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Chapter 1750: Blissful & Youthful Wedding

Bhikkhu Xuan Dus eyes flashed with brilliance.

He flew into the air and incarnated a Daoist scripture.

The scripture had its pages flipping and overlapping, making it difficult to count.

After the brief flutter, the pages gathered into a group.

There seemed to be a pill furnace in the light group that stood there.

Then, the radiance compressed toward the center and finally turned into a golden, round pill.

“Thank you, senior.” Yan Zhaoge took the pill scripture and cupped his hands to Bhikkhu Xuan Du.

The top ten Supreme Martial Arts of Grand Clear Lineage were divided into Grand Cosmos Five Manifestations and Later Heaven Five Ultimates.

The Grand Cosmos Five Manifestations included Taiyi Fist, Grand Commencement Divine Finger, Grand Beginning Bright Emptiness Form, Grand Plainness Immeasurable Body, and Taiji Yin Yang Palm.

Later Heaven Five Ultimates were Black Skies Yellow Earth Exquisite Prana, Great Numerous Heavens Orthodox Arts, Deliverance Scripture, Sceptre Art, and the Supreme Pill Scripture Bhikkhu Xuan Du just passed on to Yan Zhaoge.

Among the Daoism lineages, the Prime Clear Lineage headed swordsmanship, while the Grand Clear was undoubtedly in the lead in refining and creating pills.

Grand Clear Lord of Dao and Virtue was the ancestor of alchemy in the world, benefiting all beings.

Even those other than Daoism had benefited a lot.

The Supreme Pill Scripture was a Daoism scripture that recorded and organized some of the mysteries of alchemy Lord of Dao and Virtue discovered.

The scripture recorded various techniques not limited to martial art techniques but also the pill recipes, making it a holistic approach to integrating the martial art and pill technique.

Hence, when Yan Zhaoge acquired the Supreme Pill Scripture, he wasnt only gifted a Grand Clear Supreme Martial Art, but it also greatly benefitted his alchemy.

The Grand Saint of Nine Spirits and Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva on the side secretly noted, “Hes gifted the Supreme Pill Scripture, not the Deliverance Scripture.”

Yang Jian, Ne Zha, Taiyi Cultivated Deity, Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor, and other Daoism bigwig powerhouses also blinked slightly.

The Grand Clear Lord of Dao and Virtue had spread worldwide and educated the people.

All Daoisms martial art practitioners, as long as they were not the two major lineages of Jade Clear and Prime Clear, could be regarded as Grand Clears peripheral lineages.

Grand Clear Lineage deeply influenced even the Jade Clears and Prime Clears peripheral lineages.

It was difficult to trace back their origins.

Conversely, Grand Clear Lineage had much sparser disciples compared to the Jade Clear Lineage and Prime Clear Lineage.

Some of the top ten Supreme Martial Arts in Grand Clear Lineage recorded in Daoisms scripture were circulated outside.

However, some information was lost in the process.

But there were two exceptions.

Firstly, it was the Black Skies Yellow Earth Exquisite Prana, the Later Heaven Five Ultimates leader.

Then, it was the Supreme Pill Scripture.

Although there were pill recipes and pill refining techniques scattered in the world, the Supreme Pill Scripture wasnt leaked as a whole.

It had always been safely kept in the Eight Landscapes Palace and Tu**a Palace.

Under the Grand Clear Lineage, only Bhikkhu Xuan Du, who lived in Tu**a Palace for a long time, learned it.

Then, Yan Zhaoge was the second person.

What happened here seemed to herald the further convergence of Three Clear Lineage after experiencing the abyss of falling to the bottom and now seeing the light of day.

“The time is approaching, and the guests have all arrived now.

So lets commence officially.” Yang Jian announced at this time.

Yang Jian would preside over the ceremony.

Then, a group of people immediately followed him out of the side hall where the guests were entertained and came to the main hall where the ceremony was held.

The main hall was enshrined with the statues of the Three Clear Patriarchs, Bhikkhu Xuan Du, Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor, and Incongruence Divine Mother.

The Three Clear Lineages longest-standing members sat in the leading three seats.

Then, the seats were followed by the distinguished guests, including Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, the Grand Saint of Nine Spirits, then the North Star Emperor, Taiyi Cultivated Deity, Suo Mingzhang, and other Daoisms Heavenly Lords.

After the Grand Heavenly Immortals were seated, the elders closest to Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng, such as Gao Qingxuan and Yue Zhenbei, came to their respective seats.

Afterward, guests such as Gao Han, Ling Qing, Tong Xinlin, Fu Yunchi, and Cao Jie took their seats.

The Broad Creed Mountain lineage served as the direct family involved and thus sat on the opposite side.

Both Yan Zhaoges parents were attending.

Feng Yunsheng was an orphan, so the teacher would serve as her elder.

The entire hall seemed vast and boundless, accommodating all the guests.

Yan Zhaoge stood in front of the Three Clear Statue.

Then, he was accompanied by Xu Fei, Ying Longtu, Xia Guang, and other well-connected brothers and sisters of the same sect.

According to the etiquette, he was supposed to be accompanied by his elders, but he chose everyone else of the same generation.

However, none seemed to mind it.

Not all cultivators would go through their marriage according to the mortals custom.

Everyone just followed Yan Zhaoges wishes.

The significance of this ceremony lay in the main characters of the wedding itself.

No one cared how it actually ran.

The immortal serene voice sounded.

Everyones eyes lit up, and they saw nine graceful figures appear.

There were eight female performers, including Meng Wan and Guan Yuluo, who accompanied Feng Yunsheng into the hall.

Feng Yunsheng wore a red brocade robe, a phoenix crown, and a red bridal veil covering her face.

She seemed like a bride marrying into a family in the mortal world.

Aside from the Grand Heavenly Immortals, the other guests were amazed by this new and fantastic scene.

Those who had a long life had experienced too many things and seen too many people.

Yet, they had grown to become a stranger to the mortal world.

Everyone was enchanted by Feng Yunsheng, whose face was covered by a red bridal veil.

Although her face was covered, everyone was still well aware that this seemingly delicate bride was a Grand Heavenly Immortal who had already reached the peak of the Immortal Realm.

Moreover, she was ruthless in her move, with many dead souls in her hands.

Most of the victims were the elites in the world, but they still all died under Feng Yunshengs sword.

Encompassing Abyssal Absolute Annihilation was strong.

Outside of those in the wedding hall today, very few could rival her.

At this moment, such an existence was like a mortal bride, which inevitably surprised the crowd.

However, when everyone turned their attention and looked at Yan Zhaoge in front of the Three Clear Statue, they understood why.

Similar to Feng Yunsheng, Yan Zhaoge also changed into a red wedding robe.

The Young Heavenly Lord, whom many Grand Heavenly Immortals were afraid of, now looked at Feng Yunsheng, whose face was covered with a red scarf.

His eyes were unprecedentedly gentle.

The two looked at each other from a distance.

Although a red veil blocked their gazes, they seemed to have exchanged thousands of words.

Looking at the two of them, the audience was touched by the scene.

Grand Heavenly Immortals such as Yang Jian, Suo Mingzhang, Incongruence Divine Mother, and Taiyi Cultivated Deity naturally knew that the audience was emotionally influenced because of Yan Zhaoges and Feng Yunshengs cultivation strength.

When the couples emotions were stirred, they affect the real world and even affect other peoples moods.

But at this moment, Yang Jians group was naturally pleased to witness this rare event.

Meng Wans group surrounded Feng Yunsheng and stepped forward to the front of the Jade Clear Statue.

The rest were all scattered.

The couple stood side by side, with the bride on the left and the groom on the right.

The lively Ne Zha snatched the hosts job, raised his voice, and shouted, “Bow to the heavens and the earth!”

While they were paying respect to heaven and earth, they were paying homage to the Patriarch of the Three Clear Lineage.

Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng bowed together.

The intersection of the Immortal Essences made the whole world vibrate.

Even the Zhuluo Royal Reed Heavens were shaking as if the entire world was celebrating it.

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