulty, the missions that were linked would be getting more and more difficult.

Basically, the last few chapters required them to ascend from the lower world and could only be triggered after rising to the upper world, such as the Ying Yang World.

At the current level of the locals in the lower world of Everlasting Oath Heaven, they had not yet been able to reach the higher-level missions chain.

Even if they did, they couldnt complete it.

They were required to complete the long chain of missions holistically, which would, in return, advance the overall martial arts civilization of Everlasting Oath Heaven.

Under Ying Longtus current setting, the long chain of missions started with someone triggering it in a lower world while performing a basic task.

It was designed to be straightforward.

During the basic task, it was revealed that there was a fierce and mighty Great Devil in the lower world.

The Devil wanted to rule the world, bullying all the other sects.

The Old Devil robbed the garrisoned treasures of the major sects.

However, the Old Devil suddenly disappeared, and many treasures in this world were lost.

The Devil sect founded by the Old Devil succumbed to an internal conflict because everyone competed for the Sect Leader position.

The other surviving sects finally regained their chance and joined forces to attack the Devil Sect.

Those selected by the beam of light in the Earlier Heaven World were divided into two teams and sent to this lower world.

One team would join the Devil Sect, and the other team would be anti-devil.

After a series of battles and hilarious stories, the joint forces would win and enter the Devil Sects altar.

But both teams of outsiders discovered one thing.

The founder of the Devil Sect did not suffer from Qis Deviation and neither died nor disappeared from the publics sight.

Instead, he opened up the gap between worlds, went to another place, and took away the treasures he had robbed.

In this way, the long chain of missions would be triggered.

Although the winner was decided in this lower world confrontation mission, both teams triggered the mission chain together.

So after they returned to the Earlier Heaven World and accepted the rewards and punishments brought by the victory or defeat of the basic mission, Ying Longtu would throw them directly to the other world.

Of course, it was hard to tell whether the two teams who just fought ferociously against one another would continue to fight or cooperate when they took on the same mission this time.

Although Ying Longtu was a little worried, he still followed the rules set by Yan Zhaoge and sent everyone over.

In this other lower world, if they could complete the chain of missions, then they would find that the Old Devil did the same thing, robbed all the top-tier treasures in this world, and disappeared again.

And this time, they would obtain other additional clues that point to the next mission chain.

However, the follow-up mission chain wasnt accessible to them at the current level for the time being, and they would have to wait for more opportunities in the future.

Feng Yunsheng and Ying Longtu naturally knew the content of the next chapter.

Later on, those who had grasped more clues and successfully triggered the next stage would realize that there was more than one Great Devil King.

Such beings had varied identities, but they all worked together to accomplish the same goal.

One chapter after another would be triggered, giving them access to one similar person after another.

Then, the truth would be closer to them, but the number of doubts was also increasing.

After arriving at the upper world, those adventurers would find that all of these pointed to the same person, the same mastermind behind the scenes.

He incarnated thousands of clones, roaming all worlds and robbing all living beings.

Behind this, it seemed to point to a higher goal.

The Old Devil seemed to be related to the disaster that caused the historical disconnection of the civilizations in Everlasting Oath Heaven.

So far, the long-term chain mission was gradually coming to an end.

“Actually, everything is okay so far.” Feng Yunsheng said helplessly, “Theres no need to make changes, right”

“How can that be done” Yan Zhaoge said forthrightly, “At the end of such a story, there need to be a twist, whitewashing, and hardships!”

Feng Yunsheng squinted at him angrily.

The last part of this mission chain was that everyone discovered that the Old Devil had an unspeakable hardship.

He worked so hard to preserve the world of Everlasting Oath Heaven so as not to suffer the disaster in that “Great Calamity”.

He committed so much all along to maintain the situation and defend against foreign enemies.

Then, Yan Zhaoge would throw all the virtues into his Old Devil character.

If there were no reason, he would make one.

If there were no story, he would make one.

He wouldnt give up until he euphemized his character.

If that was the case, Feng Yunsheng didnt really care.

At most, she felt that Yan Zhaoge was too playful and would remind him to be careful.

But there was a problem.

That Old Devil had been surnamed Yan.

Well, yes, it was Yan Zhaoges avatar incarnation.

Facing Feng Yunshengs helpless eyes, Yan Zhaoge said innocently, “Dont worry, Old Devil Yan will sacrifice his life, and I will patch up all the details.

Once he is dead, people wouldnt ponder too deeply about it.

Everyone will only cherish and admire the character.”

“Also, the clone that I project wont manifest my true appearance.

Even if the people in this Everlasting Oath Heaven have a higher cultivation realm in the future, they wont know that the Old Devil Yan is me.”

“You better remember what you just said!” Feng Yunsheng covered her face with her hands as she spoke in annoyance, “Its so embarrassing.

I dont want to tarnish our reputation like that!”

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