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Chapter 1736: Establishing New Worlds

In the face of Feng Yunshengs complaints, Yan Zhaoge was full of grievances, “Ive been keeping a low profile.”

Feng Yunsheng didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“Brother Yan, Im stupid and cant think of words to praise you, but I know that everyone admires you.” Ying Longtu said calmly, “However, it always feels a little strange for you to praise yourself.”

He grew up following Yan Zhaoge since he was a child.

He respected his powerful senior brother in his heart.

Yan Zhaoges prestige in his mind was even higher than that of Yan Di, Shi Tie, and others.

Basically, if Yan Zhaoge told him to go east, he would never go west.

He would follow every of Yan Zhaoges words.

In Ying Longtus simple world view, he had never doubted Yan Zhaoges decision.

However, Ying Longtu just couldnt bear to lay his eyes on Yan Zhaoges thick skin and prank at the moment.

He had implemented the long chain of missions accordingly, but he was still helpless after recalling the content.

“Hey, you guys…” Yan Zhaoge appeared pitiful and sighed.

“You always become childish like this.” Feng Yunsheng looked at him helplessly.

“Fine, fine.

I will get serious.” Yan Zhaoge coughed and then said to Ying Longtu, “Han Longer, youll continue to look over things in the Earlier Heaven World.

Seeing that youre gradually adapting to your task, I will put more loads on you.”

Ying Longtu had a bitter look on his face, “Senior brother, are you going to establish the Yin Yang World, the Hearts Will World, and the other upper worlds this time”

“Youre right.” Yan Zhaoge replied, “Although it is the same upper world as the Earlier Heaven World, its function is different from that of the Earlier Heaven World.

The Earlier Heaven World will serve as the general core hub.

It will govern the newly established upper worlds and those lower worlds.”

“I will handle the operation of the formation and the establishment of spiritual qi veins.

So you dont have to worry about that.”

Although Yan Zhaoge said so, Ying Longtus face was still the same as a bitter gourd as he nodded reluctantly.

Then, the couple left the Earlier Heaven World.

Feng Yunsheng laughed, “Youre bullying Han Longer so badly.”

“Well, he has to go through this.” Yan Zhaoge said, “Some people need to get zen for their cultivation.

He lacks patience and accumulation, but it wont work if he just cultivates blandly.

He needs to experience more things other than martial arts to grow further.”

Ying Longtu was that type of martial art practitioner.

The higher the cultivation realm, the more difficult it was to progress.

Everyones direction, method, and difference in advancing would grow more and more apart with many varieties.

Some people need to cultivate in peace, keep accumulating, dig down their inner hearts, and study.

Some people were constantly sparring with others, even fighting in actual combat.

They relied on the sparks of inspiration at the moment of life and death.

Some people had been stuck for a long time and stagnant, but perhaps a Supreme Martial Art scripture that had not been revealed before could guide them through the bottleneck.

Of course, there were still many varieties to it.

Some would grow slowly in normal cultivation.

However, if they withdrew from the profundities of martial arts and cleansed their body and mind, they could suddenly make rapid progress after returning to cultivation from a break.

The specific circumstances of martial art cultivation varied from person to person with different approaches.

For example, some indulged in musical instruments and calligraphy; some raised their farms and experienced the mundane life of mortals.

Those were all approaches in cultivation with the same end goal in mind.

As Yan Zhaoge established one world after another, he was earning improvement for his cultivation too.

At this moment, he was in the Everlasting Oath Heaven with Jade Clear Heaven Opening Scripture, Grand Clear Grand Commencement Divine Finger, and Prime Clear Dragon River Tribulation Scripture — three concepts of Supreme Martial Arts.

The three scriptures symbolized the worlds establishment, the Supreme Martial Arts of the beginning.

After combining them, it would merge into another Supreme Martial Art.

Yan Zhaoge walked on thin air.

The cosmic time and space in Everlasting Oath Heaven trembled as he moved forward.

Yan Zhaoge took one step at a time.

Behind him, there was the chaotic earth, water, fire, and wind.

Then, these elements calmed down again.

In the process of re-stabilizing this time and space, Yan Zhaoge harnessed the separation of yin and yang.

Then, a new realm would be created, which would become an independent world.

The Clear Qi in the world rose to the air while the turbid qi sank to the earth.

Soon, these concepts began to evolve into the mountains, the lakes, the clouds, and the seas.

Soon, they gave birth to the vicissitudes of life, the changes of time, and life energies.

In Everlasting Oath Heaven, Yan Zhaoge walked in circles for six laps, leaving behind a brand new world in six directions.

These worlds evolved independently, with their shape and outline getting more apparent.

The worlds edge was still unstable, but its scale was noticeably more extensive than the lower world currently scattered in the universe.

After the boundary barriers of the six upper worlds had gotten stable, Yan Zhaoge took action.

He delineated the zones of the lower worlds and established connections with the six upper worlds.

Every upper world had power over one zone in the lower world.

In the future, many different lower worlds within the same cosmos would have the level of martial art practitioners gradually increase.

They all had the chance of stepping into a new world, just like how transcending from the Eight Extremities World to World beyond Worlds.

Many of the worlds here continued to surround the Earlier Heaven World.

Yan Zhaoge incarnated his arts with both hands.

One after another brilliance came to the Everlasting Oath Heaven.

Hundreds of millions of seals, previously hidden in the void, all lit up at this time.

Then, these seals connected and formed a massive formation.

The array was centered on the Earlier Heaven World, encompassing all the worlds in this universe.

The formation operated, constantly changing and reorganizing the seals in it.

The six new upper worlds and the new piece of cosmos were once again shrouded in the formation.

The size of the array was then further expanded.

However, the formation operated with difficulty as its size expanded broader and larger.

Yan Zhaoge incarnated a seal in one hand and raised his finger in the air with the other hand.

The drums beating sounds resounded throughout Everlasting Oath Heaven.

Finally, the Grand Heavenly Immortal Artifact Heavens Ascent Drum appeared in the universe.

The drums beating continued, and it turned into a streamer, plunged into the Earlier Heaven World.

Soon, the glow dimmed down and faded.

With Heavens Ascent Drum garrisoned in this piece of cosmos, the massive formation operated smoothly and seemingly turned alive.

“Are you going to receive a new batch of immigrants” Feng Yunsheng asked, “The upper world is different from the lower world.

Should we set the immigration standard higher”

“Thats not necessary.

The environment of the upper world is better than that of the lower world.

Under the same period, it will naturally develop faster than the lower world.” Yan Zhaoge touched his chin, “Its just that I need to give it a few thoughts in granting the world history.

Those in the world have triggered the long mission chain so early.

We have to be mindful of them, and it is best if they slow down.”

Hearing this, Feng Yunsheng held her forehead, pondering in deep thoughts again.

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