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Chapter 1739: Inaccurate Reputation As Young Heavenly Lord

After listening to the Origin Heart Devils words, Shadow Devil shut up, and the shadow under the tree swayed gently.

“Could it be…” Shadow Devil blurted, “Even if Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil has other arrangements, we still need to get around Feng Yunsheng in the end.”

“If we manage to gain success in the beginning, the rest will be much easier.” Origin Heart Devil replied with a smile.

“Youre right.” Shadow Devils tone was enthusiastic, “Unfortunately, Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng got married.

Such a grand event, and we still cant really go to watch the ceremony.

Arent we considered the brides family”

Origin Heart Devil smiled, “The bride doesnt think so.”

“What a pity.” Shadow Devil sighed, “Our mishap in the past has contributed to so many problems.

Luckily, Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil has made other arrangements.”

“Lets forget Daoism for now.” The smile on the Origin Heart Devils face faded.

His expression became calm, and he looked up at the sky.

“Lets pick up the Earth Devil from Western Pure Lands first.”

In the Astro Mountains Starry Seas Grand Plainness Heavens, Dao Monarch Lu Ya sat cross-legged on the trunk of the Fusang Divine Tree.

Beside him stood a three-legged crow, but it was the direct descendant of Dao Monarch Lu Ya, the Golden Crow Great Sage.

“Unexpectedly, the Nine-Headed Bug perished in the hands of Young Heavenly Lord, Yan Zhaoge.” The Golden Crow Great Sage sighed, “His title ofYoung Heavenly Lord is a bit unreal when I think about it now.”

Golden Crow Great Sages thought ofYoung Heavenly Lord as an inaccurate reputation wasnt out of derogatory stance but admiration instead.

Despite him being called the Young Heavenly Lord, there had been many demon races Great Sage and Buddhist Bante equivalent to the rank of Daoisms Heavenly Lord who had perished in Yan Zhaoges hand.

There was still the Golden Body of the Great Sage or Immortal Extermination Formation in the past.

Yan Zhaoge relied on his cultivation alone at the current stage, and he had achieved a brilliant record.

During the fight, he also used Dashing Dragon Stake, Chaotic Origin Hammer, Heavens Ascent Drum, and other weapons to help out.

But as long as those who witnessed those battles with their own eyes, it felt as if Yan Zhaoge could still win easily with bare hands.

The purpose of using weapons was mainly to restrain the ubiquitous property of a Grand Heavenly Realm, prevent them from escaping and dodging, and deliver the final blow that broke through their Immortal Essences barrier.

In a frontal assault, Yan Zhaoge had always been superior to the powerhouses such as Nine-Headed Bug, Qu Su, and Jin Zha.

It was said that the Grand Virtual Immortal could hardly hurt Grand Heavenly Immortal, but could a Grand Heavenly Immortal such as the Nine-Headed Bug really threaten Yan Zhaoges safety

The demon races Great Sage Great Sun Golden Crow was well-aware that he would run away in the face of a Grand Virtual Immortal like him.

In fact, Yan Zhaoge couldnt be evaluated with common sense.

“He is indeed extraordinary.” Dao Monarch Lu Ya recollected his thoughts and said slowly, “However, Im more interested in his Peerless Heavenly Scripture.”

The Golden Crow Great Sage asked, “Senior, about Yan Zhaoges Peerless Heavenly Scripture…”

“The Peerless Chaos in the art is hard to decipher.

Therefore, I cant draw a definite conclusion.” Dao Monarch Lu Ya added, “However, to be on the safe side, I will believe that Yan Zhaoge already has a complete Peerless Heavenly Scripture, and…”

After a short pause, Dao Monarch Lu Ya continued, “Its hard to say whether the Supreme Elder Lord had given him the Peerless Heavenly Scripture.”

After mentioning the Supreme Elder Lord, the Golden Crow Great Sage looked solemn.

“Looking back now, Yan Zhaoge has just so happened to encounter the Great Sage Equalling Heavens Sun Wukong who escaped from the Five Elements Mountain.” Dao Monarch Lu Ya raised his eyebrows, “I dont really know if the Supreme Elder Lord is involved.”

The Great Sage Equalling Heavens Sun Wukong was suppressed under the Five Elements Mountain in the Middle era, and he had been suppressed until now.

The reason why no one took him out was the transcended Tathagata Buddha.

Unless necessary, none wanted to get involved with the transcended Buddha, also known as Dao Ancestor Zhunti of the past.

Of course, the Tathagata Buddha might ignore the matter, but no one could be so sure about it.

However, if the Supreme Elder Lord really supported Yan Zhaoge, outsiders had to be alert to it no matter what the Supreme Elder Lord thought.

It signified the possibility of a transcended Three Clear Dao Ancestor.

With this background, Yan Zhaoge would help Sun Wukong under the Five Elements Mountain escape without any worries.

“The Supreme Elder Lord doesnt care much about Bhikkhu Xuan Du.

Could it be that he really paid attention to Yan Zhaoge” Golden Crow Great Sages face was a little gloomy, “Do we need to avoid Yan Zhaoge in the future like how we avoided the Five Elements Mountain, avoid in the past.”

Halfway through his words, he suddenly stopped.

Then, he smiled bitterly, “However, no matter if Supreme Elder Lord and Three Clears are behind him, we cant really compete with him.”

“But if he doesnt attain the Grand Heavenly Realm, its still difficult for him to compete with you.” Golden Crow Great Sage looked at Dao Monarch Lu Ya, “But now there is a problem with Peerless Heavenly Scripture and Supreme Elder Lord, will it affect your future plan”

Dao Monarch Lu Ya smiled and said, “It doesnt matter whether he attains the Grand Heavenly Realm or not, or what the Supreme Elder Lord plans to do.

There are some things that we have to fight for but just be wary of our approach.”

To arrive at his position now, Dao Monarch Lu Ya couldnt compromise on some opportunities.

If he compromised this time, there might be no hope for it in the future.

“All this does not affect our approach in interacting with him.” Dao Monarch Lu Ya said with a smile, “At some point, he may be beneficial for our arrangement.”

Golden Crow Great Sage nodded, lowered his head, and said, “I shall follow the instructions of Dao Monarch.”

“Go and invite the Grand Saint of Nine Spirits to come to my place,” said Dao Monarch Lu Ya.

The three-legged Golden Crow fluttered away.

After a while, a dark cloud passed through the vast starry sky of the Astro Mountains Starry Sea and fell into the Grand Plainness Heavens.

It fell from the sky and fell to the Fusang Divine Tree.

After the dark clouds subsided, a tall body with a lions head appeared from it, as if nine lion heads had been born.

Although the eighteen lions eyes had glimmering crimson lights, they did not appear fierce and bloodthirsty.

Instead, they were calm and rigid.

It was a Great Demon powerhouse, the Grand Saint of Nine Spirits.

He seldom cared about worldly affairs and rarely went out.

However, he was adequate to sit firmly among the top three spots in the Astro Mountains Starry Sea in terms of personal strength.

“Senior Brother, whats the matter” Grand Saint of Nine Spirits asked.

“Three Clear Lineage, Young Heavenly Lord — Yan Zhaoge, and Doomsday Heavenly Lord — Feng Yunsheng are about to get married.

They invited me to attend the ceremony, but I cant attend.

So, I would like to ask fellow Daoist to make the trip so that the Astro Mountains Starry Sea wont appear rude.” Dao Monarch Lu Ya smiled and said, “I wonder if fellow Daoist is free”

The Grand Saint of Nine Spirits was silent for a moment, then asked, “Is it as simple as being a guest at the ceremony”

“If it is convenient, can fellow Daoist help me bring a letter to the host,” said Dao Monarch Lu Ya.

“Letter” The nine lion heads shook together.

“Fellow Daoist can take a look first.” Dao Monarch Lu Ya said, handing a bamboo slip to the Grand Saint of Nine Spirits.

The Grand Saint of Nine Spirits had read the message contained in it.

The eighteen eyes on the nine heads looked at Dao Monarch Lu Ya but said nothing.

Dao Monarch Lu Ya smiled unabated, “Fellow Daoist can rest assured.

We know you want to fight the Victorious Fighting Buddha and take revenge.

His Majesty Eastern Sovereign and I have never forgotten about it.”

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