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Chapter 1737: Break The Balance Of Power

“I see.

Youre deliberately pissing me off.” Feng Yunsheng squinted at Yan Zhaoge in annoyance.

“You have always been calm and generous.

Youre not easily angry.” Yan Zhaoge smiled but instead looked a little smug.

Feng Yunsheng didnt know what to feel, “Yes, you are right.”

After the two laughed for a while, Feng Yunsheng suddenly felt a little gloomy and asked softly, “Your attempt has not made great progress yet in the Everlasting Oath Heaven.

I wonder if Meng Wan and the group can wait until you succeed.”

She and Meng Wan were like sisters, and their friendship was no less than that of Xu Fei, Ying Longtu, Sikong Qing, and the rest.

Like Fu Ting and He Xixing, Meng Wan learned about the existence of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord before reaching the tenth level of the Martial Saint Realm, leaving a seed of threat into their cultivation.

If the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord wanted, he could illuminate them as he wished without the need for actual contact at all.

A simple thought was enough.

Although the incident had never happened, people in Daoism, such as Yan Zhaoges group, used Three Brilliances Sacred Water, Taiyi Fist, and other art to jointly shield the illumination effect.

Still, they werent sure and couldnt sit back and relax.

Feng Yunsheng had an unswerving determination, and she wasnt concerned about her situation with the Nine Underworlds.

On the contrary, the issue of her close friend bothered her.

Yan Zhaoge put on a solemn expression when he heard those words and said solemnly, “At present, it is difficult to have a definite answer, but I already have some plans.

There are still chances to recuperate the situation with Junior Sister Meng, Fellow Daoist Fu, and Fellow Daoist He.”

“Its hard to work with those being illuminated into heretics, but Junior Sister Meng and the three havent really been illuminated.”

After a short pause, Yan Zhaoge muttered, “We have a little clue of the Heavenly Essence Stone fragment at hand, which helps me a lot.

Unfortunately, we dont have the Humanly Essence Stone fragment.

Otherwise, my progress will be faster, and the gain will be lesser.”

He turned his head to look at Feng Yunsheng, “Although I still need many years to work on it, I just got my first glimpse of the art.

Luckily, there wont be any big plans on Immortal Court in a short period.”

“Immeasurable Heavenly Lord is also waiting for the chess involving the Nine Underworlds.” Feng Yunsheng nodded, “In this round, there is a chance that a new Dao Ancestor will emerge.

The surviving Dao Realm bigwigs naturally wouldnt sit out from this event.

They will most likely attend to it in person.”

While no one in Immortal Court could compete for this slot for ascendancy, there was no doubt that the outcome would affect the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.

The same would go for Future Buddha and Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.

“Lets wait and see.” Yan Zhaoges eyes were serene and hidden in depth.

His gaze passed through Everlasting Oath Heaven and looked into the endless void outside the world.

While Yan Zhaoge was operating the Everlasting Oath Heaven, the outside world had become turbulent.

Before Ne Zha set foot in Western Pure Lands to challenge Archaic Dipankara Buddha, Yan Zhaoge, Feng Yunsheng, Yang Jian, and others helped him.

Facing the Daoism lineage army, the Western Pure Lands Buddhas naturally faced it seriously.

The Blessed Lands of the White Lotus took advantage of the opportunity when the Western Pure Lands attention was distracted by Daoism and once again took the initiative to provoke a war with the Immortal Court.

When the matter of Earthly Yin Yang Apricot Banner came to light, Daoism, Western Pure Lands, demon races faction, and Nine Underworlds fought.

It still did not affect the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus plan.

With no other forces intervening, they would have the upper hand with the Immortal Court.

If no one else bothered them, that was probably what the Future Buddha and the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus would love to see.

However, the situation changed.

Things took a turn for the worse for the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.

Not only did the Lotus Dissemination Buddha, who went to Ne Zha to settle the grievances, perish, but even the new Sword Buddha, Qu Su, also perished in Yan Zhaoges hands.

It was a critical blow for the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.

After all, Qu Su, the first person under the Future Buddha, was the most powerful individual in the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.

It was a great deterrent even if he had not participated in the battle.

If Qu Su did not show up, the Slothful Heavenly Lord Wang Guan, the strongest in the Immortal Court, did not dare to be reckless.

Just like between Future Buddha and Immeasurable Heavenly Lord, Qu Su and Wang Guan would restrain each other.

The Blessed Land of White Lotus advantage collapsed now that Qu Su had perished.

Qu Su and Wang Guan had been restricting each other, but the total count of the Immortal Court Grand Heavenly Immortal was inferior to the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.

That was why the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus previously had the upper hand.

But, Qu Su was dead.

Wang Guan had more room for maneuver.

He alone was enough to make up for the Immortal Courts disadvantage in the total number of elites in the Grand Heavenly Realm.

This point alone had rewritten the battle situation between the two heretics.

Whats more Ne Zhas challenge to the Archaic Dipankara Buddha had come to an end temporarily, and the Western Pure Lands was no longer concerned.

On the contrary, the demon races faction, the ally of the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, lost the Nine-Headed Great Sage, affecting their overall strength and morale.

So this war wouldnt last long and soon ended with the retreat of the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.

The top powerhouses of Immortal Court did not pursue quite deep.

Only the middle and lower realm of the two sides still maintained a conflict of moderate intensity as usual.

Above the Immortal Courts Three Thousand Immortal Territories, the Heavenly Palace, which was full of pavilions, had long ceased to be the dilapidated scene that Yan Zhaoge caused.

After the restoration, the place was graceful and magnificent.

There was a Daoist in a red robe in the Heavenly Palace with an indigo face, hair like cinnabar, three eyes wide open on his forehead, three heads, and six arms.

It was the Great Calamitys former head of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palaces plague department, who later joined heretics and became the Epidemic Welkin Emperor Lu Yue of the Grand Heavenly Realm.

He sat quietly as if waiting for someone.

After a while, a voice sounded from outside the hall, “Daoist Welkin, you must have been waiting for a long time.

Why the sudden visit”

Hearing this voice, Lu Yue couldnt help but feel fascinated, sluggish and tired.

He was not surprised since the other party did not intend to harm him.

Soon, a man in a green robe walked into the palace, “My place is simple.

Sorry for the lack of hospitality, Brother Welkin.”

The person who came was the first person in Immortal Court, Wang Guan, who was honored as Grandiose Dream Heavenly Lord.

He was also known as “Slothful Heavenly Lord” or “Sleeping Heavenly Lord”.

After the fall of Qu Su, it was not an exaggeration to call him the Number 1 of all heretics.

“Fellow Daoist Wang, youre too courteous.” Lu Yue stood up to greet Wang Guan, “It seems that the White Lotus Devils have been repelled.”

“They voluntarily retreated.” Wang Guan replied absent-mindedly, “But now is not the time to fight with them.

Demon race has a Sakyamuni Sarira in hand, and we have to prevent Mahamayuri from defecting.”

Lu Yue said, “Its fine.

Qu Su is dead, and now I have no disadvantage against the White Lotus Devils and may even gain the upper hand.”

“Yeah, Qu Su is dead.” Wang Guans tone was strange, with mixed feelings.

He seemed to sigh and feel regretful about it, as if everything was somber and ridiculous.

But in the end, he seemed to have no more emotions but only deep exhaustion.

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