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Chapter 1758: Defeating the Devils Through Illumination

Ne Zhas figure appeared in the void, gnashing his teeth and looking in the direction of the Nine Underworlds.

Not long ago, the Archaic Dipankara Buddha dodged the duels under the excuse of recuperating.

But now, he had commanded the buddhas in his faction to enter the Nine Underworlds.

The back of his head lit up with the perfect Buddha light.

The three ancient lamps imbued with the Buddha light appeared together to disperse the turbid and devilish qi around.

Among them, the gray light swayed gently as if generating suction, sucking all the devils wandering in the Nine Underworlds into it.

The Nine Underworlds devils hurled themselves into the gray light and disappeared instantly, leaving only a curl of smoke.

On the other side, Dao Monarch Lu Ya, wearing a fishtail crown and a red robe, set foot in Nine Underworlds.

His composure at the moment was different from before.

A faint ember enshrouded him, but it differed from the crimson gold Earlier Heaven Essence of Departed Fire.

Instead, it was dark green, dark and ominous.

Under the ominous fire, Dao Monarch Lu Ya walked through the burning passage in Nine Underworlds.

Wherever he walked, the turbulent devil air brushed against the dark-green flame, making him into an abyss that swallowed everything.

The Nine Underworlds devils were in deep fear, trying to flee from Dao Monarch Lu Ya.

However, the dark green devil fire swallowed them up in the end.

“Illuminating the devil is also defeating and killing them.” Taiyi Cultivated Deity stared at Nine Underworlds, “Dipankara Buddha wants to illuminate the Nine Underworlds, achieve great virtue, and ascend to Dao Realm.”

“Yeah, I can see hints of it now.” Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Dao Monarch Lu Ya took a different path.

He was a demon in the Ancient Era, becoming a Daoist later on and then a Buddha in the Middle Era.

In this era, he wants to tread the devils path.

However, the Twelve Devilish Gods are too powerful.

Thus, he must attend to this place personally, overcome the tribulation of becoming a devil, get rid of this last hurdle, and attain the Dao Realm.”

Taiyi Cultivated Deity sighed and said, “The destruction of the Nine Underworlds is contrary to the creation of the creatures.

However, all beings want to destroy the Nine Underworlds in this event.”

“The other devils are quite irrelevant in todays situation.

The key lies in the Nine Underworlds Abyss of Devilish Sea.

Clearing up all the devils will only be considered as illuminating all of them.” Yan Zhaoge said while looking at Nine Underworlds.

Sure enough, Archaic Dipankara Buddha and Dao Monarch Lu Ya had broken through waves of devils, but they did not pay too much attention to them and went straight to the deep sea in the center of the devils domain.

For the rest of the devils with low cultivation but great in numbers, they were left for the Immortal Court and the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus to deal with.

For the two major heretics, illuminating devils and converting them could also give them faith power.

The Nine Underworlds were far away from the great thousand worlds.

Although the number of devils wasnt as significant as that of all living beings, it was still innumerable.

Immortal Court and Blessed Lands of the White Lotus would attain many benefits for illuminating them.

However, the outcome depended on the contest at the Nine Underworlds Abyss of Devilish Sea.

“Although their intentions are different, the ultimate goals that Archaic Dipankara Buddha and Dao Monarch Lu Ya want to achieve are basically similar.” Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes, “But the problem is that although the goals are the same, it does not mean that everyone is satisfied when their goals are achieved.

It all boils down to completing the process, getting its benefits, and taking the ascendancy step.”

Amitabha and Eastern Sovereign Taiyi joined forces to suppress the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil and Nine Underworlds to create conditions for those under them.

As for what would happen next, both sides would have to compete.

The Archaic Dipankara Buddha descended over the Nine Underworlds Abyss of Devilish Sea with Dao Monarch Lu Ya.

Behind them, Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva, Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles, Yuan Hong, Bull Demon King, and other elites also lined up on both sides and faced each other.

The dark ocean below was no longer calm.

Instead, the sea kept tumbling as the bells reverberated.

Through the black seawater, blood lights were constantly flashing at the depths of the sea.

The abyss seemed to be layered at this time, with the upper layer of seawater black and the lower layer of seawater bloody.

The sea of ​​blood kept trying to surge up, but it was suppressed by the joint efforts of Amitabha and Eastern Sovereign Taiyi.

Apart from the Twelve Devilish Gods, the other Nine Underworlds Devil Lords and Grand Virtual Realm Devil Monarchs had all disappeared, quietly hiding in the depths of the abyss without showing up.

Origin Heart Devil, Shadow Devil, Sand Devil, and other Nine Underworlds top bigwigs were busied with their formations.

Without them, it would be difficult for Nine Underworlds to face off against top bigwigs such as Archaic Dipankara Buddha and Dao Monarch Lu Ya.

So he simply avoided the confrontation for a while, retracted his defense line, and concentrated his strength on the Twelve Devilish Gods Formation.

However, due to the joint suppression by Amitabha Ancestor and Eastern Sovereign Taiyi, the sea of ​​blood under the abyss was immediately restrained.

Archaic Dipankara Buddha, Dao Monarch Lu Ya, and others immediately plunged into the abyss.

“Buddha is merciful.” The gray light suddenly flourished in the Buddha light behind Archaic Dipankara Buddhas head.

The flames flew out of the Buddha light, sketched and manifested the “卍” character in the ​​abyss, and fell on the sea of ​​blood.

Dao Monarch Lu Ya radiated immense brilliance as the ominous green fire rose.

He seemed to have transformed into a dark green sun shining on the sea of ​​blood.

The devils death and rebirth later, repeatedly and endlessly.

Given the power of Archaic Dipankara Buddha and Dao Monarch Lu Ya, they could have a way to completely kill other Great Devils or suppress them from being resurrected.

However, this did not apply to the six Extinct Devils.

Even if they could kill Origin Heart Devil, Shadow Devil, and other devils, they would wait for the next opportunity to respawn and return.

However, now it was different.

As the Twelve Devilish Gods Formation came about, it marked the Nine Underworlds most potent moment.

But things tend to have two sides.

Before that, it was the chance of Archaic Dipankara Buddha, Dao Monarch Lu Ya, and others.

However, there was only one chance between Archaic Dipankara Buddha and Dao Monarch Lu Ya to decide the victor.

“Dao Monarch,” Archaic Dipankara Buddha stacked two palms towards Dao Monarch Lu Ya.

Then, 18 Sea Suppressing Pearls flew up and flickered in five colors, dazzling peoples souls.

Almost at the same time, Dao Monarch Lu Ya also sent out a gourd.

A light ray emerged from the mouth of the gourd.

It raised to more than 30 feet in height, and an item appeared in the light.

It was seven inches long with eyebrows and eyes; it had wings with two white lights covering its eyes, pointing directly at the Archaic Dipankara Buddha.

It was the Immortal Slaying Flying Saber!

“It really is his work.” Yang Jians figure appeared beside Yan Zhaoge and others, smiling at Dao Monarch Lu Ya in Nine Underworlds.

Yan Zhaoge, Feng Yunsheng, Ne Zha, and others in Daoism turned to look at him.

Yang Jian waved his hand, “I noticed my gourd withered up, so I thought that it should be Lu Ya who refined the Immortal Slaying Flying Saber into his possession again.

However, if he intends to use it to suppress someone as capable as Lu Ya, it will take a long time.”

In the Nine Underworlds, Archaic Dipankara Buddha saw the Immortal Slaying Flying Saber, and he did not dare to underestimate it.

So, he hurriedly dodged away.

However, it was difficult to avoid the two white lights from Immortal Slaying Flying Saber.

In the Buddha light behind his head, the gray light evolved into a talisman to suppress the sea of ​​blood.

However, it had to stop at this moment.

In the ancient gray lamp, one phantom after another flew out.

These phantoms disturbed the two white lights, allowing the Archaic Dipankara Buddha to dodge the Immortal Slaying Flying Saber in time.

On the other hand, Dao Monarch Lu Ya faced the 18 Sea Suppressing Pearls attack and was forced to withdraw the suppression of the sea of ​​​​blood through his dark green ominous fire.

Then, he morphed into a rainbow to dodge away from the Sea Suppressing Pearls.

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