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HSSB174: Treating a mid-grade spirit artifact as a toy


Staring at Chen Lin for a moment, Yan Zhaoge then asked, “Your meaning is that you are inviting my Pixiu for a battle on behalf of your Green Evil Ghost Wolf”

“This Junior Sister knows full well that her cultivation is inferior to Senior Brother Yan’s, only having some experience in rearing spirit beasts, thus seeking to learn from Senior Brother Yan in that area,” Chen Lin said slowly and leisurely, “After all, rearing spirit beasts is not just simply about feeding them-actual experience in battle is also a necessity.”

Ye Zhongzhou’s face changed.

Yan Zhaoge waved his hands towards him, signalling him not to make any false moves.

Looking at that Green Evil Ghost Wolf of Chen Lin’s, Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “That Green Evil Ghost Wolf of yours already battled with Senior Brother Ye’s Black Water Mysterious Dragon earlier.

If it were to fight another round with my Pixiu, even if I won, it also wouldn’t be a proper victory ah.”

Ye Zhongzhou felt that it was strange because as Yan Zhaoge said this, he clearly gave off the feeling of really lacking confidence, seemingly looking for an excuse to avoid the battle out of fear.

“Senior Brother Yan is thoughtful and considerate-Chen Lin admires this.

However, you don’t have to worry about this.”

Chen Lin laughed leisurely, “Green Evil is currently indeed not in the best of shape.

However, I still have an Extreme Cold, which can have a contest with Senior Brother Yan’s Pixiu.”

As Chen Lin whistled, everyone immediately felt an icy cold qi speedily draw near.

After a moment, a Green Evil Ghost Wolf that was even more giant and majestic, and possessed an even stronger murderous air about it than the previous one appeared before their eyes!

The faces of Ye Zhongzhou and the others all changed.

Never would they have thought that Chen Lin actually possessed not one, but two powerful Green Evil Ghost Wolves.

Especially when this newly arrived ghost wolf dubbed as Extreme Cold rivalled Ye Zhongzhou’s Black Water Mysterious Dragon just in terms of the strength of its fleshly body alone, its bloodthirsty aura then surpassing that of the Black Water Mysterious Dragon by who knows how many times.

“My defeat was indeed unavoidable,” Ye Zhongzhou sighed.

If his Black Water Mysterious Dragon were to go up against Chen Lin’s Extreme Cold Ghost Wolf, without having to do any kiting, just clashing head-on, it would already have a high chance of defeating the Black Water Mysterious Dragon.

“So this is really the main dish, with the previous battle with Senior Brother Ye’s Black Water Mysterious Dragon but an appetizer.”

Looking at Chen Lin, Yan Zhaoge smiled coldly in his heart, “You were aiming for my Pixiu from the start, is it”

Smiling, Chen Lin asked, “How is it, can Senior Brother Yan also let out your Pixiu now”

Yan Zhaoge looked to hold some apprehensions, yet concealed them very well, “Like Senior Brother Ye said earlier, the intelligence of these spirit beasts are limited, yet they are still so extremely powerful.

If they go into a frenzied state, I’m afraid that we might not be able to stop them in time.”

“In that battle earlier, didn’t you, Junior Sister Chen, also fail to control and stop that Green Evil Ghost Wolf of yours in time”

“In battles between spirit beasts, casualties are unavoidable,” Chen Lin smiled, “However, if Senior Brother Yan really lacks the confidence, I also won’t forcibly ask it of you.”

The Heavenly Thunder Hall disciples by the side all started smiling.

Looking at Chen Lin and the others, Yan Zhaoge suddenly laughed soundlessly.

While he loved fighting against slights, such simple goading was completely useless towards him.

Yan Zhaoge knew why Chen Lin and the others all seemed so full of confidence, feeling as though they had him good.

They should have found out from somewhere that Yan Zhaoge’s Pixiu was still young, also rather lacking combat experience.

Even while its potential was shocking, it would still require some time to train up.

Like wild beasts, spirit beasts like the Pixiu did not have too long a developmental stage.

However, under normal circumstances, they would still require a certain amount of time to grow.

If Yan Zhaoge wanted to refuse to fight in order to protect the young Pixiu, he could definitely do so.

However, the tripartite alliance of Broad Creed Mountain, Jade Sea City and Infinite Boundless Mountain had not performed too well in battle so far as compared to the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall.

Jade Sea City’s Song Chao had been defeated by the Sacred Sun Clan’s Tang Yonghao, while Xu Fei’s battle with Tang Yonghao had ended in a draw.

Against disciples of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Zhao Hao and Xiao Yu had won one and lost one, but no one had been able to engage Xie Ziyi in battle.

With Ye Zhongzhou’s Black Water Mysterious Dragon having lost one more round now, if Yan Zhaoge acted like a turtle drawing its head into its shell now, it would really be too damaging to their morale.

The round-faced Zhang Yao appeared rather pale as she secretly said to Yan Zhaoge, “Senior Brother Yan, I’m sorry.

I never thought that…”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “It’s fine.”

Having obtained the Pixiu, he had originally also never meant to keep it a secret.

He could not blame Zhang Yao for it.

Moreover, Turbid Wave Pavilion now owed a huge debt to the Heavenly Thunder Hall over the matter of the Decimating Abyss Organisation’s spy.

Interactions between disciples of the younger generation were also not out of the ordinary, and the Turbid Wave Pavilion disciples would generally give them some face.

If Chen Lin acted like she was casually bringing up the topic with Zhang Yao as she asked about it, Zhang Yao would not really be able to deny her foreknowledge of it.

Seeing that he had seemingly been pushed to the edge by Chen Lin and the others, Yan Zhaoge sighed, saying to Ah Hu, “Go bring Pan-Pan over.”

Of the two choices, ‘Fat Tiger’ had been vehemently opposed by Ah Hu[1].

Therefore, that giant panda’s name had finally been set as Pan-Pan.

As Pan-Pan was brought up to Hovering Island, the smiles on the faces of Chen Lin and the others who had only just been full of themselves at having succeeded in their plan instantly froze.

Chen Lin’s mouth hung open, tongue-tied like she had just swallowed a dead rat.

Standing by Yan Zhaoge’s side, Ye Zhongzhou and the others were also dazed like wooden chickens as they foolishly stared at the Pan-Pan currently before them whose frame resembled that of a fully grown elephant!

Even crouching, the current Pan-Pan stood even taller than Chen Lin’s first Green Evil Ghost Wolf.

Under normal circumstances, Pan-Pan naturally shouldn’t have been able to grow so quickly.

However, he had ingested large amounts of Yan Zhaoge’s specially processed Crimson Flame Iron and Cold Light Iron, having been given as much of them to eat as he wanted.

With sufficient nourishment, his speed of growth naturally far surpassed the expectations of bystanders.

Therefore, it was not just Chen Lin and the others who were left staring and speechless; even Xie Youchan and Zhang Yao who had seen Pan-Pan before had incredulous expressions on their faces.

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “In battles between spirit beasts, casualties are unavoidable.

However, I believe that Junior Sister Chen definitely won’t be afraid.

After all, you still have one that has not yet fought.”

“Of course, if Junior Sister Chen really lacks the confidence, I also won’t forcibly ask it of you.”

With Yan Zhaoge having returned her words to her, Chen Lin’s expression immediately turned cold as ice.

Her face turning green, she let out a long breath before saying coldly, “We will only know exactly of its abilities after they have truly fought; many things are empty under their outward exterior!”

“I agree with your words,” Yan Zhaoge nodded nonchalantly.

Seeing the Extreme Cold Ghost Wolf opposite it, Pan-Pan seemed a little unable to get into the mood as he still retained his pure and foolish look.

Seeing this, Chen Lin and the others gained some confidence.

Being extremely ferocious, even feeling Pan-Pan’s power, the Extreme Cold Ghost Wolf did not shrink back as its blood-red eyes remained fixed on Pan-Pan.

Pan-Pan still looked oblivious, seemingly completely unaware of the situation he was currently in.

The Extreme Cold Ghost Wolf was also not in a rush as it waited patiently, eyes still fixated on Pan-Pan.

The time it took for an incense stick to burn passed, and the two spirit beasts had actually still not moved.

Because of Pan-Pan’s nonchalance, the scene looked strange to the point of being comical.

However, amongst the onlookers, the atmosphere had already gotten tense to the extreme as even the very air itself seemed to have frozen.

Chen Lin had originally had a fully confident expression on her face.

The more time that passed, the heavier the cold qi emanated by her Extreme Cold Ghost Wolf would become, and the more it would reduce its opponent’s combat strength.

But as time passed, not only was the surrounding temperature not decreasing, she could instead feel it getting hotter and hotter!

Chen Lin’s gaze fell on Pan-Pan’s neck, from which was hung a sabre that shone with a faint light.

After carefully feeling for a moment, Chen Lin’s face involuntarily changed, “Mid-grade spirit artifact You actually hung a mid-grade spirit artifact on the neck of this Pixiu Yan Zhaoge, this is full-blown cheating!”

Yan Zhaoge didn’t even look at her, just gazing leisurely into the sky as he answered, “I’m just happy hanging a mid-grade spirit artifact for my pet as a toy; if you are not happy, you can also hang one for that little dog of yours ah.”

Chen Lin nearly spat out a mouthful of blood.

 A mid-grade spirit artifact ah; something that she herself also didn’t have-how could she hang one on her ghost wolf


[1] Ah Hu’s Hu means tiger.

Therefore, Fat Tiger is literally Fat Hu


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