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Chapter 1738: Heretics Strategy

Lu Yue looked at Wang Guan in surprise.

Wang Guan had always been lazy.

He wouldnt care much about everything as if he was still sleepy.

Even Wang Guans voice would induce the others to feel lazy and listless.

But at this moment, Wang Guans face was different from the typical sleepy look.

The exhaustion in his tone was more like a day of hard work and extreme fatigue rather than being half asleep.

If Wang Guan, on typical days, looked like he didnt get enough sleep all day, then his tiredness had escalated to the level of not sleeping for several days in a row.

Ever since Lu Yue knew Wang Guan, this was the second time he had seen Wang Guan like this.

The first time happened thousands of years ago when Wang Guan learned that Yin Shiyang had fallen into a devil.

For such outstanding rising stars as Wang Guan and Yin Shiyang, even if their cultivation realms were still low, the Immortal Court bosses like Lu Yue would pay attention to them.

In the end, Lu Yues prediction had come true.

The former Wang Guan had even surpassed the Immortal Courts immortals now.

Therefore, Wang Guans abnormal state at the moment alerted Lu Yue.

“Are you feeling sorry for Qu Su” Lu Yue asked.

“A little bit.” Wang Guan replied wearily and casually, “Im also pitying ourselves.”

Hearing this, Lu Yue frowned.

Wang Guan and Qu Su competed against each other and had been fighting for thousands of years.

In the process of constant confrontation, it was likely that they built respect and appreciation for each other.

Although Lu Yue himself had no similar experience, he could understand the situation.

After all, they were sentient beings with emotion.

Compared with other heretics, the elites at Grand Heavenly Realm had a stronger sense of ideology.

Lu Yue wasnt surprised that Wang Guan had the sentiment to feel sorry for Qu Su and grief over the death of his old enemy dying at the hands of others.

“Fellow Daoist Wang, be careful of what you say,” said Lu Yue slowly.

Wang Guan laughed dumbly, “Blessed Lands of the White Lotus has lost Qu Su.

So, it doesnt matter for the Immortal Court to have me or not, right The best outcome should be dying together with Qu Su in a battle, right”

“That is based on the premise that we have successfully eliminated the White Lotus Devil and the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord has successfully transcended.” Lu Yue said indifferently, “Otherwise, everything is just a joke.

There wouldnt be an internal conflict before the external threat is eliminated.”

“Yeah, youre right.” Wang Guan nodded, “Anyone who thinks through it can understand the truth just like Brother Lu.

I have indeed made a blunder for what I said.

But, everyone hopes to be successful in the end.

No one wants to fail, right And on the day of victory, everything that is inevitable will come eventually.”

He smiled wearily, “Brother Lu, we are different.

You already know many things before you decide, but I have walked my path to this day blindly.”

Lu Yue looked at Wang Guan, fell silent for a while, and then asked, “So, what do you want now”

“Its already at this stage.

What else can I do” Wang Guans voice gradually returned to his usual inattentiveness, lazy and relaxed, “What should I do”

Facing Lu Yues suspicious eyes, he couldnt help but laugh again, “You dont think Im going to avenge Qu Su, do you I dont have the time to spare.

I might as well go to sleep…”

Wang Guan staggered to the apse and waved at Lu Yue as he walked, “Ill take a nap.

Brother, treat this place like your home.”

“Of course, I dont think youll avenge Qu Su.” Lu Yue watched Wang Guans back leave, stood silently, and didnt move for a long time, “But…”

He finally shook his head and turned to leave the palace where Wang Guan lived.

“Did you already know about it before making a decision” Lu Yue narrowed his eyes.

The terrifying power of Immortal Extermination Formation appeared in his mind, and then the faces of Yan Zhaoge, Feng Yunsheng, Yan Di, Suo Mingzhang, Yang Jian, Ne Zha, and the rest emerged.

The thought of Daoism having recovered the grandeur of the past emerged in his mind.

“Haha.” Lu Yues expression returned to calm, “Even if I know, what would it change Taking risks is always better than being mediocre.”

“Now, its not the time to decide the winner yet…” Lu Yue jumped, sat on his golden-eyed camel, turned into golden light, and disappeared.

In the depths of the Nine Underworlds, there was nothing else but an ancient tree standing.

This ancient tree looked like it had long since died.

It was bald with all the leaves withered and fallen and only strangely-shaped branches left.

But under the old tree, there was a vast area of shade.

There was a bizarre manifestation of vitality from the shadow of this ancient tree as if many lives were active in it.

Suddenly, under the withered old tree, an old man appeared.

He seemed ordinary and peaceful.

When the old man appeared, the shadow under the dead tree came alive and trembled.

“What did the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil say” Shadow Devils voice came from the shadow of the dead tree.

That old man was naturally the Origin Heart Devil.

“Cultivating Three Clears simultaneously, and collected the Nine Jade Clear Scriptures, the Taiyi Fist, and Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture.

He might have deduced the Peerless Heavenly Scripture in a reverse approach.” Origin Heart Devil sighed, “But things may not be that simple.”

“Oh” The shadow of the dead tree swayed violently, “That is to say his Peerless Heavenly Scripture may have been obtained from elsewhere, and he may not have deduced it out by himself.”

Shadow Devils voice became a little more serious.

No matter whether Yan Zhaoges Peerless Heavenly Scripture was only partial or complete, what mattered was the source if he had learned the art by himself or from other people.

Without a doubt, the biggest possibility pointed to the existence at the Tu**a Palace, who seemed to be ignorant of worldly affairs!

It seemed like he didnt care about anything, but none could undermine the presence of the Supreme Elder Lord.

“I cant draw a conclusion right now, but…” Origin Heart Devil said slowly, “I would rather believe it is true than neglect the possibility directly.”

Shadow Devil agreed with him.

The Supreme Elder Lords participation in the Middle era showed that he did mind certain matters.

“Yan Zhaoge, he is about to marry Feng Yunsheng.” Shadow Devil said in a deep voice, “If Yan Zhaoge is really related to the Supreme Elder Lord, then the situation has gotten terrible.”

“That doesnt really matter.

Bhikkhu Xuan Du is seeking something from the Nine Underworlds, and he may have involved the Supreme Elder Lord.” Origin Heart Devil said, “If Yan Zhaoge is really related to the Supreme Elder Lord, the Lord shouldnt have his attention on the Nine Underworlds, nor the Doomsday Heavenly Devil.”

Origin Heart Devil suddenly laughed, “Besides, even if he is, it doesnt matter.”

“Does Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil have other arrangements” Shadow Devil thought of something upon hearing those words.

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