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Chapter 1757: Dao Ancestors Fights

A green lotus, a white lotus, an immortal jade door, and an ancient bell appeared in the space seemingly out of reach above the Nine Underworlds.

Amitabha Ancestor, Maitreya Buddha, Immeasurable Heavenly Lord, Eastern Sovereign Taiyi, and four Dao Realm bigwigs came to Nine Underworlds at this moment.

The Nine Underworlds, which were already under heavy pressure, became more turbulent under the encirclement.

Not only was the Land of Tranquil Stream degenerating, but even the Nine Underworlds trembled restlessly.

Only the ocean in the depths of the Nine Underworlds remained smooth as a mirror, without any waves, like a land.

Below the calm black sea, time and space changed intricately.

It seemed there was another world after going “down” the sea.

The deeper it was, the more mysterious, ancient, and soul-stirring it became.

It was like an untouchable place, far away from the four Dao Ancestors above the Nine Underworlds.

A dozen or so pillars scattered about, irregularly arranged, with different heights and diameters.

There seemed to be no regularity in that space at all.

The twelve pillars were originally empty, but figures were looming there at this time.

In particular, there was a black Ancient Mirror, which was silent and reflected the scene outside the Nine Underworlds.

Although the dwellers inside could see what happened outside from the depths of the Nine Underworlds Abyss of Devilish Sea, the Twelve Devilish Gods on the twelve pillars seemed to turn a blind eye to it.

The phantoms atop the pillars sent out dark red rays in the hue of blood.

These crimson lights all concentrated below the twelve pillars as if bottomless darkness.

But soon, the rich blood light reflected from below.

As blood filled the pool, it slowly rose and finally overflowed.

Then, the blood light engulfed the twelve pillars one by one.

Then, blood gushed up in the depths of the Nine Underworlds Abyss of Devilish Sea.

A talisman with twelve strokes was outlined in the center.

It seemed simple, but it was mysterious.

The sea of ​​blood had its radiance shone upward, through the abyss, the surface of the Black, and the Nine Underworlds.

The people gathered outside the devils realm were all illuminated by the bloody light, and they all felt uncomfortable.

Even the Grand Heavenly Realm cultivators exposed to the crimson light felt restless.

“We really shouldnt underestimate them.” Yan Zhaoge stabilized his state of mind while paying attention to Feng Yunsheng beside him.

Compared with others, Feng Yunsheng was in a better state.

This had nothing to do with her strength, but the reason was her connection with the Nine Underworlds had not been severed.

Instead of being annoyed and anxious like others, Feng Yunsheng felt a sense of joy.

The blood light was seemingly enchanting her, urging her to devote herself to it.

This was, of course, an abnormal state.

Feng Yunsheng kept her mind clear and suppressed the strange feeling.

Her eyes met Yan Zhaoges gaze.

She then shook her head slightly, indicating that she was fine.

For so many years, she had looked into the issue herself or with the help of Yan Zhaoge, Yang Jian, and others.

She had been seeking solutions to eliminate the residual influence from the Nine Underworlds, and she had achieved significant results.

“Thats good to hear.” Seeing that Feng Yunsheng was okay, Yan Zhaoge nodded and said, “Its not time for us to make a move.

Lets be patient.”

He raised his head and looked at the green lotus, the white lotus, the jade immortal door, and the ancient bell hanging above the Nine Underworlds.

Dao Ancestor Amitabha was the first to make a move.

On the blue lotus flower, a sarira appeared, which released a seemingly inconspicuous ray of light.

But when the ray of light passed through the Nine Underworlds and fell into the abyss, it directly penetrated the sea of ​​blood, illuminating the twelve pillars.

The ray accurately found the black Ancient Mirror, attacking its surface directly.

The Ancient Mirror immediately condensed another white mirror light to face the attack, intercepting sariras light ray and preventing the opposing beam from hitting the mirror itself.

At the same time, the Ancient Mirror was supported by the runes in the sea, rendering the sariras light unable to advance any further.

The sea of ​​blood continued to surge; it occurred as if the seawater would spill out of the Nine Underworlds Abyss of Devilish Sea at any second.

But at the same time, the ancient bronze bell trembled gently, and the bell rang.

Invisible ripples surged across the Nine Underworlds.

The rolling black mist seemed to solidify, and the flashing red electricity stopped.

The originally serene Black Sea water began to tumble.

The monstrous blood light that had surged up slowed down.

Amitabha and Eastern Sovereign Taiyi, who were fighting each other, joined forces at this moment!

As Eastern Sovereign Taiyi suppressed the changes in Nine Underworlds, Amitabha seemed to have made progress on his side too.

That sarira darted forward again, causing the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil to be distracted and deal with it with all his strength.

Consequently, the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil had separated apart from the sea of ​​blood.

Although the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil wasnt singled out yet, his connection to the Nine Underworlds had blurred.

Under the attack, the rise of the devilish sea further slowed down.

The negative influence continued in a cycle.

The weaker the blood sea rises, the easier it would be for Eastern Sovereign Taiyi to suppress it, making the fight between Amitabha and Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil closer to a duel.

The worlds oldest Buddha, who sees the truth in plainness, suppressed the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil without being flashy!

Perhaps, the Nine Underworlds could be a helper for the Western Pure Lands against the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.

But before that, it didnt affect Amitabhas actions at all.

If the Nine Underworlds did not give up on the Twelve Devilish Gods Formation, they remained the primary target of all forces regardless of whether Amitabha or Eastern Sovereign Taiyi wanted to use this opportunity to give birth to another Dao Ancestor to their force.

Only when the Nine Underworlds gave up the Twelve Devilish Gods Formation before Amitabha would consider other options.

For the Nine Underworlds, if they could complete the Twelve Devilish Gods Formation, it would completely change the current world.

How would they easily give it up if it was not the last resort

“The Twelve Devilish Gods are still in an imperfect state.

It is difficult to exert their full strength even when the formation is up and running.” Bhikkhu Xuan Du appeared beside Yan Zhaoge and others, looking at Nine Underworlds.

The white lotus and the immortal jade door remained silent, restraining each other while guarding against ambushes.

It could be the ambushes from the Nine Underworlds, or it could be the orthodox Daoism!

“Our biggest reliance at the moment is naturally Immortal Extermination Formation.” Yan Zhaoge stared at Nine Underworlds, “But if we make a move, they may join forces to deal with us first to snatch the formation.” Bhikkhu Xuan Du looked calm as usual and nodded slightly.

They must not be too hasty.

However, if they made a move too late, the outcome would be watching their opponents succeed.

It was easy to say, but it was enormously challenging to handle.

The Nine Underworlds in front of them were in turmoil because of Eastern Sovereign Taiyi.

For many, it was an opportunity to take action.

However, the Daoism bigwigs remained silent, just like when the Nine Underworlds kidnapped someone from the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus previously.

Instead, they calmly watched the Archaic Dipankara Buddha and Dao Monarch Lu Ya appearing together, commanding their forces, and entered the Nine Underworlds separately!

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