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Chapter 1744: The End Of An Era

The hall went quiet again, but the group wasnt trying to figure out a solution.

Instead, the group looked at each other with each of them already having an answer.

However, this answer put a gloomy air across the group.

“The next round involving the Nine Underworlds is not only about the chance for the Grand Heavenly Immortals competing for Dao Realm attainment, but its also the moment when the Eastern Sovereign and Amitabha have a showdown.” Ne Zha subconsciously licked his lips.

Yan Zhaoge sat back in the chair and looked up at the dome of the main hall, “As expected, the Nine Underworlds game will end this era ahead of schedule!”

Generally speaking, an era took 129,600 years.

A new era would arrive when the time was up, changing the world.

Anyone who failed to attain the Grand Heavenly Realm would revert to dust as the era shifted.

Even the Grand Virtual Immortal of Five Qis Unification only had the lifespan of an era.

Thus, changing to a new era marked the end of their lifespan and the arrival of their perishment.

Only the top bigwig above Grand Virtual Realm could avoid this catastrophe that occurred naturally once every 129,600 years.

However, the era might shift in advance due to some special reasons.

Before the 129,600 years duration was met, the current era would end and welcome the next era.

For example, when a Dao Realm bigwig transcended, the world would tremble, announcing the era ending prematurely and entering the next era.

“Nine Underworlds will bring chaos and ruination into the world, and it would be a big commotion.

Hence, it is indeed possible to speed up the end of this era.” Yang Jian said slowly, “Eastern Sovereign and Amitabha have already made preparations.

They will likely induce this moment to come.”

“And, Eastern Sovereign will be more proactive in this case.” Feng Yunsheng continued, “While Maitreya Buddha is alive, the Amitabha would be one step slower to the Eastern Sovereign.

The sooner this era ends, the better for the Eastern Sovereign.”

As long as that moment came and Maitreya Buddha persisted, Amitabha would be hindered, allowing Eastern Sovereign Taiyi to be victorious.

Conversely, if Amitabha succeeded in getting rid of Maitreya Buddha, he did not need to compete with Eastern Sovereign Taiyi.

Instead, he would win by default, being the one to transcend rather than Eastern Sovereign Taiyi.

“According to the words of our Grand Clear and Jade Clear ancestors, the slots for transcendence are limited.” Yang Jian muttered, “Although Im not sure about the exact number, it is definitely limited.”

“Yes, thats why the Nine Underworlds are so hated.

If theyre successful in their plans, the Twelve Devilish Gods will likely transcend together.

The six Extinct Devils will complete a miraculous transformation at the last moment.

This is a miracle that belongs to Nine Underworlds alone.” Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng looked at each other and said slowly.

Feng Yunsheng looked calm and did not speak.

“If the Eastern Emperor and Amitabha decide the final match in the Nine Underworlds game, then the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord and Future Buddha will certainly not be left out.” Ne Zha said, “They cant win in this era, but they still have to be prepared for the next era.”

As for the attitude of the Future Buddha and the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord, it was hard to say for now.

The situation was much more complicated for the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.

The same was true for Future Buddha, but he had less room for maneuver.

The Nine Underworlds attitude was also thought-provoking.

Of course, they had to be aware that they would become the public enemy immediately when they crossed a certain line during the critical moment, despite the convenience given.

Sure enough, the Nine Underworlds had to work on the problem of how to reach their goal and ensure their success as well as how to cut off losses when they failed.

“Eastern Sovereign Taiyi and Amitabha may be their potential allies due to the ongoing wrestling,” said Yan Zhaoge softly.

The other three nodded in agreement.

Who cares about the world after death [1]

In other words, who cared about the ruination brought by the Nine Underworlds after transcendence

The Dao Ancestors could hold this attitude.

On the contrary, it was a realistic consideration for the rest.

Of course, no matter whether Eastern Sovereign Taiyi or Amitabha transcended, they would still support those under their command to compete for this opportunity to enter Dao Realm.

On the one hand, it was like accumulating his forces and helping out even after transcendence.

Once there were chances, they would fight for it.

The two Dao Ancestors wouldnt hesitate to seek more allies.

“With all other conditions being the same, Nine Underworlds would be more willing to help Amitabha.” Feng Yunsheng affirmed, “Even if Nine Underworlds fails in this game, they will try their best to protect themselves and then wait for the next opportunity.

Thus, its better for us when Amitabha transcends.”

The rest of the group said in unison, “Then, the Faceless Heavenly Devil is involved!”

In the previous transaction, Amitabha relinquished the authority of the Faceless Heavenly Devil, allowing it to return to the Nine Underworlds.

But as long as Amitabha was still alive, the Faceless Heavenly Devil could hardly be born.

Once Amitabha transcended, Faceless Heavenly Devil would be reborn in Nine Underworlds, contributing to another Dao Realm bigwig into the ranks of Nine Underworlds.

Also, Amitabhas transcendence guaranteed Maitreya Buddha to perish.

Thus, the process had eliminated two Dao Ancestors other than those under Nine Underworlds.

The Nine Underworlds, who was the public enemy, would have fewer potential enemies to face.

“What a big change to the world.

Since it is necessary to promote the early replacement of the era, it is difficult for the Nine Underworlds to survive.” Yan Zhaoges eyes were cold, “They are not allowed to make a comeback.”

“Everyone is going to get involved.

Its hard to tell who is the enemy and who is the ally.

The situation is ever-changing.” Yang Jian said while thinking.

Yang Jian noticed that Ne Zha gritted his teeth.

He looked at Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng, hesitating to say something.

Yang Jian smiled upon seeing this, “Just say what you want to say.”

“Eastern Sovereign told us the truth of that year and told us about the current situation between him and Amitabha.

I know whats in his mind.

In addition, I can also see that he just wanted us to help him.” Ne Zha said, “After tracing back to the origin of the Great Calamity in the past, we know its a disaster caused by having two Dao Ancestors fight with one another.

But in comparison, I would rather help Eastern Sovereign than help Amitabha who created the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord with his own hands!”

Yang Jian looked at Ne Zha and said warmly, “In addition to Dao Ancestors competition for transcendence, several Grand Heavenly Realm warriors will also compete for the chance to enter Dao Realm.”

“Whoever wins and who loses will also directly affect the situation in the next era.

Coupled with the problem of Dao Ancestors transcendence, there will be many different possible outcomes, so we need to consider our decision carefully.”

Ne Zha nodded, then shook his head bitterly, “No matter which side we choose to help, its suffocating and self-defeating!”

“Perhaps…” Yan Zhaoge suddenly said at this time, “We dont need to help either side.”

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